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  1. klm

    Port infection

    Thanks for the info. No name mentioned. All good. It is only fair to share our experiences truthfully.
  2. klm

    Port infection

    Hi, Anyone else had this happen? I am not happy, had surgery done in SE Qld in April.
  3. klm

    a stupid question?

    I stayed in hospital on the drip for a few days and then back to daily dressings at the hospital but in the end the port had to come out so I had another operation. I am now home and am nearly healed with a new bigger pink scar. I now have to wait a while and then have the port put back in. I think it is important for people to know that things can go slightly wrong. I had some fill put in during the operation but I have a feeling something has gone wrong with that now as I was limited in my food intake for about a month but now it feels as though the band is empty again or maybe it has moved. I am going to have to find out soon. This has been a bit of a mess for me and it is important for potential bandits to get the full picture. I know statistically this happens to only 3% of people but if it does happen it can get complicated and long winded. The waiting to get it all sorted will probably take me through to the end of this year which will be about 8 months of ongoing hospital and surgeon visits plus the couple of extra operations.
  4. klm

    a stupid question?

    Oh I am so sorry I missed your reply. I am not in Melbourne. I have been in hospital on IV antibiotics and to the hospital everyday. I have been home for a few weeks and now have to go back to have the port out. It has actually moved and is right at the hole in my stomach. You can poke a probe in and feel it. Apparently some peoples actually hang outside the body. It would if it could fit. Anyway, I go back to hospital tomorrow to have it out but have to wait about 4 months to get another one put in. Without any fill I can eat anything so have lost no weight since the pre op diet. It has been a complete waste of $15grand so far. Who knows, maybe things will improve but it will certainly be a long time before that happens. Anyway, today I am just hoping I live through the next operation. Thanks for your kind offer. I have been pretty depressed about the whole thing. cheers, Karen
  5. klm

    a stupid question?

    No, not yet. The local hospital in the town where I live is trying to arrange to an admission letter for me at the public hospital near where the surgeon operates. The wound has now broken down is 6cm deep, a great big hole and they are extremely concerned. I suppose I will be heading for the hospital this afternoon for who knows how long. I will report back once I have been released from hospital. What a mess!
  6. klm

    a stupid question?

    OMG Catharine! I am so scared now. I had my op on 13 April and now the port site is infected. I have had daily injections of antibiotics and the hospital is dressing it each day. I have had near on a litre of pus come out, the wound is now very deep and it has a tunnel called a sinus running off it. Oh, what misery. The Surgeon said he will take the port out at the hospital in 10 days time. I am wondering if I will ever want to have a go at getting it put back in. I have the same unknown staphylcocci infection as you - not sure on spelling and can't be bothered trying to find the swab result to check - far too sick. What a total bummer! All the very best to you - Kaz
  7. klm

    Nearly a week :D

    Day 4 for me post band. I have had itching skin as well and the port bandage came off in the shower. There was a bit of a hole at one end. My friend is a nurse and she put a little sticky suture thing on to hold it back together. I have been having wind problems and a grumbly tummy too. I am busting to get on the scales but have resisted so far. I thought I would aim for once a week so a few days to go. I was down 6.5kg on the day of the op so I hope I have lost more by Wednesday. I so desperately do not want to be disappointed. cheers, fellow banders, it is going to just get better and better.
  8. klm

    April Bandits

    Hi, I had my band done on Wednesday 13th April. I am a bit sore but it's not too bad. It is good to read how others are fairing. I lost 6.5kgs on the pre surgery diet which was a good start. We did it! We did it! cheers, Karen
  9. klm

    Scales - To weigh or not to weigh

    Yeah, I don't know. The battery in my ww scales went flat and I haven't bought another yet. That was just before Christmas and when I got weighed in at the surgeons office his scales had me at an extra 4kgs. I probably ate too much over the festive season but as I cannot compare, who knows. I have just started pre op diet today. I really love the excitement of seeing the weight go down but equally loath an increase and it always gets me down no matter how much I explain to myself about fluid retention, fluctuations, etc. I am still deciding and will try not to purchase a new battery for as long as I can last. I think I would prefer to go and get weighed somewhere each week. I was relieved to know others have the same worries. I especially like the part about no clothes, after toilet, no wet hair, and what about the exhaling. lol. I actually wore an extra skirt under my dress to the weigh in just in case I didn't lose enough weight on optifast as I know from low carbing I can only lose weight at about 20grms and they have 15 grams in each. Anyway, the dietitian told me to just have one per day and some protein and low carb veges so that is what I will do. Hey, whatever it takes... thanks for being here and posting. It makes me feel normal and not so alone. Southern Rogue - your doc should lash out and buy some decent scales - I mean this is surgery for the obese after all.
  10. klm

    Sleep Apnoea

    Thanks Cathy, I am peak stressing at the moment. I try to focus on the positive but then at the same time I was searching for a free will online, lol. Anyway, I have done that now and will get some friends to witness it and hang onto it until I come home. I first went to see the surgeon in Aug, 09 and then thought I would wait and see how I go but I made no serious progress on my own so I decided I would go for it. A few people I know or know of have had success so I feel like if I managed with the machine no trouble I can adapt to the new diet too. I sort of hope over time I become more detached from food and I booked a cruise for us at the end of the year to give me a goal and keep me motivated. How is it after 5 days? Do you feel like laying into a pizza or something? Or do you just feel ok about a liquid diet only? Do you get the urge to chew on some steak or chicken and spit it out? Can you swallow a multivitamin? So many questions to fuel my apprehension! cheers Karen Warwick Q
  11. klm

    Sleep Apnoea

    Phew! thanks for that. I will make sure everyone knows - I am aiming for longevity!
  12. klm

    Sleep Apnoea

    Hi, I have a CPAP as well and was diagnosed at 120/hr - the most severe - every breath really. Anyway I have had it for just over a year and it has been a minor inconvenience when travelling overseas and sharing a room but I just got on with it. I have been reading about the breathing problems post surgery and the use of oxygen. I know I need to take my machine with me to surgery but I am scared because the sleep specialist told me to make sure they don't just think they can give me oxygen. It is not the same thing and I will need the machine in recovery, so what happens if I need oxygen too? Has anyone else had this experience? My first post - off to see surgeon and book date on Thurs.10th Feb. If you can help me I would be so grateful. thanks, Karen