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  1. bellasmum

    Tummy tuck booked!

    Congratulations Who is your Dr? I am starting to research tummytucks in Melbourne
  2. bellasmum

    Surgeon recommendations Melbourne

    I had my band done through CWLS as well and had my surgery at St John of God in Berwick. Fantastic surgeon and staff. Highly recommend them.
  3. bellasmum

    What to do after big stuck moment?

    I agree with the coke but I find it is actually better at room temperature rather than being cold from the fridge. Hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better
  4. bellasmum

    I think it's not working for me?

    Keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink no matter how small a serving it is. Believe me you will be surprised at what we put in our mouths without even realizing it, the calories sneak up on you.
  5. bellasmum

    top up in berwick vic

    Check out CWLS in East Hawthorn. One of their Doctors has rooms in Berwick. I highly recommend them
  6. Believe it or not I now love white bread! I was never much of a bread eater but now I treat myself to a slice of really fresh bread with crunchy peanut butter!
  7. bellasmum

    24th of October, lapband at SIOS in Ashfield :)

    Welcome Katie and congratulations on your decision to have WLS. Just take the optifast stage one day at a time and you will be fine. Look forward to sharing your weightloss journey with you.
  8. bellasmum

    Warrning for people who are trying to loose weight.

    LOL me too! chocolate does not do it for me either !
  9. So nice to see you on here again Congratulations on the wedding you look gorgeous ! Seems to me a few of us who have been banded 2 -3 years are struggling. I have a constant battle every day to control the eating. Gain a couple of kilos then battle to get it off again. Optifast seems to help me a couple of days a week to keep things under control but I honestly think I have become complacent. Hang in there you will get back on the wagon so to speak
  10. No fill for 11 months but stress put me in the RED zone!!

  11. bellasmum

    Facebook Down

    Looks like there will be a few in the chat room tonight LOL
  12. Depends on the anaesthetist. I have had several non band related surgeries since I was banded and have NEVER had any fill removed but I did have to change anaesthetists because one of them wanted all fill removed prior to surgery.
  13. bellasmum

    South East Melbourne Catch Up

    Very busy time for me at the moment. Maybe we should start throwing a few dates around and see what suits people. Any good ideas of a good place in Frankston or close by where we could meet up?
  14. bellasmum

    South East Melbourne Catch Up

    Looks like we will need to make it on a weekend. Does Saturday or Sunday suit everyone best?