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  1. dreamsandvision

    Fabulous Update

    Hi guys the gastric sleeve support site is still going. It was only down for about 36 hours.
  2. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Well done Mandy. That is amazing. I can't wait to be under 100. Enjoy the moment.
  3. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Glad to hear from you Mandy. welcome to the next phase of life - lots of hard work but with good rewards along the way. Rest up
  4. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi Mandy all the very best for tomorrow. will be thinking of you. Let us now how things go once you feel up to it
  5. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi all This group is growing and hard to keep track of everyone. Geov - hope all went well for you yesterday Welcome Tralee - hope your surgery today went smoothly - will be keen to hear from both you and Geov when you are feeling up to it. working mum - hope you got the all clear to travel home tomorrow. You must be so excited to see your family - and sleep in your own bed. Kooter - hope your first day of Optifast went well. it does get easier around day 4. Mandy I found I tried to practice sipping my water to get ready for the post op period amd also not drink with my meals. It made me more conscious of when and how much I was drinking. Now I am post op I find that has helped as you do need to plan your fluids as waiting 30 mins after a drink to eat and then no drinking for 69 mins after eating you have to conscious drink. I take a water bottle everywhere now so if I arrive somewhere and I know I will eat something then I will sip water all the way there. Can't wait -your turn will be here before you know it. It will be great when we are all post op and can help each other along the way. I went back to work this week. It was tough but doable. Glad tomorrow is a public holiday in Brisbane so can rest up before finishing off the week. Take care - be kind to yourselves
  6. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi All Welcome Kooter. Yes it is one of the scariest things I have done but already - 12 days post op I am feeling confident that it is one of my best decisions. Geov - Good luck for tomorrow. we will be keen to hear from you after. Glad you are going okay working Mum - it must be so hard being away from home. Not long now til Tuesday. Can't wait - your turn is coming up. Hope you are still going well. Good job Mandy with your Optifast - yes I think it does get easier - maybe it just kills your taste buds. Your time will be here soon. I am back to work tomorrow. Not sure I am ready but might not never be ready Haha. I haven't told anyone about my surgery except my husband and two daughters so will need to think of ways to cover my eating and lack of energy.
  7. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi all The optifast stage is hard but so worth it. I am one week post op today. weigh in day is today and I am 3 kg down this week. I used the Optifast stage to really try and get myself in the right headspace. it is about learning to make the right decisions now and not relying on what I have always done in the past. What I have done in the past hasn't worked - or I wouldn't have had to go down this path. Now is the time to learn the new habits that will take me forward on my new way of eating. I know there is lots of hard work ahead as I get the best out of this tool. The fluid stage starts off as so good but I am ready for some different textures now. I can move onto the purée food tomorrow which I will do but go very carefully. I have been making soups thinned down and homemade custard. Keep strong those on Optifast - new beginnings are in sight.
  8. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi Working Mum All the very best for yur surgery today. See you on the new side of life. Let us know how you go.
  9. dreamsandvision

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi Mandy I was sleeved on 2nd August. Got home from hospital on Saturday. Overall things have been going pretty well. I did two weeks of Optifast pre op and now on free fluids. Keeping myself busy with soups and custards. Not having any trouble with water as long as I keep the sips