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  1. The Hulk

    Date Set Extremely Anxious and Scared

    Hi Louis, don’t stress, I had the worse possible outcome you could have had from surgery, but I went back for round 2, I’m now down 35kg and am feeling great. If you’ve made the decision fir yourself, that’s all that matters and you’ll nail it.
  2. The Hulk

    Sleeve Scars

    I’ve got 6 holes, scars, sure they are only 2 weeks old, but chicks dig scars, well that’s what I tell the wife, it’s the bloody bruising from the Clexane injections that looks wrong, but at least that will go soon enough
  3. The Hulk

    What a day.

    thanks Laggy, I must admit I was pretty nervous, but also very confident that my team were well equipped to handle any issues
  4. The Hulk

    The 1st week

    Just had my 1st purée meal. Mashed spuds and beef stroganoff all blitzed up. So bloody good, I was getting sick of broth/soup
  5. The Hulk

    The 1st week

    Yeah the nurse from my Surgeon's clinic pretty much said the same thing today, I wasn't trying to be a hero, I just found it easy and trust me if something felt like it hurt I would stop doing it altogether.
  6. The Hulk

    The 1st week

    a mouthful will be fine compared to the dreaded sips lol
  7. The Hulk

    The 1st week

    Howdy friends, well the 1st week after surgery has been uneventful and pretty easy so far. I even washed the car and did a bunch of washing today. I wasn’t sure what expect and I know everyone is different, the 1st night at home (2 days after surgery) I found it hard to lie flat so I propped myself up on a few pillows and I slept well, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to lie flat no dramas tonight. I don’t want to jinx myself but maybe it’s the universe looking after me for what happened on my 1st attemp? So a question to those who’ve already been down this path and I know it’s early days for me, but when does the sipping stop lol, when can you drink without thinking? I reckon concentrating on that has been the hardest thing to remember. Ive lost 5kg since Monday and I’m starting to feel it now which is great, that’s why we all did this to begin with
  8. The Hulk

    What a day.

    Well I made it groggy today but otherwise fine.
  9. The Hulk

    What a day.

    Thanks Denzel and Laggy, all ready to go, albeit pretty nervous given what happened during attempt 1, I’m sure it will be fine, but nerves and ones mind are wonderful things aren’t they lol
  10. The Hulk

    October 2017 Sleevers

    I’m all set for my 2nd go at this on Mon Oct 30th. I would have been 10 week’s post op by now had the original surgery gone ahead.
  11. The Hulk

    Update on me

    Well done
  12. The Hulk

    What a day.

    Got the results from my echo stress test today. All good no heart issues so further enforces it was the anaphylaxis reaction from Rocuronium. All geared up for Oct 30 now
  13. The Hulk

    What a day.

    Had my allergy test today. I had 19 skin pricks and then 19 needles, it seems Rocuronium is what almost killed me, it’s a muscle relaxant that I had anaphylaxis from. So I won’t be having that again, EVER!
  14. The Hulk

    What a day.

    yep all over the low carb beers and you’re right, Blonde is horrible. Hahn is what I’ve been having or Carlton’s low carb too.
  15. The Hulk

    What a day.

    Keto is going well, not losing much cause I have enjoyed a few beers here and there, but I haven't gained any weight either. I'm going to do opti break your and lunch from next week with a keto dinner,and then 2 weeks out I'll go fill preop again.