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  1. Youngbelle, So sorry! I'm not entirely sure what I said to offend you but I certainly didn't mean to.
  2. Hi everyone. Thanks so much for the replies. Bonganlicious, i was SO interested to read your reply. I read the 'May Sleevers' post from end to end and followed your every comment with great interest. You've done so well!!! I was hoping Back2Normal would provide an update because they seemed quite dispirited about the process, but everyone else seemed to be very happy. Denzel - It's amazing to have experienced people like you on this forum who are so dedicated to assisting others. Thanks heaps for the reply and I'll check out your BLOG for sure. I know I'll be desperate to have my arms done before anything else. Even as a size 6, I always had size 12 upper arms. They were toned, but still very disproportionate. Once of the my first ever 'bad body image' memories is of my grandmother telling me (with love, and sincerely) that she adored my 'beautiful fat arms'. I have always HATED them. Even my wedding dress had sleeves. I'll relish the scars. Zaruse. I'm so glad to hear that the hair grows back!!!! I don't know why but I assumed the thinning was permanent. May I ask, how much of your hair did you lose? YoungBelle. That doesn't sound like fun at all! I have never suffered from digestive issues or intolerances of any kind so I suppose I'd better keep my fingers crossed that I stay that way. Overall, I suspect you're right. I'm sure whatever happens to my body and my eating habits after the surgery won't haunt me the way that being fat has done. It really has dominated every aspect of my life for the past 19 years.
  3. Oh Mandy, that's amazing! Well done! Pre weight loss, you sounded like I feel. Given you're a similar height to me with approx the same amount to lose, how did you fare with loose skin?
  4. Thanks so much for your story Fattofit. I’m a shortie, only 154cm. My normal weight between the ages of 15-31 was 49kg-52kg. I had my son when I was 32 and it all went to heck from there. I don’t know my exact weight right now but without doubt I am twice that; I’d say 103-105kg. Before gaining weight I had always been active purely for the joy of it. I loved horse riding (which is far more physical than most people realise) and I was a member of a very competitive dragon boat racing team. Sadly, neither of these sports are fattie-friendly. I still owned horses after gaining the weight but I was too uncomfortable & embarrassed to ride and I literally wouldn’t have fitted into a Dragon Boat seat! I saw a dietician right through my pregnancy but when I began to gain weight it was uncontrollable, even though my diet was perfect. She was as mystified as I was. I lost 10kgs when my husband left me for a much thinner model, but that was because I don’t eat (at all) when I’m stressed. Naturally, the weight came back as soon as life evened out. I’ve never been a junk food addict, but I’m a keen cook and foodie and I too love my red wine! It’ll be interesting to see how my tastes change. I’ve been assured you don’t lose your cerebral interest in food which is good because I’d hate to not want to create. I have a very left brained job so cooking is very much my outlet. I love balancing flavours and creating beautiful, interesting food. Hopefully that’ll stand me in good stead when I have to get imaginative with liquids and mush J Aside from the OSA, I have a lot of trouble with my hands and feet swelling, zero tolerance to heat, lower back issues and delayed onset of menopause. I’m very much hoping weight loss will help with some or all of that. I’d love to feel OK standing in front of a camera, too! If you tried to find a picture of me taken at any time over the past 15 years, you’d need to be up for a challenge. You’ve inspired me because you have obviously done an amazing job. I’m so glad the process has worked for you and that you’re happy.
  5. Hi everyone, I’ve been reading posts on this forum for a while, whilst trying to pluck up the courage to proceed with a sleeve. I had an initial consultation with my surgeon back in June but after reading all of his info & paperwork, reading lots of posts on this site and others and doing some research of my own, I struggled. There is, by necessity of course, so much negativity out there. I’ve read reams about non-responders, risks and complications, regrets, eventual weight gain, side effects, intolerances, anxiety, reflux, hair loss (my worst fear), grotesquely loose skin, vomiting if you eat one single teaspoon too much, dumping syndrome, agonizing death...even starting to dislike COFFEE!!!!...and I simply wasn’t certain if the negatives truly outweighed the positives. But then, in the midst of my dithering, I was thrown a curve ball in the form of a diagnosis of very severe obstructive sleep apnoea. My doctor told I’m lucky to be alive and the sleeve is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Apparently the internal structure of my neck naturally lends itself to OSA which my system coped with ‘pre-baby’ because I was very slim. When my metabolism went haywire in pregnancy, and never reset, the OSA kicked in with a vengeance and created a vicious cycle because people with OSA this severe virtually never succeed in losing weight unassisted (due to the associated physical exhaustion, brain fog, carb cravings etc) and the ever-increasing weight means the OSA keeps getting worse, and so on. My doctors theory is if you treat the OSA with CPAP (I'm doing that now with mixed results) and the weight with a sleeve, they will start to support each other in much the same way as they previously worked against each other. I just have one question (well, several actually, but you know what I mean) Forgetting my situation, did having a sleeve turn out for the best for you? Are you actually healthier and happier? Does it feel good to fit into plane seats and run up stairs and buy clothes because you genuinely like them, not just because they’re large enough to cover you? In spite of all the difficult stuff, would you do it again? I’m not a whiner, I’m a fairly stoic, tenacious person. I know I have to do this and once it’s upon me I’ll give it 110%. I’m just trying to find some mental balance and right now I still feel overwhelmed by the plethora of ‘bad bits’. Thanks very much.
  6. Laonie

    The post-surgery fears of a fat foodie

    Thank you all so, SO much for the replies! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your insights and how much better I feel after reading them. You've taken a massive load off my mind. Denzel - you're on re the cooking tips
  7. Hi everyone. I hope this query doesn’t sound trivial, but it’s a big deal to me. I’ve been 'lurking' on this site for a while now. I find the conversations enlightening and daunting in almost equal measures and I’m very grateful for the information I’ve picked up, but I don’t always find the site user-friendly so please forgive me if my concern has been covered previously and I’ve overlooked it. My question is this: post-surgery, do you stay interested in food? My doctor said no one has ever asked him this exact question before. I’m not talking about simple hunger, or craving certain foods or wishing you could eat larger amounts, I mean do you actually stay interested in food as a concept? I only started gaining weight when I became pregnant at age 32 but I’ve been an avid cook and foodie my entire life. I'm a food nerd, if you will - the kind of person who will order a complex dish in a restaurant and then go home and try to recreate it. I'm fascinated with flavours and ingredients and the whole artistic process of cooking. I cater parties as a part time job and show people I love them by cooking for them. I don’t know if this passion will remain in place post-surgery, as any other hobby or interest would, or does the hormonal impact of changing entero-hypothalamic pathways affect the entire way you feel about food? My weight gain has had a huge impact on my life and I desperately want to change so I'll be going ahead regardless, but I’m worried about potentially losing interest to the point where I'm simply not a 'foodie' anymore. It would be like telling a passionate horse-person that being sleeved will help them lose weight but the surgery will instantly erase their love of horses. Were any of you tragic foodies pre-surgery? Are you still? How did the surgery affect you? Any observations or advice would be very gratefully received.