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  1. 6 weeks down the track I hope to be 3 kgs healthier and have the new subframe fitted to the RatRod..
  2. NeddyBear

    Winter fashion- Boots are hot!

    I'm a bloke and I to love boots, before being banded I only had one pair of the harness motorcycle boots and now I have 3 pairs of the Ariat all terrian boots as well.
  3. NeddyBear

    A day at the beach

    I hear you, only a year ago I could only walk 4 klms and was then stuffed and now I'm going to walk 70klms and I to love taking my dog to the beach for a long walk along the foreshore.
  4. NeddyBear

    Eggs Still in the house

    When I read the blog headed to the left I thought the subject was about the chook eggs which I haven't eaten since my banding. I'm surprised that after nearly reaching you're healthy weight you still cravings for the foods you know you shouldn't have. Then again a piece of chocy or the tart won't harm anyone but as long as its not the entire egg or tart.
  5. NeddyBear

    Tell me about treats

    Now that I'm healthier and loving my exercise I couldn't do without treating myself, today after being outside all day working at laying the sheds entrance concrete floor I rode to town and treated myself to a bunch of grapes and the series 4 Law and Order SVU dvd.. Once in a while I treat myself to packet of twisties and a bottle of the ice breaker milk, I think treats are fime as long as that's all they are and don't become a part of you're everyday eating plan. I'm treating myself to a week away during August to attend GreazeFest in Brisbane which is a Kustom Kulture Festival. http://www.greazefest.com/pageOne.html
  6. NeddyBear

    Fatigue and lethargy after banding

    Maybe its just you're body telling you it needs time to mend. I was so lucky not to have any tiedness because prior to being fitted I had the type 2 diabetes and when I awoke from the surgery I felt like a different person so full and energy and just wanted to get out and go for a walk. On my 3rd day I was up vacuuming and walking the dog, isn't it amazing how everyone's journey is totally different.
  7. NeddyBear

    Exercising sometimes hurts

    I've been letting letting my nurse Leo give it a good licking everyday, what ever is in dogs slobber is good for healing wounds.
  8. NeddyBear

    Couch to 5k

    Good on you Leanne for even being able to run, I did the couch to 15klm walking within the first 6 months. I never had a program as such so I just increased the distance weekly until I could handle to 15ks. Theses iphone apps you speak of are they something you have to purchase or can you get them at no cost.
  9. NeddyBear

    Exercising sometimes hurts

    While out going hard riding the new mountain bike this afternoon I came off again and probably from thinking I'm 10 and not 50. Sure it does hurt when you have a spill at 50 but the risks of hurting myself once in a while is still worth getting out and going hard.
  10. NeddyBear

    food addiction sucks

    Eating like a horse then thats good because they only eat roughage type foods. Well done at getting to 90kgs and I look at banding like this, who in there right mind is going to spend $20,000 and not want to succeed. You can still have the chocolate and the cake but as long as you're willing to exercise that little harder.
  11. NeddyBear

    The Importance of Chewing Revealed. . . . .again

    I've only had one bad experience from a piece of meat just after my last fill which took about 8 hours until I was feeling better. On about a dozen times I have made myself bring up a little after drinking too soon.
  12. NeddyBear


    I heard this one today and I nearly pissed myself laughing, Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator
  13. NeddyBear

    Sleeping positions post op

    I slept in my dads lazboy powered recliner for the first 2 nights then back to the bed sleeping on my right side on the 3rd night but I had to wait about 3 weeks before I was back to laying on my tummy.
  14. NeddyBear

    Things you wished you did before the band etc

    I'm one year in and refuse to dwell on the past and prefer to only think about the good things I'm to experience in the further. Best of luck with you're journey
  15. NeddyBear

    Not A Happy Camper in Townsville

    What I would suggest is for you to go see a banding surgeon first and ask what GP's in the Townsville area could assist. I went through APRA who were very helpfull and the whole experience was very pleasant. I've heard where others had pre booked before gaining the approval first and when things went wrong they had troubles rebooking latter. I waited until I had the approvals and the funds were in the bank before I booked a date which I think was only 3 weeks latter. Here is a practise in Townsville that does the banding. http://www.nqobesity...act_details.php Cheers Owen