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  1. fatimanomore


    Put on the weight after marriage and kids
  2. fatimanomore

    Has anyone had lapband erosion?

    Thank you very much for your responses... Thanks Ozchick, I'm glad to hear that someone else has most (and you all) of their band fill....at 9ml in a 10ml band I could still eat everything and don't get the vomits.....had a subway 6 inch before I went in to see the Dr....I will let you know when I go back...but so far so good....feeling restriction now but freaked out when he mentioned erosion....I will get him to check that at my next appt. Many thanks for your replies
  3. fatimanomore

    Has anyone had lapband erosion?

  4. Hi, I have been banded 2 years and have lost 10kgs...I have 9ml in a 10 band...got another .2ml put in today and the Dr said that band erosion is common if the band is too tight? Had anyone had band erosion? What he said has scared me as I would freak out if my band is eroding into my vital organs? Has anyone experienced this and what was the outcome? Many thanks F
  5. fatimanomore

    Forum For Failures

    Hi Helen, I'm not at all worried about my gain of 10kg's, this is a journey for me and I feel great and haven't overeaten once since being banded and to me that is an achievement. I will lose the weight but am not expecting it to happen overnight. The thing I have been more worried about is my hair loss, lots of it!!!! Like I said I can eat anything but I do stick to a healthy diet except for wholemeal bread which I would like to cut out but still having sandwiches for lunch and love subway once a week. You will get there, it just takes time. Good luck.
  6. fatimanomore

    Forum For Failures

    Hi everyone, I have been banded 4 months and no restriction....never had a vomit or anything stuck....can eat anything, bread, meat etc. I'm not at all worried, feel great...have put on 10 kilos, but hopefully next fill I will have some restriction. Remember it is still early days and we are all different, one lady might lose 25 kilos in 3 months and another in 3 years. Hang in there, the band has been great for me because I really know that I am eating less and my choices are better in nutritious foods.l Good luck and I think its great that you have posted how you felt, a problem shared is a problem halved. Be positive and you are not a failure,not at all. We all need help and we all fall off the wagon. Ooops, forgot to say I have had 3 fills.
  7. fatimanomore

    Week of the Cheesy Grin

    Yeah I can't wait to wear a cheesy grin...a very big cheesy grin.....banding is bloody hard work and I congratulate everyone on their wieght loss...you are an inspiration Danielle.
  8. fatimanomore

    Week of the Cheesy Grin

    Amazing.....27 kilos is insane....I have lost only 9 have put on a few, oringally lost about 12kilos in 3.5months....slow and steady I keep telling myself....have no restriction yet and my surgeon does fill every 10 weeks...all good. I am so pleased for you Danielle, you are so positive and have achieved an amazing amount of weight loss...good on you. Regards, F
  9. I have a 9ml band with one fill of 5ml and have no restriction at all. Just wonder what others have in....cheers
  10. fatimanomore

    1st fill and feel no restriction - can eat and eat!

    Thanks guys....love youse.... Will have a better day today....I just can't believe what I can eat.....lol Does anyone else have a 9ml band and how much have they got in? Thanks everyone. x
  11. fatimanomore

    1st fill and feel no restriction - can eat and eat!

    Thanks for the reply XM....I will bring my appointment forward....Funnily enough I don't eat icecream at all, I love chocolate and yesterday much to my horror and I'm going to admit this to everyone I ate a packet of mars bars (the small ones) and 4 blueberry muffins.....screeeeeeaaaam...lol I can't believe it....I had such a bingy day yesterday (period is due but no excuse). I feel no restriction at all and even when he put the 5 ml I didn't feel any....weird! Onward and upward...going to be good today. Keep up the great work everyone.....just having a bad week here. xx
  12. fatimanomore

    Outcome of a visit to the Dr...

    Wow! Farout...I eat 2 avocado's a day....with salt...never heard of not being allowed avo's. I love them.... Hmmmm I've been eating way to much since my first fill , seem to be able to eat everything.....very easily!!
  13. Help....had my first fill 8 days ago and feel no restriction... I've been eating like a pig! The surgeon said to go back to him in 9 weeks....eeeeeek....I think I will be a whale by then. Help...should I go back in and get more fill.....I have 5ml in a 9ml band. Cheers everyone and thanks for listening. x
  14. fatimanomore

    My first fill

    Thanks Danielle...Far out...i'm terrified of that first PB too....might stay on liquids till Saturday....see how I go... Gotta say you have done an awsome job on your weight loss....please keep us all up to date.....I had a shake this arvo and felt really full after it (tony ferguson)....I felt a bit uncomfortable in the tum tum... Keep up the great work and thanks for replying....you are awesome. Cheers
  15. fatimanomore

    My first fill

    Oh!!!!! How long are you on liquids for???? My surgeon said eat what you can...just the portion size will be smaller....Are we supposed to go back to liquids (for how long) and then mushies (for how long)...my surgeon was super busy today -maybe he forgot to tell me. Cheers for the info. Fatima gonna be fat no more