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  1. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    yep all over the low carb beers and you’re right, Blonde is horrible. Hahn is what I’ve been having or Carlton’s low carb too. 
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  2. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Keto is going well, not losing much cause I have enjoyed a few beers here and there, but I haven't gained any weight either. I'm going to do opti break your and lunch from next week with a keto dinner,and then 2 weeks out I'll go fill preop again. 
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  3. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    hey there, sorry I haven't been on the forum for a week or so, work has been crazy. I'm still sore but now off the hard core pain meds, can't lie down flat as it loads up my ribs, so I'm sleeping in my recliner which sucks, but again it could be worse, other tasks like getting in and out of the car are much easier, they did say 4-6 weeks and it's been 4 weeks to the day since I checked out for a bit  the torn intercostal muscles in my ribs have slowed the healing process.
    Ive met with my cardiologist, and they are 99.9% sure my heart is tip top as they got really good scans from the echo done in ICU, but they are going to do a stress test where I'm injected with a dye and they will ultrasound my heart, then they put me in a treadmill, get my heartbeat up to 180-200bpm then ultrasound it again, this will show up any small blockages they may have missed, but again it's a precaution for my surgical team. My allergy test is the 28th of this month, then my surgeon on Oct 12th. Providing the heart test is all clear, surgery will happen on Oct 30. I look at all the milestones I had already marked out on my calendar for my post op and I think damn, I'd be up to this stage now, but again given what happened I should just be thankful I'm still here.
    I must admit, I think I'm going to be very nervous now the initial bravery of the situation has worn off, but I'm sure I'll be in good hands. Finally, thanks for asking. 
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  4. The Hulk added a post in a topic: October 2017 Sleevers   

    My take 2 for the sleeve will be Oct 30, barring any issues arising out of the tests from  Surgery 1. 
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  5. The Hulk added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Jemabell well done that's awesome
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  6. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Even though I did drop 13kg on pre op last time, I plan on doing that this weekend  
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  7. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Well I'm not sure what happened overnight, but I got a call today to say my surgery has been set down for the date agreed upon and I have a follow up appointment with my bariatric surgeon on Oct 12. Now I just have to have my allergy tests (late Sept) and a stress test on my heart (booking that in tomorrow) before my Oct 12 follow up. She was very nice today, maybe she had a bad day the other day, who knows? Either way, I just feel a lot of stress has left me knowing I'm booked in and still moving ahead, I have no doubt I'll be extremely nervous next time, even though I'll have no reason to be. 
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  8. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Thanks Jemma, I'm really sore and the ribs seem to be getting worse, I'm on slow release oxycodine and also taking 2 endone 4 times a day, plus Panadol every 6 hours and it hardly takes the edge off, but it's still way better than the alternative of dying. 
    Im getting really pissed with my surgeons receptionist, she sent me a text appointment for my post op check up, an honest mistake, so I called her to advise of this and she was quite rude and said oh yes, "your the one who died", even that didn't bother me cause it is quite a bizarre story, but I said to her I wanted my surgeon to call me with the referral for a cardiologist ( a prerequisite now before the next surgery) she said "oh you'll be lucky to see him ( the cardiologist) before Xmas". I then mentioned both my surgeon and anesthetist had told me Oct 30 would be the new date in hospital and there was a cardiologist at the hospital who said he'd see me on short notice, her response was "my surgeon can't make appointments for new surgeries, only I know his schedule, and he's booked out that day".
    I then said can you please just get him to call he on Thursday as I know that's his office day, she then claimed "she couldn't promise anything" now I was really pissed off and said " I understand he's busy but if I haven't had a call by 11am Thursday, I'll come and sit in his office in the chair next to his office door and when he asks me why I'm there I'll tell him the truth", her reply was "I can't promise he'll get the message", I was so angry and hung up. 
    It's all I've thought about since, and given what happened, in my mind you 'd think they'd understand I might be on edge and keen to get this resolved. Or maybe I'm just too emotional from last week  
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  9. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Thanks everyone we'll I got home an hour ago. In the wash up I have 4 broken ribs from the CPR performed on me on the table and while I'm extremely sore I'll be fine. They did heart echo test today and my heart sustained no damage. I do however have to wait 6 weeks for the allergy test for these current drugs to leave my system, so my surgery will now be 2.5 months from the original date (last week in October), but that's ok, I'm surprisingly ok with the delay. My surgeon did 3 patients after me and all were fine with the same cocktail, it truly was a 1 off, in his 20 years of bariatric surgery this type of reaction has happened to him twice and I'm the 1st patient who has had his heart stop, so it was rare (and my heart history is fine, no issues prior to this).
    Im going to stick to the shake for breakfast til surgery with a keto lunch and dinner, I did have a beer tonight, it tasted sooooo good. Then two weeks out I'll go to full pre op mode again. The same team will be performing my procedure and we all expect it will go well, with a different cocktail of go to Sleep drugs. Not the week I expected, but what do you do huh,at least I've got a great story to tell now lol 
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  10. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    thanks so am I. Yes GOT was epic 
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  11. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Sorry I hit DONE too early before 
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  12. The Hulk added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Firstly I want to say this might distress some readers, but I sincerely hope it doesn't. I was due to be sleeved 1st cab off the rank this morning but it never happened. 
    Everything at hospital this morning was smooth and going like clockwork, I remember being wheeled into theatre and I even crawled over onto the operating table, then I woke up in ICU.
    What happened? I had a an anaphylactic reaction to one of the drugs used to knock me out. Within 60 seconds my BP was 30/20 and then my heart stopped. Within 15 seconds there were Drs from other operating rooms in the theatre and my heart, by the time they got me going, my heart was stopped for 70 seconds. 
    Just like pulp fiction but without the needle in the chest they filled me full of adrenaline and got my going again. The staff were amazing and they are the reason I'm still here. I had a full on girlie cry this afternoon when the enormity of it hit me but I'm ok. I'll have an appointment with an allergy specialist in a week and they'll work out what drug I reacted to and I'll come back in a month with a new drug cocktail and go again, yep this hasn't put me off. Apparently when I woke up the 1st thing I asked was did I have the surgery and there were complications, my response was "oh that's fucked" (sorry for the fruity language)
    i just watched game of thrones and I'm going to try and get some sleep (but it's pretty bright and noisy) I'll see my Dr's again in the morning and hopefully be allowed to go home. A scary story, yep, but I was surrounded by amazing people and I'm all good,  albeit a little sore from the chest compressions they did. 
    PS I'm going to eat a huge steak when I get home and then stay in Keto and go back on soups or shakes this time only 7 days out, at least that's what my surgeon said today. 
    The Hulk 
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  13. The Hulk added a post in a topic: 4 days post op   

    Thanks Laggy will do
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  14. The Hulk added a post in a topic: 4 days post op   

    Congrats, I'm getting sleeved tomorrow morning, just about to have my final shake and then it's no liquids from 10pm. Starting to get pretty nervous. 
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  15. The Hulk added a post in a topic: 6 days til Surgery   

    there you go bud, I couldn't cut your grass, now we've started the Avengers
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