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  1. toquaykate

    The Alfred waiting times

    Kazbo's right. Her experience is not mine, but I think she speaks for our community with accuracy, honesty - and so much knowledge. Kate.
  2. toquaykate

    The Alfred waiting times

    Hi Sophie, I'm responding because I always feel so sad to read posts like yours, full of optimism and excitement - which are then ignored. Sadly, this once vibrant, busy, energetic and supportive forum has pretty much had it. Only one mod' posts occasionally (good for her!), the administrator hasn't posted for over a year. The ad' placed for new mods was never followed through. It's sad. There are better places to seek information. Try Facebook for example. I would love to help, but I went privately. What I can say however, is that although the Lapband is out of favour in some bariatric circles, there are many of us for whom it has worked a treat!! Good luck and keep searching - just not on this forum! Kate.
  3. toquaykate

    Today is the day!!!

    Hello Elyse, i was having my weekly poke around this forum - and saw that you'd posted and nobody had responded. I was so sad. This forum used to be such a great source of support and information for its members. I'm not an Admin or a Moderator; I'm no longer even a regular poster. After 6 years, I've pretty much said all I have to say. i do however want you to know that you've been heard! By now, you'll be happily banded and settling into the start of a new and exciting life. It is undeniably hard work, but so, so worth it. (I've lost and maintained almost 30 kg.) Good luck! I'll happily respond if you have any questions. Cheers, Kate,
  4. toquaykate

    Band to sleeve

    Ah Kazbo, the voice of reason! Kx
  5. toquaykate

    I went and got married!

    My old mate....... What a glorious story - except for the bit about being violently ill! Kx
  6. toquaykate

    Herbalife for weight loss plateau

    There is so much that concerns me about Herbalife. They charge big bucks for something which is free to each of us, if we make reasonable lifestyle choices. That something is health!
  7. toquaykate

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Oh Sara.... You so don't need this. I'm looking forward to a wild night tomorrow with you and the lovely Lisa. We'll kick arse - big time! Kx
  8. toquaykate

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Since grandly offering to share with you my weightloss secrets, I've realised that I actually don't have any. Maybe that's the biggest secret of them all! Although not yet at goal - 3kg to go - I am neverthless very proud of the fact that for the first time in my life, I appear to have broken the cycle of relentless yo yo dieting. There are some things which I've done differently this time around - things which may be making the difference. They are: I at no stage have ever thown in the towel, or given up. I can't; I've invested too much in this journey. When I fall off the wagon, I get straight back on.I made a commitment to exercise a couple of years ago and now walk 10km five days a week - every week. Nothing is so important that it prevents me from doing so. I used to attempt exercise regimes which were much more elaborate and/or intense, but the commitment became unsustainable and I gave up. I no longer eat sugar - in any form. For 63 years I've unsuccessfully attempted to control my obsession with all things sweet. I had a light bulb moment at the beginning of the year and decided it would be easier to have none that to have a little. Guess what? I was right.I try to eat only 'clean' food. My simple rule of thumb is to eat nothing brown! Works for me.There are still a couple of areas which require attention. The main one is that I currently have a couple of glasses of wine pretty much every day. I would like that to read, I have one glass of wine on weekends or special occasions. A work in progress...... Thank you for your interest! Ongoing participation in this forum - combined with support from the people on it has been a significant factor in my success over the past four exciting years! Kate x
  9. toquaykate

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I've had two glasses of wine tonight. I'm a bit silly. Tomorrow....... Kx.
  10. toquaykate

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I think I was banded in Feb' 2011 - or thereabouts! Once a regular contributor (check my profile), I now just lurk. I have a particular interest in the posts of one mysoginistic male poster - and do my very best to shut him down when he is disrespectful to unsuspecting, vulnerable women. Me? I've come very close to achieving my goal weight - many times. This time, I think I'm going to nail it!!! Starting weight 101.5. Current weight 72.5 and losing! If I achieve the unachievable and get to my 70kg goal weight, l'll share with you my 'secrets'. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Kate
  11. toquaykate

    Site Back Up

    As an 'old' regular contributor and now daily lurker, I'm delighted to make another contribution to keep this fabulous site afloat. (I'm 4 years banded and hover, 5 or 6kg above my 'in your dreams' goal weight. I am however around what is deemed a healthy weight.) I am confident that those who use this site on a daily basis will also make a contribution.
  12. toquaykate

    Really bad headache?

    I'm so sorry; it wasn't my intention to be hurtful. When the symptoms you describe are so very consistent with those of a heart attack, you need to seek immediate medical assistance, not post on an online forum. My response was motivated by concern for your welfare. Once again, I'm sorry that you felt hurt. Kate.
  13. toquaykate

    Really bad headache?

    A quick, grumpy and way too late reply.... Don't ever ask an online forum about severe pain - and certainly don't respond to such queries simply from the basis of your own experience. Doing so is 50 shades of wrong! Kx
  14. toquaykate

    Band to sleeve veterans

    We really do need a catch up lovely. So much to unpack. I'm taking leave for the first half of 2015. How can I run a school, support elderly parents - and be a grandma to a new precious babe - all at the same time? Answer..... I can't! I'm therefore very accessible! Talk soon. Kxx
  15. toquaykate

    failed band Facebook page

    If you're considering an invasive and life changing medical procedure, don't do your research on Facebook! Just sayin'.. Kate. P.S. I so don't intend for this to sound snarky or mean. P.P.S. I'm no hero! Four years out, I still have 6 or 7kg to lose to get to goal,