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  1. November 2017 was knocked off my bicycle in a hit and run, the nasty concussion and all the broken bones have healed well. Feeling really good and am back on the bike and going hard. Getting ready for my next mountain bike challenge in August. My band stayed fast during the accident and no issues there. Sitting on 97 kgs from 180 at my worst.
  2. kustomkulture62

    Costly Op or not

    Nope not costly at all compared to the ongoing health issues if you don't have some form of weight loss surgery.
  3. kustomkulture62

    Reflux is killing me!

    Maybe a Hiatal hernia, before me band installed the reflux was just terrible and my Hiatal hernia was repaired during the installation procedure and afterwards have never experienced another episode.
  4. kustomkulture62

    Research Opportunity

    Done and here's hoping my input might help others achieve their goals as easy as I have.
  5. kustomkulture62

    Haven't seen Doctor for a year......

    6 years a Bandit and its still doing its job, went out to dinner recently and ate my salad first and couldn't fit anything else in. I think its been something like several years since I've had mine checked or adjusted.