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  1. I am not hungry of morning either...so round about 8 am I have a shake..with either mango or strawberries added....icy cold goes down well )
  2. Nana B


    Hi Delia....sorry I can't make the get together this month as I have an appointment with Dr....for my first fill at 2pm tomorrow....am sure it will be another enjoyable day. cheers lyn.
  3. Nana B


    My port is right near ..nearly under my biggest scar on the left hand side....i can feel it easily & the Dr told me yes that's it...I was banded 21st April 11..)
  4. Nana B

    8th April Op

    Wishing u the very best of luck.....)
  5. Nana B

    Sleeping :D

    I haven't had any problem sleeping or rolling to my side since about day 8....but we are all different..cheers...)
  6. Hello!! Thanks for yesturday, Calmed me a little, haha.

  7. Nana B

    Hi Fee, Was great meeting u today....so stay intouch and any time u want to chat just message me...cheers...Lyn.

  8. Nana B

    tomorrow is the big day

    good luck...)
  9. Nana B

    Optifast or Optislim???

    I was allowed to chose...optifast...optislim...Dr Mccleods....the * NEW *low carb celebrity slim..( which has lower carbs & sugar than any of the previous )..my preop weight was 97.5...op day after 7days on my shakes was 94...( so it worked for me )..Breakfast 3or 4 cubes of ice in blender 1/2 punnet of strawberries shake & 2 teaspoons of benefibre....blend....or vanilla shake with banana....also ate 1/2 pkt a day of sugarless lollies what ever sort I wanted....and heaps of diet jelly.....and ordinary pkts of instant soup....but I always checked on the back to make sure they were low in carbs & sugar. I did walk from 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day as asked.....After the op the Dr told me my liver was great..I also had a very large hiatius hernia repair....the above worked for me ..Have truely had a pain FREE op even I cannot believe it ..so I personally feel by trying to do the right thing pays off in the long run..and here I am 1 week post op at 91.3....different things work for different people but it seems to be the carbs & sugar that do the damage..... cheers & best of luck to all...as we all need it...)
  10. Nana B

    Only hours to go!

    Good Luck......)
  11. Nana B

    Before and After

    Congrats...am so very happy for u...)
  12. Nana B

    Smoking, And surgery, please read.

    My smokers story....10 years ago had an op...upon waking found I needed oxygen twice as long as anybody else...& my chest was so tight I remember that well because of how much my chest hurt I didn't really relate it to smoking..( gave up smoking over 3yrs ago ) ok was banded last Monday & I was on oxygen all night plus had the leg pumpers going, wasn't allowed to get up till 6am next morning..all because my oxygen sats kept dropping when they took me off the oxygen, I know this was because I had been a very very heavy smoker for years....Upside even though this was happening I have had no chest tightness no gas pain..actually no pain at all...so my opinion would be to stop or cut down as much as u can before op....( easier said than done..as I still long for a ciggie most days..)...cheers..
  13. Wishing u all the best for tomorrow ...& a speedy recovery...:))

  14. Nana B

    3 Days to go

    Good luck...I am being banded Monday too...so we can compare when we are both bandits....lol....cheers )
  15. Nana B

    This Is How It Goes Down...

    Well done..super effort.....so happy for you...