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    I am hoping to have it done asap however I have been a heavy smoker for 37 years so quit 4 days ago as 1. I NEED to.....2. I WANT to....3. I have respiritory illness caused by it.....4. I can't afford to smoke..... 5. I WANT THIS SURGERY LOL..... also after reading so many posts on forums re smoking and the surgery, I'm pretty sure I've read numerous times a test is done for smoking before surgery.... definitely do not want to have my surgery delayed because of smoking. Yes before Xmas would be awesome... I just looked at your weight loss etc WELL DONE! You must be so proud of yourself! Congrats to you and I hope your pleased with your results.
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    Hi Jellybelly89. Thank you for the welcome and wishes of luck
    I had my band done with Dr Tim Wright however I'm having the sleeve with Dr Dhan Chiruchelvam in Hamilton. Yeh I had no luck with the band and had consistent pain and so many different foods I was unable to eat at all that after 3 years, and many saline reductions done, I just told him to remove it
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    Hi..... I am new to this forum as of today. I have my Dr appt on 26th Sept. I have been researching and umming and arrrhhhing for the last 3 years but have made the decision to have the sleeve via the endoscopic procedure.  I'm in the Newcastle NSW area. I had a lap band in 2005 but after 3 years had it removed.  As most have done, I've tried every diet I could find and fed up with the yoyo so here goes! I want to lose 30kgs... have lots of comorbities and simply sick of consistently feeling miserable and popping pills for all the self inflicted comorbidities!! Sending my best wishes and thoughts to you all 
    Warm Regards
    Rainbow Gypsy
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