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Status Updates posted by Happyfrog

  1. I am thinking of deleting my profile. I am so over the spam that is all over the forum. 

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    2. whohync


      http://18moli.com/bbs/space-uid-28588.html utmost explains technically unknown

    3. Stacyjet


      Да,даже толпу не может завести) Скучно), скачать fifa или 15fifa.ru скачать fifa

    4. Froody


      If you find out how to do it, let me know. I'd love to delete my profile as well, this is bullshit.

  2. I am no longer obese, I am now overweight :) who'd of thought that moving down in the bmi scale would make you feel so good

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    2. mindset


      great stuff!! congratulations xx

    3. dondon


      Well done!!

    4. tishtish


      Who would ever have thought anyone could be so happy to be overweight. :)

  3. Had an awesome day today, chrissy and B'day shopping in canberra, good way to spend my bandaversary i do think :)

  4. just about packed and ready to leave for our family holiday tomorrow

    1. Caughtbetween


      Enjoy your holiday!

    2. Chrispies
    3. Happyfrog


      So far so good :) the kids travelled 8 hrs the first day fantastically and 5 yesterday they were fantastic then too.

  5. on the hunt for a swimsuit that will hold the girls up lol. not having much luck

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    2. hair band

      hair band

      Ebay is my go to for everything... try searching "underwire swimwear" . The miracle suits are expensive but look amazing !!

    3. Happyfrog


      i didnt want to send alot of money as i am still losing weight. i have been looking on ebay, its just hard because i like to try things on. i'll keep hunting

    4. Claire


      Swinwear Galore are based in melbourne and are amazing. They stock every style of swinwear possible. They have an online store have a look:)

  6. feeling like i need to throw up, my son is really sick laying on the lounge and had my 3 yr old at the doctor today she has tonsillitis and a very sore ear :( sucks to be me right now

    1. -kirsty-


      Hope you are all perkier today!

    2. Happyfrog


      we are very much thankyou :) antibiotics are wonderful bub is feeling herself again

  7. made into the 110's this morning, 119.8g very happy today

    1. scoots


      awesome, congrats!

  8. my workouts are paying off, feeling very wobbly after that one lol.

  9. 300gms and i move from the 120's to the 110's :)

    1. dondon
    2. tishtish


      What an exciting milestone !

  10. yay cracked 20kg

    1. Caughtbetween


      Well done, I'm close and hope to crack it by my bandiversary.

    2. Happyfrog


      i hovered between 18-19kg loss for ages and just couldnt get past it

    3. dondon
  11. my fit me perfectly jeans that i wore a month ago, i now have to constantly pull them up. its a great thing but a pain in the arse, i'm running of clothes lol

  12. everything is going really good, so i am very happy plus i've lost 6.3kg in 2.5weeks :)

  13. Day 1 of opti so far so good

  14. me and my 2.5yr old got caught out in the hail storm here today :( poor little munchkin screamed because the hails stones hurt really bad when they hit us. stupid weather

  15. feeling better this afternoon, the last 24 hours have been horrible, from my op being moved and stuff blowing up, not fun at all

    1. Shorty


      EEeekkk..surgery change is tough but stuff blowing up...are you OK??

    2. Happyfrog


      hopefully today will be a better one, my lovely sister bought me a new microwave to make me feel better god love her. as for everything else well i'll see what i can do :)

  16. my life has been so much happier since getting rid of the problem makers :-)

    1. Karin


      mine too but they keep coming back - for meals, support, money injections....just kidding! love my kids...Really, I do!

    2. Happyfrog


      mine is my sisters lol

  17. i have finally taken a photo of myself that i like

  18. saw my brother today, whom i haven't seen in 15 years and i met my 2 nephews, this week has been great!!

  19. off to see the surgeon today, to get everything booked and started

  20. getting excited!!! lol. surgeon appt on thursday and i get my band date yay!

  21. the people on this forum and 'im a bandit!' FB page are wonderful people, thankyou to all those who are sending me stuff you are all gems!!!

  22. OMG! the heartburn the last 4 days is unbearable, nothing is working to ease it :-(

    1. Belsie


      Your band not too tight is it? I did damage to mine, ate something and it inflamed it, had to have 2 ml taken out and I had heart burn but once they loosened my band it stopped ASAP :)

    2. Happyfrog


      i'm not banded yet :-) not long to wait though, will just have to mention it to the surgeon when i see him

  23. been sick for two days with the virus that the 3 kids had, they happily gave it to me. Finally had something to eat now

    1. JosieW


      Take care Trina