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  1. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    I have read so many post about complications and success stories on here. I feel I’m a success as in I don’t have any complications, besides the port flip, right at the beginning. I can lose the weight if I eat correctly. I just had to struggle with my brain about what and when I was eating. Post Natal Depression didn’t help. my intention to post was to say, hey look your not alone. Being the only one in my family and friends with the lapband, I feel alone. If and when I have a stuck moment, it’s embarrassing to have to excuse myself to deal with it. And then to be asked when I get back, oh did you throw up. To which my answer is usually no, it went down when I was walking, regardless of wether it did or not. I hate it. I don’t get stuck moments very often. But I do. I usually find it’s when I’m out and I’m dealing the kids and I fail to chew enough. MerryGoAround I hope you can get back on track too. Oh also, my 16 year old is now feeling like she’s eating to much and wants to starve herself because the girls at school called her fat. She is far from fat. She’s a healthy size 10-12 and quite tall. Girls are so bloody cruel. It pisses me off.
  2. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    I weighed myself yesterday and took all my measurements. Since kicking myself in the butt on the 31st of January when I did my first weigh in and measurements I have lost 9.3kg and a total of 61cm. With 15cm of that off my waist I am so happy so far. I’ve lost an average of 550gm a week, and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t lose any weight during the period that I was really sick. I’m unsure why as I was hardly eating. But that could be why too.
  3. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    Yes I know the eating to much too, when I turned to alcohol I started snacking. Depression hit me hard. Then the guilt from eating turned to more eating. It’s a vicious circle. ‘Got my results. I don’t have pancreatitis or a slipped band. All my organs are healthy. They think it’s a stomach ulcer from stress. So I’ll see my surgeon on Monday and see what he thinks. And go from there. I’m now on nexium. I’ll see over the weekend if it helps, I hope so. I hate feeling so rotten after eating or drinking.
  4. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    I’ve been thinking about changing to the sleeve but can’t justify the cost. Getting out of the headspace is the hardest part. I was to the point of why did I do this , why did I spend all that money. What a waste. i found it really hard the first week or so to give up the alcohol, and when Friday came it was hard to walk past the grog shop and not go in. I asked hubby to get me a drink on Friday (10 weeks since my last drink) as I had a hectic crazy week with kids and renovating and my daughter moving out of my room and in with her sister, and I drank one and it was good. I had a second and I didn’t want it. I’m just not interested anymore. So I feel that’s a huge leap forward. ‘At the moment I’m having problems, when I eat I’m am really nauseated, I have stomach and back pain. I burp a lot. I booked in to see my surgeon and can’t get in till Monday as he is in theatre all this week. I had to see my GP for a new referral, so he is testing me pancreatitis and sent me for an ultrasound to check for band slip. I told him ultrasound won’t see anything. But he didn’t listen, gabbled on about CT scans is a lot of radiation blah blah blah. When I got to the X-ray place this morning he said this test is a waste of time, you need a CT so they changed the test. Rang the GP this afternoon and he has asked to see me about my blood tests. So I’ll wait until the CT results are in. I’m hoping I get some answers soon. I’m afraid to eat. Even liquids are making me feel like crap.
  5. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    I was banded November 2012, starting weight 141kg. everything went well. Got down to 95ish kg almost goal weight, only 4kg or 5kg off. So pretty happy. Then I was diagnosed with depression and found that I was eating things I shouldn’t be and my meal sizes increased. I gained little bit, I sat at around 102kg. After 9 months I was able to get off the depression meds and I was determined to get to goal weight. Short time after that hubby and I decided we were going to have another baby. Anyway long story short. I gained weight during pregnancy I got to 117kg, had my band refilled when Bub was 6 weeks old. And it all went down hill from there. My meals were fine, but I found myself snacking. Then post natal depression hit me. And I turned to alcohol. I wasn’t drunk or anything I was having 1 maybe 2 drinks almost every night and a lot more on Friday nights. This made my weight go up. I got to 126kg I was so angry at myself. I was treated for depression and got back mentally where I was, but I was still drinking to my alcohol. Bub is now almost 17months. So 6 weeks ago, I stopped drinking. I haven’t had a single drop. I have cut out all soft drink, I don’t drink tea or coffee. So I only have water. My meals are almost the size they should be. My snacking has stopped. Don’t get me wrong every now and then I have biscuit or something but not often. I started a new exercise routine called bodyboss 4 weeks ago. which I get done while Bub is having her morning sleep. I have lost just over 4kg which has averaged to 700gm a week. I have been documenting everything. Writing all my feelings good or bad down. I guess I’m writing this because this morning when Bub went down for her nap, I got a case of the ‘don’t wannas’ I really didn’t want to go and do my exercises I just wanted to sit. I’m not sure if because it was quite cool here this morning or The fact I’ve had a headache every morning for over a month. Or what. But I did get my butt up and went and did it. I feel better for it. I think by putting this on here and having other people who may have struggled like me, I feel more accountable and maybe I might stop dwelling. And maybe my headache will go away, well I can only hope. Anyway that’s me at the moment.
  6. Happyfrog

    Bad stories on the band???

    I have the band and have had it since November 2012. And I love it. I am currently at my surgeons goal weight and I'm 22 weeks pregnant. So I'm pretty stoked with that. Don't get me wrong there are days I wish it wasn't there but the great days make up for the odd bad one. I did have my port flip within the first 3 months but that was a simple fix. I can't eat bread, cakes or anything similar, so I eat wraps and avoid the other stuff which isn't good for you anyway. Some meat is a struggle. I have had plenty of stuck moments which resulted in a PB (productive burp- bringing back up the stuck food) from eating the wrong thing or to fast. I know as soon as I swallow that it was a bad idea. I have been in the red zone and needed fill removed. I had the option of band or sleeve. I went band as I was reversable and if something better than the band or sleeve comes along in the future I have the option to change to it. You need to keep up with the visits to the clinic for check ups and fill/unfill. My clinic is 45min to a Hour away so that's a pain, but worth it. My clinic told me I had to read 'the lapband solution' I think it was called. Before I could sign any paperwork and I had to attend a seminar at the clinic. Like said above, a lot of the time once the surgery is done and/or successful people tend not to come back onto the forum, so you end up getting a lot of negative feedback. Your best bet it to have a good chat with your clinic. When I was making my decision I came on here and just read thru a few posts, asked a couple of questions. But you need to listen to some advice but ignore most of it. It's like anything the bad outcomes are the ones you hear most. There are plenty of success stories on here with both surgeries. Good Luck
  7. Happyfrog

    Frustrated by log in

    I have been having this problem for months, that's why I don't come in here very often. I will try using my user name next time see if that makes a difference.
  8. Happyfrog

    November 2012

    I still pop in every now and again. I'm still banded, had a few complications from my band being to tight and battling depression and eating to many sliders and gaining over 10kg. So not good. Surgeon wasn't happy about the gain but I am now in the green zone and losing weight again so it's all going well again now. I get really sad sometimes when I cook a meal for the family and I can't eat it. Like we had hamburgers the other week and they looked so good, I still had a 'burger' as such, I put it in a wrap but it just wasn't the same. It's not very often I miss having certain things just every now and then. Or when I am having a bad food day, which is when I don't know what I want to eat and everything I look at I say what's the point it's only going to get stuck. Which is awful to think, because I'm not in the red zone anymore and everything is good. But it is really hard to get your mindset around it. I end up having soup that I made and frozen, it's thick soup so it's filling and I really enjoy it. It helps with the battle in my brain. Plus I know everything that's in it and it's totally healthy so that's a plus.
  9. Happyfrog

    Have to reset my password

    The same has been happening to me for weeks now.
  10. Happyfrog

    Flipped Port and Angry Staples

    That's great! I am so glad you didn't have to wait any longer. I hope you have a speedy recovery. From memory mine wasn't overly long but I didn't have pain from staples either.
  11. Happyfrog

    Tubing Being Shortened

    I hope it does fix your problem, and it is quite pathetic that it has taken all this time to find out. But on the plus side with all the tests you have had done you know your fine otherwise. When I had my port fixed my surgeon used the same scars. A lot of surgeons do.
  12. Happyfrog

    Flipped Port and Angry Staples

    Have you got a date yet? How are you going?
  13. Happyfrog

    Flipped Port and Angry Staples

    sorry to hear that your port has flipped. Mine also flipped. I went in for my first fill and after all the needle poking they bent like 3 or 4 needles and burred the ends of a few too and finger jabbing. I was also sent for and xray, my port had completely flipped that even in the xray it looked normal so in went another needle, when he burred the end of that one and bent it, he finally decided it must be flipped. I was angry and upset that i had to have more surgery. The only time I can think of it flipping was one day i had bent down to pick something off the floor, i had a bit of pain but nothing that I would have even considered the port flipping. My port was stitched in at the original op. He did tell me that it was the old style of port and they have a habit of flipping something to do with how they are stitched in. He switched it to the new style when i had it fixed. The op itself is pretty simple. I was only in hospital for about 2 hours after surgery. My stomach was completely black a few days after all the jabbing and it hurt for a while. Hopefully your wait isn't to long to have it fixed.
  14. Happyfrog

    November 2012

    Good luck Cliff, sorry to hear about your struggles. Hope all goes well for you I have struggled a bit too. I have been diagnosed with depression and put on 7kg in eating my troubles away. Well I'm on medication and have been feeling really good. I joined the gym in January of this year, and have been going 4 to 5 days a week. I drop the kids at school then head to the gym. I saw the personal trainer there and he has given me an exercise program to follow. So I alternate strength training with cardio training. He told me to stay away from the scales for awhile, since I'm strength training my weight would most likely go up or not change. But I noticed I have been losing weight. I have also added to my program, so up'd my walking and jogging speed and I am doing more sit-ups and a few of the other exercises aren't so hard to do anymore. So feeling really pleased with myself. Still after over two years I still forget to wait the one minute between swallows so end up pbing. But it's not a lot. Overall I am happy with my progress. I am now the thinnest of all my sisters and they all hate me for it. But I don't care Wishing all the mummies a very happy Mother's Day for Sunday.
  15. Happyfrog

    Re doing Port Question...

    No I lifted a washing basket of clothes and got a god awful stabbing pain in my port area, thought I was just pushing myself and didn't worry about it, When I felt for my port I did feel it was in a different place and when I went for a fill it had completely flipped over. The GP at my clinic tried 4 times and couldn't enter my port, then the surgeon was called and he tried 4 times and bent 3 needles and burred the end of all of them then sent me for an X-ray and tried again, so I was a very sore pin cushion.