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  1. Irene B

    Weak muscles

    Hi Debsta I had my surgery at the end of February this year. I had general weakness / tiredness for quite some time. After a couple of weeks I was back to my normal physical work out in the paddock, but I just didn't have the stamina I was used to and I put it down to the surgery and the GA. That beside, I had a really bad back for almost three months, not everyday, but certainly most days and I hadn't had any back problems for at least a couple of decades. I put it down to theatre staff just being a bit rough with me (I also had a really nasty large bruise on my upper right arm) when moving me around for surgery. Finally in the last couple of weeks my back has improved markedly, thankfully, as it was driving me crazy. I think any exercise that you can do will help your back out, especially some light weight bearing exercise. Hope it continues to improve.
  2. Irene B

    Changes you didn't expect

    Hi Boganlicious While I have always loved chocolate, it is actually jelly beans, licorice etc that have always been my downfall. Cakes, biscuits etc don't bother me overly, although I have always loved a great Pumpkin Pie. Thank god for the surgery as I am very conscious of needing to make the choice between good healthy food and crap. If I don't make the best of choices, my health long term will suffer and I had this surgery to be the best I can be for the rest of my life. I am hopeful that with time the sugar craving will eventually dwindle away to next to nothing.
  3. Irene B

    Changes you didn't expect

    Hi RT05 I too am not in to coffee so much these days. I can still drink a coffee, but I find that I just cannot stomach very much of it. I have always been more of a tea drinker anyway, but I still liked to have a coffee or two in the afternoon, not very often now. On a sad note for me, I find that my sweet tooth is still here more than I would like as that is really what got me in to so much trouble over the years. I had cut sugar out completely before my surgery I find that I still do fang for some on occasion. I think as long as I can stay away from it I won't have a problem. We'll see
  4. Irene B

    I've stalled, please tell me this is normal

    Hi All Thank you for all of the feed back. I finally have had a .3kg weight loss today. It really does feel like my body is adjusting to all of the weight loss and I have been trying to focus on that. I actually threw out three pairs of shorts that I usually only wore down the paddock. They were already pretty loose before WLS, but I was constantly pulling them up and rolling the tops down to keep them up, finally I just gave up and am now wearing my good shorts that are also loose, but much more acceptable. It won't be much longer before it will be too cold to wear them anyway, so I'll just put up with them in the meantime and buy all new ones next summer, yay. I have noticed how much longer all of my tops are now and it feels great. I am hoping this is the end of my current stall and that it is onwards and downwards. Thankyou to you all for making this just "normal". I must admit that it was doing my head in a bit, even though I tried hard not to think about it. Thanks again
  5. Irene B

    It happened!

    Well done Boganlicious That's great news. Hope it all goes smoothly from here for you. Last night on TV I just caught a tiny bit of something about changing the rules for accessing Super for WLS. I'm not sure what station it was on but it sounded like the rules will be changed, so it is lucky you got in when you did Bogan. Congratulations again. Irene
  6. I've stalled and only just after 3.5 weeks after surgery. I have now been in this stall for about a week and a half, going up or down 100 to 200 grams at a time. Honestly it has made me feel like rubbish. I just can't believe that I have stalled so soon after surgery and I feel embarrassed about it. I have been super busy and so haven't been as good with my water and I am still have issues with constipation (I think that is finally working it's way out at last). I can't believe that I can eat so little and not be able to drop weight. I have wondered if it was just psychological as I am just under a kilo until I hit my first goal of 99.9. Has anyone else had this happen and if you did what did you do to kick off to weight loss again?
  7. Irene B

    Trigger foods

    Hi Bogan I have (had) a shocking sweet tooth. So I decided about 3 or 4 months prior to surgery that I was going to cut it out. I didn't think I would be able to but I did it much easier than I had expected to. I started slowly and then just stopped about 2 months before surgery. I also did this with bread as well because I have always found that if I was really stressed that I always went to either bread or sugar and often both. I haven't missed either at this stage. I am now 2.5wks post surgery and so far so good. Saying that though, I still want to live comfortably in the real world so if I feel like something then I will most likely have a bite or two but that will be where I pull it up as I do not want to fall back into that trap. I have read that loads of people on here have had food intolerances, especially dairy. So far I haven't had any dramas with dairy. I have it in my tea & coffee, I eat Greek Yoghurt every day, cheese. I haven't been nearly as keen on coffee since my surgery and I have it much weaker and often don't finish it when I do have it. At this stage that is the only thing that has put me off at all. Good Luck with your Super Bogan
  8. Fat2Fit I knew this. I don't know where from but for most of my adult life I have known this even though I didn't understand it. It possibly came from a Dr that I have had previously. I love this article, it's very easy to understand. Thank you for posting it.
  9. Irene B


    Denzel, Yes, I think Op shops will be my best friend in the losing period and as my other smaller sizes are in storage sadly, I will be heading to them for the most part to find new bottoms particularly. Sucks that you've been sick enough to actually put weight back on and what a pain that you don't have some of your old stuff to utilize in the meantime. I am sure you will be back on track soon, all the best to you. Fat2Fit, I had to google what a "wiggle" dress was. Gorgeous. You will have to post a photo of yourself in that dress when you reach goal. You have done so well in such a short period of time. I have only just started and have lost 4.6kg in 15days and overall I am down over 15kg, so I am happy with that so far. I am a 53yrs old and 166cm tall and my goal is to fit comfortably into a size 10-12. I have a very old (over 32yrs old) pair of Lee jeans in a size 9 that I just adored, I don't anticipate that I will get back in to them and I'm not bothered about that, but I do have a beautiful black and white CUE suit, size 12, that I absolutely loved and am hopeful that I will fit back in to again. Bogan, half you luck having such a variety of sizes ready to go. I will mainly stick with the Op Shops in the weight loss phase I think, unless of course I score a bargain on something that I really really want. I will do my best to be patient. Good luck with getting back in to those jeans Bogan.
  10. Irene B


    Has anyone brought new clothes before they could fit in to them since their surgery. As most of my "smaller" clothes are in storage and impossible to find I decided that I will just pick up things from Vinnies, etc but that I wouldn't buy them until they actually fit. I went to Vinnies with my Mum the other day and I couldn't help myself, I brought a pair of JAG jeans in a size 16 in great condition for $1. Bargain, I couldn't help myself. I find that I am starting to actually imagining wearing lovely clothes at long last.
  11. Irene B

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Hi Cairo Ouch on the vein digging. My Anaesthetist did a great job, absolutely no bruises or soreness at all, but I do have good veins though. It is almost 2 weeks now and I feel really good. I've been back to my normal walking (probably a little slower than normal) and have even added an extra day. I've even managed to do some light work out on our property. I feel like I am back to normal now, except obviously for the food (now on Puree). I am managing water really well and probably easily drink over 2 litres now, but I do drag my water bottle with me every where. I am still not going to the toilet as well as I am used to, but I did expect that and I think it will be some time before that get backs to somewhere near normal anyway. I scars are also going to almost invisible pretty quickly, although at the moment I do have some lumpiness around each incision site, but I expect they will disappear pretty quickly. Still quite a bit of bruising but that should be gone by the end of week 3. I am still weighing daily atm, but I will make an effort to stop that by the end of the month. I have lost just over 4kg in the two weeks (tomorrow is my weigh in day because I didn't come out of surgery until almost midnight, so I chose Tuesdays to weigh in). I lost about 3kg before pre-op diet and I lost 7.3kg on pre-op, so I had lost approx. 10.3kg before surgery. I expect that I will steadily drop for a while yet and then I will have to rely on healthy food and exercise. I am at 104.3kg today. My first goal is to get to 99.9kg. Cairo you have lost a huge amount of weight already. You obviously have been working hard at it. Perhaps once your body adjusts after the surgery things will move along more quickly. Perhaps if you ignore the numbers on the scales and start looking at how your clothes are now fitting you instead and how you are feeling. I've been very guilty of allowing the figure on the scale to dictate how I feel for many years and now I am doing what I can to ensure that the scale doesn't win anymore. I will try to work on how I am feeling instead. I have been talking with a Psychologist to help with that. Crossing my fingers that it helps. Hope you are feeling good with your journey overall. I think it is a great start to a refreshed life. Cheers
  12. Irene B

    Please tell me this is normal!

    Hi LouisaA Good to hear you're doing so well now. I am onto Puree stage to now. Onwards and upwards.
  13. Irene B

    Any March 2018 sleevers

    Hey Spoodygirl How are you going three days post surgery? Are you still in hospital? Hope it is all going well for you
  14. Irene B

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Hi Cairo My sleeve was done on the 26th Feb (so almost a week out now). Welcome to the forum. I would expect that because you had already lost such a massive amount before Opti that is why your losses were so low, but hey any loss in my books is a great loss and yes I'm not surprised that it is normal. I stayed in for 3 nights (mind you I wasn't out of surgery until almost midnight the first night) and when I got home I had only lost 100gms, but then I have lost a further 1.5kg's in 5 full days, so I'm more than okay with that. I think weighing ourselves everyday can be a problem because when we do have a little weight gain from one day to the next we take it as a fail, when I think in reality it is just our bodies doing there thing. I have already said to my husband that I can see that in the near future I can see only weighing once or twice a week. I want to try and keep my head on as straight as I can and watching those scales can be counter productive at times. How are you healing overall? The stomach side of things as been great but where the main wound site is, is still giving me a really hard time. I am pretty black and blue and yellow now in quite a variety of places. The main would site would be as big as the biggest grape fruit you've ever seen. I see the Dietician on Wednesday so I will touch base with her about it while I'm there. I'm sure she will know if it's normal or not. Good Luck Cairo. I hope you have an uneventful journey.
  15. Hi Luna I had my band out 4 years ago and I had the sleeve done on Monday (26th Feb). When I had the band out I didn't have any thought about having any further WLS, but we love hiking and I have found that it comes with a fair amount of pain at the end of a long day of walking and I am not ready to give it up. I'm only 53 and have lots of trips that we still want to do. Besides that I have a life to live and want to enjoy it as much as I can without so many aches and pains quite frankly. I went back to the surgeon that took my band out (he didn't put my band in). We discussed at great length the possible problems with the sleeve after banding. We discussed the bypass. He said that indications showed that banding to bypass usually do better but that if something went wrong there was not much to fall back on. Besides I didn't have any reflux or hernia's etc (he sent me for a barium swallow). I asked him about the weight loss for revision patients and he did say that while they didn't seem to lose as much, that there wasn't any science behind it. I asked him if he thought it might be more a mind set/attitude issue and he said he believed so. I also asked him what the number one thing I could do to make sure that I get to where I want to and he said that without a doubt it was to keep in contact with him and his team. I also took up the option of seeing a phycologist as I wanted to give myself the best chance. I will touch base with her a few more times over the next couple of months and if need be will continue to see her. If I was you I would just do my own research and then make the decision yourself. It's your body, not the surgeons. I went to see another surgeon prior to my current one because he was a couple hours closer to home and he told me that there was a 20% complication rate. I was shocked, but as it turned out he had only done five revision patients and had had a major complication with one (hence his 20%). It was clear to me that he was freaked out at the idea of doing another one, so I wasn't going to let him touch me with a barge pole. I am certain that this will change my life for the better and I for one am happy with my decision and honestly I am glad that it is finally done. Good Luck Luna