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  1. Tinker

    Bad stories on the band???

    Thank you all for you input I really appreciate it. HUGE HUGE step. Hope Melty it all goes well for you too
  2. Dr Ian Baxter is doing my lap band on 19th July. His whole team have been amazing? How is everyone going with theirs.?Any problems or regrets?
  3. Tinker

    Tips for faster weight loss!

    Wow thats awesome. Hope I do aswell. What was the problem at the start? Im booked for 19th July and very unsure as i have heard bad stories on the band? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  4. OMG.. Im in the same boat as only qualify for band. im booked in for 19th July and am freaking out with all the stories on this. Hope you get something done soon.
  5. HI, I'm booked for the 19th July and have joined the Facebook support groups, I put a post up yesterday to see if anyone had had the band as everyone is talking only of the sleeve or RNY. Everyone is telling me it is the biggest and worst mistake of their lives. I dont qualify for anything else. What should I do. I need something?