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  1. kustomkulture62

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Band removal 11.07.19 Good news after 8 years of being a Bandit the Band is coming out on the 11th. I'm extremely happy with my results, weight/fat lose and mountain biking results. I had all the fill removed 12 months ago and have held the same weight so have decided its coming out before I get much older and only have 2 marbles rolling around in my head.
  2. kustomkulture62

    Longest time someone's had a band?

    Had mine fitted in April or May of 2011 and have never had a problem, haven't seen the surgeon in years. My Band is stitched onto the side of the stomach and was told so theirs never any slippage or wear so I'll just wait and see. I'm a 57 year young Mountain Biking junkie and have had many a buster and the port has also held firm, mines sandwiched between surgical mesh to prevent the port from ever flipping. Was 180 at my worst and now down to around 90 to 95 which according to the Heart Foundation of Australia I'm still overweight so overweight is good enough for me. To lose another 10 kgs to put me in the healthy weight range I'd be skin and bone. See you on the mountain trails.
  3. kustomkulture62

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Lower BMI points that's interesting, back when the new rules came in about the cancellation of the Medicare number I went and spoke to Westfund and they never mentioned anything regarding a lower BMI, will have to go see them again, thanks for the info.
  4. kustomkulture62

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Dr Nicole Andrews in Rockhampton does the weight loss surgery and now the tummy tucks, cheap and surgery aren't words that go together. No longer can the tummy tucks be claims using private health insurance and medicare. Should the lose skin be causing you health issues then yes you can use the private health insurance but only with the approval of the surgeon.. Nicole is a brilliant surgeon and fitted my band coming up 8 years ago and never ever have I had a problem, I'm a Mountain Biking junkie and even with the many busters I've had the band and the port has held fast. I plan to have Nicole do my tummy tuck and turkey neck tighten.
  5. kustomkulture62

    Lapband adjustment B/Billed or Cheap in Sydney?

    November 2017, I had my band checked after coming off the bike and the doc withdrew all the fluid to check for leakage and put it back in for the normal consult fee of $120.00
  6. November 2017 was knocked off my bicycle in a hit and run, the nasty concussion and all the broken bones have healed well. Feeling really good and am back on the bike and going hard. Getting ready for my next mountain bike challenge in August. My band stayed fast during the accident and no issues there. Sitting on 97 kgs from 180 at my worst.
  7. kustomkulture62

    Costly Op or not

    Nope not costly at all compared to the ongoing health issues if you don't have some form of weight loss surgery.
  8. kustomkulture62

    Reflux is killing me!

    Maybe a Hiatal hernia, before me band installed the reflux was just terrible and my Hiatal hernia was repaired during the installation procedure and afterwards have never experienced another episode.
  9. kustomkulture62

    Research Opportunity

    Done and here's hoping my input might help others achieve their goals as easy as I have.
  10. kustomkulture62

    Haven't seen Doctor for a year......

    6 years a Bandit and its still doing its job, went out to dinner recently and ate my salad first and couldn't fit anything else in. I think its been something like several years since I've had mine checked or adjusted.