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  1. Lins

    Confused and frustrated

    Just had my 6th fill and I'm up to 10.5ml now. Let's hope it starts helping me out more! )
  2. Lins

    Glengary feb10th

    I wish you all the best!
  3. Lins

    Glengary feb10th

    Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope everything goes well for you. Is it an over night thing as well?
  4. Oh dear! why did you have to go to the ED??
  5. Lins

    Confused and frustrated

    Aww thanks Shorty! Thanks guys for the messages. When I went in for my last fill, I told the doctor that I found it strange that I didnt have any restriction at 8.2ml. So she did take out my fluid to check that there wasnt any leak. I guess 11kg is in the right direction. I just wish I was getting better results like everyone else seems to me getting Oh well. I will speak to the doc next time I go and hopefully she'll give me more fill ps: What does PB mean? sorry not used to these short cuts lol
  6. wow Girlbaby41!! how come you werent able to pee if you dont mind me asking?
  7. hello everyone, This is the 1st time I've been on this site in many months. I basically thought, that I'd get back into coming on here to help others with their weight loss, when I've finally reached my fill limit. The thing is, is that I dont know how much fill is enough! To date, I've had many fills and am up to 9mls of a 12ml band. I can still eat more than I should. Sometimes I will have a meal and be able to eat more of that same meal than other times. For example, the other day I had home made pizza and was only able to eat one slice. Whereas another time, I am able to eat up to 4 and not feel restriction.And it doesnt even matter what time of the day it is. I'm confused because I dont know what its supposed to feel like when you have reached you perfect fill amount. It has been 11 months since my surgery and with all my fills being at least 5 weeks apart (as recommended by my doctor) I've only lost 11 kg and I'm so disappointed with myself. On top of this, I dont even feel full when Ive eaten a meal. Isnt the band supposed to make you feel full? Or is it that its not tight enough yet? When I go to the doctor to get a fill, she is hesitant to give me too much so she just gives me one mil or less at a time.. My mum is also making comments about me not losing much weight, and how this surgery was a waste of money. I still have hope, but I dont know what to tell her, because I myself dont know why 9mls isnt tight enough.
  8. Lins

    Glengary feb10th

    hiya, sorry to be cutting in to your forum! i'm not going to be there, but I was wondering why you would need to get your port replaced? A friend of mine had to have another operation because her band slipped but i didnt know people had to have their ports replaced too. Do you need to go under like with the initial operation? Hope all goes well for you!!
  9. Hi Nessa1977! Funnily enough that time of the month came the day before my surgery. But dont worry, when you go in before your surgery, tell the nurse. She will give you some sanitation along with their standard underwear. I have heard of people being able to wear their own underwear but I wasnt allowed when I had my surgery. If you want, you can ask your surgeon before your surgery date to wear your own underwear and he should be ok. But make sure that you tell your nurses this. hope this helps!
  10. Lins

    Help me hang on!!!!

    I couldnt agree with Julie more. dont think about how long you have to wait, it'll just get you down and that won't help. Start thinking and planning your new amazing life. But I do know what you mean. Once i decided to get ny lapband there was no way i wanted wait it! Maybe you can look into private health insurance? I think mbf are waiving their 12 month waiting times for hospital cover. Might be worth ringing around to find out what offers are out there? Good luck with it all and chin up, you have a lot to look forward to
  11. oops i also forgot to mention the Hospital excess. Mine was $250 but that obviously depends on your health fund and the type of cover you have.
  12. Hi Purple! I'm with Medibank Private. every surgeon will have their own upfront fees. I live in Perth and was banded by Dr Dolan. He only charged a $1000 admin fee which you cant claim on h/insurance or medicare. Then the Anaesthetist cost me $400 which also wasnt covered. But all the visits are covered by medicare and you will get just under half back. My visits to the surgeon were $170 (initial consult) and post op $110 - before claiming. Dietician pre op (not necesary to see one but good to see once for some info) - $75 blood tests are covered and the ultrasound appointment was under $100 sorry cant remember off the top of my head but you also get some back on medicare. Hope this helps!! and good luck with everything! Lins.
  13. Lins

    Greg's pics

    Hi Greg, I"m new to this forum, but I'd just like to say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look amazing, and so much younger than in your first pic that you put up! Truely inspirational Also I just wanted to ask, after losing so much weight, are there any emotional or mental challenges that you had to overcome?
  14. Lins

    The New Motto for 2011!!

    Well done Tashy!! I couldnt have put it better myself! Just remember that you are worth more than to let people make you feel down about yourself. I've started thinking the same recently and I try to work on myself to be a good person, because friends can come and go but you're stuck with you ;o)
  15. Lins

    Band Erosion??

    Hello Seven, My surgeon mentioned band erosion. But for me weight has been a struggle for me and I would yoyo a lot. everytime i lost weight i'd put more on and now i've gotten to the point that no matter what the risks were to the band, being healthy on the inside means a lot more to me. Yo yo dieting is really bad for the heart too and I just dont want any of the weight related health risks coming to bite me in the butt years down the track. I've only been banded just over two weeks, but I havent had much pain at all, and thus far, i hadnt had a single doubting thought about whether doing this was a good idea or not. you should definitely be well informed before having any kind of surgery and I think this forum will give you a lot of information for you to take on and make your decision about having it. Just think long term goals. If anything happens down the track, I'll deal with it then, but its nothing that cant be fixed.