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  1. zap

    Lost my way

    Hi Samantha thanks your connecting Samantha. yes I am the same I do not like the gym, I think by the time I get there I could have walked plus I prefer gardening and walking. No I haven't phoned to have a fill, I have been so sick with the flu since last Friday. getting worse with the cough. At night I am nearly asleep and then I wake up thinking I can not breathe. I eventually went to the doctor today ,she told me to take Sudafed and that has helped a little. even so it has not stopped me from not eating unfortunately. I think I definitely need a fill. I have been missing going out into the garden, the sun has been out even though today it was a little cloudy. I have been studying though, doing a book keeping course, I eventually want to help our daughter with the books some day in the future. Do you want to do a deal? I will see about getting and you choose something? What do you think? Love lina
  2. zap

    Lost my way

    Hi Samantha I am in a big rut, and getting worse each day. I am going to do something after next week as we are booked to go out to dinner as a family and I want to be able to eat. In the meantime I may phone about getting a fill, I think I would be happier with more of a fill and only if I have restriction. at the moment and after two fills I do not have any restrictions. My surgeon is going on holidays for one month, I do not know when or if he will have someone covering him. How did you go at the gym? I hate the gym, these days I have a big garden and I go out there but I am sick at the moment so I haven't been out there today and yesterday but once well I will go out there. 'My surgeon told me to go for 40 minute walks each day, I started to but found 40 minutes too long and tiring. I think I need to make it a priority and work up to the 40 minutes, this way I will not get as tired and be able to do some gardening. What your hypnotherapist told you about 'let go of' makes sense. I went to a hypnotherapist many may years ago, like you I have tried just about everything. I will phone about the fill tomorrow and see what happens. All the best Love Zap
  3. zap

    Lost my way

    Hi Samantha I have tried cold turkey with sugar until its someones birthday and have a piece of cake or cheesecake and then you are back on the sugar and this was after five months. I weighted my self this morning thinking I would not be too bad but unfortunately and to my disappointment I am growing. I really need to have restriction like I had some time ago. I think I will go back and see about another fill. yes I am also like you loose it then back on again. I think the key is no no sugar like AA but difficult to do. Even so, you sound positive, good luck at the gym and restricting processed foods. let me know how you go. Love Zap
  4. zap

    Lost my way

    Hi Samantha I once went to OA's many many years ago but I left because I did not want to face my demons. Even today I do not want to face them but they torture me at times with my flash backs. I should and will write what I eat and listen to how I am feeling. Today I was gardening before lunch and I was not starving so that was a nice change. so maybe the solution is gardening before lunch. Even so I think I will go on that CSIRO diet with the two shakes and one meal per day. We are going out for lunch as one of our daughter's are returning home from Europe and I will wait until after that which will be in early August. I do not want to go out and breaking my diet. I will let you know how I go or when I start. Difficult for me to give up sugar but I try to cut back until I have a piece of cake. Most of the time I do not have more than six teaspoons of sugar per day. The word I was looking for the other days is psychological, My husband suggested feeling like I am starving may be psychological. I thought it may be possible but I have been feeling ravenous. Surely having that feeling can not be psychological but you never know. Our eldest daughter is also struggling with her weight, she had the best figure before she had her children and so so good looking. Said she now has three meals per day and drinks water in between. Our other daughter is so so thin but then she hardly ever eats, when you visit you loose weight up there lol. And our other daughter is just right. So we are all different and all need to find our way. Thank you for all your time Samantha, i hope you continue to do well and be happy on your journey. Love Zap
  5. zap

    Lost my way

    Hi Samantha yeh, I feel that I am at my lowest, I had been trying not to eat sweets but now I am putting on weight plus plus plus. I do not think you are supposed to feel hungry. My husband suggested it may be, I can not think the word but something like mind over matter. I read somewhere on the forum, one person stated if they feel hungry in the afternoon they are off to get a fill. I do not think my doctor will oblige. I can only try I suppose. I am thinking of going to WW, or maybe going back to my surgeon as I do not have any restriction at all. Up until last May I felt some restriction, then we went overseas and I could eat heaps. I was surprised as when I went out or if I was having visitors, I would always get sick and I put it down to nerves. Now the complete opposite, and I am coming up eleven years. I was also thinking of going on the protein shakes, the local chemist have a program and devised by the CSIRO. I think you have two shakes and one meal and some snacks per day. Thanks for telling me you do not like Lite and Easy, as I am thinking if you do not like it I most certainly will not. Thanks for your emails. Have a good weekZap
  6. zap

    Lost my way

    thanks Samantha, I went back to see him as I had to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. All went well and he said I had adequate fill. But I was still feeling hungry and he placed another .5ml. Still no restriction and I am still feeling hungry. I am eating heaps of salads and coleslaw but that does not take the hunger away. I am trying to stay off the junk food. I have always had some degree of restriction and now all of a sudden since last May none at all. I would be happier if i had some restriction, after all that's why we have the procedure. I am thinking of going to WW. I will see how it all goes. How's your eating plan going?
  7. zap

    Love my sleeve

    wow you lost heaps, how are you doing now 14 months later. you look great. good on you
  8. zap

    Lost my way

    you are right Samantha The problem is I am eating too many carbohydrates and this is causing my hunger. Porridge and egg for breakfast/ raisin toast for morning tea Sandwich and banana for lunch Salad/ coleslaw/soup for afternoon tea meat/fish/chicken potato and veggies for dinner. Handful of grapes for supper He suggested I eat more protein and give up the bread and potato and watch the fruit. he gave me a half ml top up. I had not had a fill for three years. Last year he would not give me a fill because I was eating too many sweets, said to give up the sweets. which I have most of the time but now too many complex carbohydrates. Hopefully I can loose some weight now. I am so grateful it was nothing worse.
  9. zap

    Lost my way

    Thank you so much for you response Samantha. I am going to the surgeon tomorrow and will post after. I just hope I do not need surgery. Thank you Zappy
  10. Whats the latest Jewel2B? i hope you are sorted and loosing weight.
  11. zap

    Lost my way

    well I have definitely lost my way. This year will be eleven years since my band. I started off at 97kg, went down to 61 after many years. Then I developed what is call band tension, a condition which made food and liquids go down very slowly and I was getting sick. They removed all he fluid and slowing replaced it. I then averaged around 70 kg for a long time. Then after a couple of years I went up to 78kg and I go from 75 to 78kg. But in the last few months, I have not had any restrictions at all, I am starving most of the time. I could eat double what I am eating and i do not feel good at all and getting bigger by the day even though I have cut out sugar. I would love to get back to 70kg. I am wondering if my band has slipped? what do you think. I do have an appointment with my surgeon this week, I will keep you posted. Thank you Zap