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  1. Irene B added a post in a topic: Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Hi Spoodygirl,
    No idea why my dietician wanted me to do 4 weeks.  I started at just over 117kg and am now down to 109.9kg (I was 115.7kg when I started Opti).  Maybe it was because I am over 50 now, I really don't know the reason.  I didn't question it as I really am just going to follow everything my team tells me to do.  I am now just finishing my last night of week 3.  Can't believe it is only a week until surgery.  I was so anxious earlier on but now I feel pretty calm and perhaps even a little bit excited I think.  I went shopping today for some new PJ's and slippers.  Just trying to relax as much as possible this week, getting my hair done and a lovely pedicure and facial as well.  Big treat.
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  2. Irene B added a post in a topic: Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Hi Louisa
    I am now on the final two weeks of the Pre-Op.  I admit that I am finding this two weeks more difficult as I do not have any fresh protein to go with my salad or vegies.  I skipped vegies one evening and just had the shake as the thought of them just made me feel a bit ill.  I have pushed through it so far, but I can certainly feel that I will have more of the same issues.  I have been so good I have surprised myself every day.  I normally fold so quickly but I am so determined to get it right this time.  I have just turned 53 and I just don't want to live like a fat person anymore.  I am so sick of looking and feeling revolting.  I have hiked a lot of places over the world and I am desperate to do more and doing this is the only way that I can achieve that as it has just gotten too hard carrying this extra weight and getting older of course.  I have lost 5.5kg over the last 2 1/2 weeks and I had lost a couple more kg's prior to that.  I am hoping for another couple of kilo's before surgery in a week and a half.
    Louisa I think what has helped me is that when I open the cupboard and the biscuits that my husband has opened are talking to me, I have just said an absolute "NO" to.  I actually say no.  I have had to do it quite a few times now, but it seems to be working so far.  I am dreading the liquid portion after surgery, but hopefully I will cope with that also.  
    Louisa, I think you need to give yourself a break.  Don't feel disappointed.  You are doing an amazing thing, prepping for this life changing surgery.  You should give yourself a pat on the back and be happy with your journey so far.  
    Let me know how you're doing.
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  3. Irene B added a post in a topic: Late Christmas Present from mySurgeon   

    I am due to have my sleeve done later this month.  I saw the dietician a couple of weeks ago and when I was leaving I intended to pay for the surgery (a requirement with my surgeon).  I had previously been given a quote from the office staff and when I went to pay I couldn't locate my quote paperwork so the receptionist went to see the surgeon and check with him.  She came back a couple of minutes later and said that the Dr was doing my surgery "Gap Free" because I had a lapband removed by him four years earlier.  I was shocked and so ecstatic.  I told the receptionist it was like a late Christmas present, she said "Merry Christmas".  She also said that because he was doing Gap Free, that the Anaesthetist would also do Gap Free.  That is about a $6500 Christmas present.  I was floating on cloud nine all the way back home.  I still can't believe that he has been so generous.  So my only out of pockets will be my excess for the hospital.  
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  4. Irene B added a post in a topic: Band to sleeve.....or bypass??   

    Hi Wendy R
    I had a band for about 5 years, before finally having it removed.  That was four years ago now.  I am being sleeved on the 26th February.  My surgeon said that the banders that don't seem to do as well as virgin sleevers are those that didn't seem to have a physical reason for the band not working.  He indicated that science doesn't know why banders don't seem to do as well.  I asked him if it was likely that the problem was really an attitude / emotional problems and he agreed that it was likely.  I discussed both the sleeve and the bypass with him at length and I am happy with going with the sleeve.
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  5. Irene B added a post in a topic: One goal down one to go   

    Good on you.  You are very inspirational.  Hope I go half as well as you have.
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  6. Irene B added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    Good on you Queenies
    I am booked in for surgery on the 26th Feb.  I'm on four weeks of Opti and am currently on day 5 week two.  I lost 3.1 the first week, but so far this week have only lost .8kg, not sure why as I have been extraordinarily good, even with water.  Anyway hopefully I will manage at least 7-8kgs over the four weeks. 
    Keep up the good work with the Pre-op and the walking.  March will come around so quickly. 
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  7. Irene B added a post in a topic: Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Hi LouisA
    I'm almost finished my first two weeks of Opti.  So far I have gone well.  Only had about half a dozen times that I thought I would have something and then realise that I can't.  So far it has been pretty good.  I lost 3.1kg the first week and have only lost .8kg this week (day 5).  I have been so good I have really surprised myself, but I have been crazy busy so maybe that has helped.  The only time I have been fanging for sugar was an extremely stressful day, but I got through it.  Another two weeks to go after this one, up to 3 serves of Opti and no more fresh protein as such.  I am trying to work toward getting all of my jobs, etc out of the way this following week so that I have the last week to get my hair done, manicure, pedicure and general just trying to get myself mentally ready.  I aslo have a Psychologist appointment that last week as well just to ensure that I am as ready as I can be.  I was feeling very anxious a couple of months ago, but since starting my Pre-op diet that seems to have fallen away.   How are you going on the Pre-op now LouisA.
    Bina how are you recovering from your surgery?   
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  8. Irene B added a post in a topic: Will I lose weight going from band to sleeve?   

    Hi Jayali
    I had my band out in 2014.  I am due to be sleeved on the 26th February. 
    My surgeon has said that the science seems to show no evidence as to why Bypass seems to do better over sleeves for previous banders.  He seems to think that it purely comes down to an attitude as there is no other explanation they have found.  I asked him what he thought was the most important thing to do for me to be successful and he has said that it undoubtedly keeping in contact with him and his team.  I will be following his directions to the letter.
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  9. Irene B added a post in a topic: Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Hi All
    I am due to be sleeved by Dr Garret Smith at North Shore Private on the 26th Feb.  I have started my 4 weeks of Opti.
    Anyone else out there for February?
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  10. Irene B added a post in a topic: Finally made the appointment (band to sleeve)   

    Hi Lucia
    I very much doubt that you will have any issues with the surgeon not wanting to take out your band.  The only thing I will say is that most surgeons will want you to do it over two procedures with a few months in between. 
    I had my band put in, in Mar 2009.  Within a few months we moved interstate.  I needed to find a new doctor to do my fills, etc and I just didn't gel with him. I told him early on that I constantly burped and had done so since waking up from surgery, he pretty much called me a liar.  I had lots of problems with getting food down, it didn't matter what I did.  I ended up eating stuff that went down easier.  I couldn't talk to the Doctor so in the end I just stopped going to see him.  I know I shouldn't have but honestly I ended up very depressed, it really screwed with my mental health. 
    I ended up having the band removed (by another surgeon) after 4 years and it was such a relief.  I could actually eat vegetables again.  I had no intention of having any more WLS.  Even though I hadn't put on any weight since the lapband removal, I just couldn't stand myself anymore.  I wanted my life back.  I went back to the surgeon that took my band out and after much discussion it was decided that I would have the sleeve.  I am booked in for February 26th at North Shore Private.  I got a late Christmas present last week when I went to pay for the surgery.  My surgeon is going to do my surgery at "No Gap", all because he previously took out my band and he said that he will also tell the Anaesthetist to "No Gap" so that is about a saving of $6500.  I was so gob smacked that I could have cried.  I still need to pay a small excess for the hospital, but that is peanuts. 
    I am now on 4 weeks of Pre Op.  I was really anxious, but now that I am on the Opti I feel much more in control.  
    Good Luck Lucia
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  11. Irene B added a post in a topic: Date Set Extremely Anxious and Scared   

    Hi Louisa
    Hope you're feeling better about your surgery Louisa.  I am wanting to see the psychologist for a couple of reasons.  One being that I have been very nervous about the surgery (I am feeling a lot better about it now though) and two because I want to make sure that I succeed with this surgery and weight loss.  I don't want to leave anything on the table, I am going to give it my everything.  I have been researching the earlier stages of the diet so that I have as much knowledge as possible prior to surgery and I think doing this is what has calmed my nerves about the surgery.  I start my four weeks of Opti on the 29th January, it's coming up very quickly now.
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  12. Irene B added a post in a topic: Date Set Extremely Anxious and Scared   

    Hi Louisa,
    I am due to be sleeved on the 26th February 2018, so just a little after you.  I too am finding that I am starting to get very anxious as well.  I am trying to keep a lid on it as best I can, but it has taken me by surprise.  I was initially very excited, but the closer I get the more anxious I am getting.  I have actually made an appointment with the Physiologist at my surgeons office because of it.  I intend to try and nip it in the bud if I can.  I think that the fear is pretty normal to be honest, but I am extremely confident that this will be one of the best decisions that I have ever made and Louise I am sure you will find that as well.  I am sick of letting fear guide my life.  It's time to take control and get on with it.  Hope your feeling much better about your decision soon.  Can't wait to see how you go.  I will follow your journey.
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  13. Irene B added a post in a topic: The good, the bad and the ugly   

    Hi KimmyKay
    I had my band out four years ago after having it in for five years.  I didn't intend to go back down the WLS track but I have spent the last two years working my tail off and have only lost 6-7kg's.  I finally decided that the sleeve was the route that I needed to go and I really happy with my decision.  My diet went backwards on the band as I couldn't eat vegies, my meals just about always went cold as food just got stuck no matter how much I chewed, etc.  The most frustrating thing is that I was offered the sleeve when I was originally banded and I knocked it back.  I could have been 9 years ahead, but obviously I was meant to go down this path for a reason I think.Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
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  14. Irene B added a post in a topic: My updates   

    Hi Jemabell
    You have done amazingly well, very inspiring.
    How is your weightl oss going now.  Is your hair growing back yet?
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  15. Irene B added a post in a topic: Surgeon for my revision scared me today   

    I just wanted to do an update.  I saw my new surgeon (Garrett Smith, he took my band out 4 years ago) on the 14th and we spoke in depth about both the sleeve and the bypass surgeries.  In the end he said that he would prefer to do the sleeve as then there is always the backup of the bypass if it is needed at some point in the future.  He explained how that as I had a band previously that usually he would not expect that I would lose as much weight as a virgin sleever (except in the case where a band is removed due to a problem with it).  I asked him why this was the case, was it a physiological cause or a physical cause and he said that they hadn't been able to point the cause to anything physical.  He explained if I went in with the right attitude then I would be able to lose weight as well as a virgin sleever.
    The surgeon also said that his complication rate for band to sleeve revisions is about 1%, about the same as his standard sleeving rate.  He has asked that I have a barium swallow done (this Thursday) to make sure that I don't have reflux or a hernia.  I then see him in the afternoon again and hopefully he will set a date for me.  I am hoping to be done late February at this stage.  He wants me to do Optifast for four weeks, the second two weeks more intensive than the first two.  The dietician has said that they would be looking for me to get my weight down to 85kg.  I am wanting to get down below 65kg and as long as I work my tail off. 
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