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  1. Gordy

    Changes you didn't expect

    Any type of eggs and also rice! Got caught up in my new "tube" untill about 8 to 10 weeks out . Be careful to eat slow with both these foods! The pain is intense.
  2. Gordy

    One spoonful too many

    Dont panic yet ! After you recover and are back on solid food you can (i have and do) have subway. Just have a wrap now instead of the foot long. Not recommending the biscuits but you can eat... one only . Good luck on your journey, you will feel great when the kilos come off its very much worth the effort.
  3. Gordy

    Changes you didn't expect

    Ive actually gone to drinking coffee! I used to only have probly 6 a year... now im having one every night and 2 a night on weekends. Im only drinking water the rest of the time as a posed to 3 litres of diet coke before the sleeve. Still crave sweet foods but not doing to bad staying away. .. mostly .lol Some good benefits are my blood tests are now great and im hhealthier than ive been in 6 years!
  4. I was recommended by the doctor and dietitian Sustagen powder for first 4 weeks.Its one that bodybuilders and the old people have. Have it with light milk to keep the fat content down. Be careful not to drink too much as it fills your new (no stomach ) very quickly.
  5. Gordy

    Consult moved earlier

    Go with the one that has less complication and or infection rate. Ask them they are required to inform you ! There is always a risk but you can minimize it by choosing the better surgeon Good luck
  6. Gordy

    Not great news

    great news! You need to get the appropriate forms completed by your surgeon for super claim. Super will aprove due to health reasons but it will take a bit of mucking around and a 28 day wait. As stated by others you need to do it ... theres no price on health Good luck on the journey Cheers Gordon
  7. Gordy

    Newcastle Dr Tim Wright

    Gday mj I was a little different but ,After the information session (you must attend ) i had consult within two weeks, then i had a 2 month wait mainly due to needing clearance from my cardiologist (heart attack 3 years ago) but also there is a longer waiting list for Lake macquarie private hospital. Lake mac has good cardiologist incase something went wrong. .... which nothing did!! All good 5 month later and wish i did it 6 years ago, hope this helps Cheers gordy
  8. Gordy

    Newcastle Dr Tim Wright

    Gday emma I was done by mark gately oct 2017 at lake macquarie private. I prefered mark simlpy because hes younger and thought he had fresher" idea's of the 3 options avaliable but specializing in sleeves. Lake macquarie private is one of the better hospitals in newcastle and the staff are great. The information session is very good with alot of important things to take into consideration. I Full recommend the operation after a hard 6 weeks of liquid, mushy food etc. Im now 34kgs lighter and eating normal food and loving life again. Good luck on the journey Cheers Gordon
  9. Gordy

    My updates

    Whooley Dooley thats such a huge difference Gem. Bet you feel great and full of energy, well done
  10. Gordy

    Back to hospital I go.

    You dont need your gall bladder anyhow... good luck with the op. Well done on the loss of kgs
  11. Gordy

    Merry xmas sleevers

    Merry xmas to all, Hope you have a great day and remember Not too much chocolate or we will get fat again. hope santa is good to everyone. Cheers Gordy
  12. Gordy

    October 2017 Sleevers

    Well done RT05 definitely a good decision im 24kgs at 12 weeks and feeling bloody great!! Cheers Gordy
  13. Gordy

    The 1st week

    Well done glad you went okay. Everyone is different i guess i was able to have a mouth full of water 5 weeks out. Still getting used to feeling hungry but only needing a cup of food to be full.. Cheers gordon
  14. Gordy

    October 2017 Sleevers

    hi Dr gately is good he would already have your anesthetist mine was Adrian boyn he no sooner said gday counted to about 6 and i woke up 3 hours later feeling good but sleepy. I was nervous and excited. . But the day before and on the day... i was crapping myself. ... but after a couple of days with gas pain feel great.just tonite 2 weeks after had my first lot of puree mmmmm lake mac hospital is like any other private hospital. .. the girls are great. I dont sleep at hospitals and was up walking the next day ... so asked if i could go home (partner is icu nurse) and was hood to go. Then i caught up on sleep... so its only a couple of days of discomfort and you will be jogging around the park again. Hope this helps Cheers gordy
  15. Gordy

    October 2017 Sleevers

    hello my fellow novacastrians I was done by dr gately last week 20th at lake mac. All going well so far down 8kg while on my first week of fluids, i think so far the fluid part of the journey is good.. you feel gas pains (like a heart attack) for about 4--5 days then by the time your feeling okay you will start seeing and feeling results in a good direction. Cheers gordy