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  1. Kim.R

    Pre-Op diet question

    Hi Mandy I had a shake for breakfast and bars for lunch and dinner. I took carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes to work for snacks and had a cup of vegetables at dinner. I drank mostly flavoured water (sugar free) and black tea. I'm sure I didn't have enough water though, I've never been good at drinking water. I was on the pre op diet for 2.5 weeks and lost 13kg. I found the pre op much easier than the post op because I could drink those awful shakes relatively quickly and not taste them too much. Now it takes me almost an hour to drink one, mostly because I can't stand them.
  2. Kim.R

    Thoughts 4 weeks in

    hi folks, just some thoughts and questions. I was sleeved on July 4 and everything seems to have gone well. I lost 13 kg in the pre op stage and am down another 6 since surgery. I don't think I'm going to weigh myself much as that 6 kg is weighing on my mind (pardon the pun). I think I'll just jump on scales whenever I visit a doctor and hopefully be pleasantly surprised by bigger numbers. I'm enjoying that a lot of my clothes are almost too big now :D How does everyone cope with the protein shakes? I've tried so many kinds and can't bear the taste of any of them. I'm forcing down two scoops of Isowhey per day with skim milk, and am managing about 1/4 cup of yoghurt. I've made some puréed soups and added lentils for extra protein, but again can only manage up to 1/4cup. I am drinking about 700mls of protein water each day so hopefully it all adds up. I'm going to look out for Beneprotein too. Also wondering how people with busy jobs manage eating and what kinds of things you take to work. I can sip on protein water for most of the day, but I don't get long breaks to be able to eat anything much.
  3. Kim.R

    Help with vitamins

    Hi Bella i hope your surgery went well and you are feeling ok. My dietician sent me chewable multis, 2 per day. She also offered a liquid which I might try as the tablets are a really tangy orange. Not entirely unpleasant, but I'm not a fan of tangy. I haven't found anything comparable in the shops yet.