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  1. Tralee added a post in a topic: August Sleeve Buddies ???   

    Hi all,
    well now out of hospital and home sweet home. Surgery went well only concern was when a blood vessel between the stomach and spleen disintegrated before the surgeon could get to it, but all is good now. I spent quite some time in recovery because blood pressure and body temp dropped but that is not unusual for me. I needed very little pain relief and if I do a couple of Panadol nips it in the bud. Glad I do not have to continue with the TED stockings and just continue with the Clexane injections for the next ten days. Husband got instructions at hospital this morning as there is no way I could inject myself.
    i am having no problems tolerating the fluids and have had a variety over the last couple of days. Really enjoyed my first latte in three weeks when I got home.
    I am not weighing myself until Tuesday, which will be a week from the procedure.
    All the best Mandy for next week. 
    Starting weight: 117.7 kg
    Sleeve day: 112.7 kg (5 kg loss)
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  2. Tralee added a post in a topic: August Sleeve Buddies ???   

    Hi All,
    i am also an August sleever with my op set down for 15th (2 days time) in Canberra.  I have religiously followed the Optifast diet and to date have lost 4.3 kg. Am wondering if this is enough. Not sure what else I can do have drunk all the water, exercised every day and have not eaten anything that was not on the list given to me by the dietician. 
    Not really nervous about the procedure only qualms are the  inserting of the cannula in my hand (bad experience many years ago) and injecting myself with Clexane for ten days after.
    i have been very open about what I am doing - so have lots of support.
    well onwards and downwards 
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