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  1. pinkkat


    Yep mince meals are great as you can blitz it a bit and doesn't make the texture/taste seem too different...like bolognese sauce with lots of veges and will be more satisfying! Can be sloppier as your stomach heals Other suggestions is like scrambled eggs, avocado
  2. pinkkat

    shoulder tip pain

    I had awful shoulder pain this time but was the worse the first few days and lasted a week, i then discovered I'd hurt my shoulder by sleeping on it funny cause of the pain so that was a different ache but neurofen and heat packs helped, of its not feeling any better tomorrow I'd go and get an opinion from either your GP or ring the surgeons office and ask them
  3. pinkkat

    Tripping out!!

    Well done! You look great
  4. pinkkat


    It's awful isn't it! Heat packs and lots of movement and deep breaths like the others have said and keep up the pain medication it should get noticeably better after a few days! Mine has lasted a week but each day it definitely got a bit better
  5. pinkkat

    Tablets post surgery

    I was told not to take any tablets in solid form during the liquid stage, you will need to talk to the pharmacist and maybe your GP about your options...as each tablet is different as to whether it can be crushed or not...the reflex medication I have can't be crushed so I have to put it in a little water and wait for it to dissolve! It tastes disgusting btw!
  6. pinkkat

    Weight Loss Ward

    In the episode I watched they did, it wasn't optimist but it was a special diet to shrink the liver 10 days before the operation...that Terry guy had to do it for 20 days as he was the largest patient they had ever operated on. It is a really good show - except for showing the surgery procedure! Icky!
  7. pinkkat

    Banding in June

    I got re-banded on Tuesday so the 2nd of June...wish everyone well for their upcoming surgeries! I'm not feeling too bad considering my surgery was complicated and long but feeling better with a brand new band in place and on the liquid diet!
  8. pinkkat

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    When I got banded back in 2011 I was confident it was the surgery for me and I didn't want the sleeve and 4 yrs ago it wasn't as common as it is now. My band is getting replaced on Tuesday for a new band and it has really made me consider why I got the band in the first place, was it working for me (which it was before I got pregnant) and look into the options I had now in terms of band, sleeve and bypass. I'm confident that I don't want the sleeve or bypass and I don't want nothing so I have chosen to get a new band put in. I think like everyone has said it's also a lifestyle change and it's a tool and you have to use the tool in the way it was designed and it's such a personal choice! Be confident in the fact you know what is right for you and your circumstances!
  9. pinkkat

    Replacement Band Surgery

    So I haven't posted on this site for a very long time, but I find myself back here again with a question/experience from others. I had a band put in May 2011, I had quite moderate success with it at the time until I got pregnant. My daughter is now almost 2.5 and really since I gave birth I've had nothing but trouble with my band. I had some fill taken out about 18 months ago and now in the last month I've gotten to the point of not being able to eat anything solid and barely drink. So at the end of April I had all of the fill removed from my band and was sent off for a barium swallow (the one with the 3 stages to test) anyway I didn't even pass the liquid part of the test as it was just pooling at the top of my band. So as you can guess I have a slipped band with a moderate size pouch above my band. I've moved interstate now so the specialist I saw here also did a gastroscopy last week to see exactly what the problem is and its confirmed. Unfortunately my slip didn't fix it self as I've had no fill in my port for 4 weeks now and I still am basically on liquids. So now I'm booked into to have surgery next week. That is taking out the lap band and replacing it with a new band - different type (Mid-band?). to my question - has anyone had the same problems and gone with the option of having the band replaced? Did you just have it removed and then went to a sleeve? any information/experience would be great! Thanks
  10. pinkkat

    products to treat hair loss

    I know this post is about a month old now...but I'm having the same issue I've had PCOS for many years so I think the weight loss is definitely affecting the hair loss my hairdresser also thinks stress is probably related... has anyone tried any of the products above with success now?? I'm starting to feel a bit more desperate as someone at work noticed I was a bit thin on top...and now I know its more of a problem that I can't seemt to hide Thanks!
  11. Ok I've just asked to join our team as well....need all the motivation I can get at the moment!!
  12. pinkkat

    port flip/tilt

    Mine has tilted slightly - not sure what has caused it and last time they could still give me a fill - at the moment I don't have to have it fixed, It was described to me that sometimes some of the stitches come undone
  13. looking forward to PT starting tomorrow

    1. .Kylie.


      I had my first one day, was so good! cant wait to have another:) goodluck

  14. pinkkat

    How much fill in what size band???

    3.5 ml in a 10ml band....pretty close to the green zone I think
  15. pinkkat

    Embarassing PB Stories

    I have had another embarrassing one since I started this thread back in November...had some biscuits and seemed to get stuck, thought I was alright got in the car with my sister and half way to my parents place it all just came up I'd had some coke and well that was a mistake...and your right tissues do not help to soak it up so it went all over me...all I could do was laugh...luckily my sister and BIL found it funny too..she is banded so he was used to it! I had to change my shirt the slimey phlegm stuff seems to go everywhere