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  1. MrsFatty

    Hubby to become a bandit.

    Hi Kate! Good on your hubby for making a great decision! How are you going with the thought of it all? How is he feeling? I think it was all a little overwhelming in the beginning, i was feeling guilty eating when he couldn't, especially when he went back into hospital after the op due to complication (in another post). He is going great guns now and is really happy with his progress! Looking forward to chatting with you! Best wished for your hubby's op! Cheers Bree
  2. MrsFatty

    Yes, Im a sad sack...

    Hey Becki, Sorry to hear you aren't feeling "it". Can i suggest that you take a photo of yourself and compare it to one pre-band? Just a suggestion that may help you see that it is working and that you have done the right thing and are on the right path! Keep up the good work! Cheers Bree
  3. MrsFatty

    Finally taking control of my life

    Good on you for taking postive action! Looking forward to following your journey! Good luck! Cheers Bree
  4. MrsFatty

    8th April Op

    Good luck! Good on you for making a positive life changing decision! Bree
  5. MrsFatty

    Ready or not?

    Congrats on deciding on being banded, although i am not, i think it is the most wonderful tool! My husband has been recently banded and has not looked back! See how you feel after a few days then make your decision about your netball etc if you can leave it that long. Good luck! Bree
  6. MrsFatty

    An Introduction

    Welcome and congrats on maintaining your weight!
  7. MrsFatty

    Wobbly Start

    Well Jase was banded on the 9th of March, he was discharged on the thursday with a "text book" operation things were going great. He felt great and was looking forward to moving on with his life minus the weight................ Friday morning we woke, Jase slept on the recliner as he was comfortable to sleep slightly up right, i didnt mind either as i had the WHOLE bed to myself for a few more nights. We read the after care notes and it suggested that V8 juice was ok to have, so Jase had about 10mls of juice. He got the "stuck" feeling and said i dont think that was a good thing........... boy was that an understatement!!!!! Jase was throwing up all day and into the night, the only respite was when he laid still and didnt talk........ i thought that it wasnt right so we called the surgen and she suggested that he get rid of the juice and see how he went. Saturday morning came and he was feeling no better, i suggested we go to our local ED and see if they could help or suggest anything. Because we are in a smallish country town the equipment wasnt available after hours, so it was suggested we go back to the hospital that the procedure was done in. Packed the kids up and off we went, lucky for us Jase's sister lived near and came to our rescue to take the girls while we spent quite a few hours waiting to see what was going to happen. The surgeon that performed the procedure on Jase happened to have gone away for the long weekend, so they were finding it difficult to get in touch with her to find out what to do. In the end it was decided that an xray would determine what was to happen next............. the result was that Jase's stomach had swollen so much that it had completely blocked off anything going in, out or otherwise. The vomiting had irritated his already swollen stomach. Jase was then told that he would have to have a nasal gastric tube inserted uo his nose and into the stomach (wasn't a pleasant experience for him or me, i would actually call it traumatic seeing your partner in that prediciment) so that it would sit ontop of the stomach above the band to drain the contents of his stomach which would stop the vomiting. He was also very dehydrated and needed IV liquids. A few hours of the tube in and fluids being pumped into him, he was starting to feel a little relief. He was then transfered to the private hospital where the procedure was performed and he spent the next week being IV fed as they wanted to keep his esophagus as dry as possible incase of surgery............ wasnt quiet sure of that reason but we werent in any state to argue. He was given steriods to reduce the swelling of the stomach and other bits and pieces to keep him hydrated etc. So today is is 5 days out of hospital and he is doing really well, so well infact he is now onto mushy's! I have never seen him so excited over food! I guess drinking apple juice and water for near on 2 weeks would tend to do that to you. Last night i cooked roast chook and veg, blended it all up like i did for my babies when they were starting solids and he loved it, so much that he is having it again tonight. Well that is us so far, to date he has lost 13kgs since starting opti, hopefully there will be no more drama's and we can move on with his weightloss journey! Thanks for reading Cheers Bree
  8. MrsFatty

    Hubby to become a bandit.

    Thanks Steph! I don't get to post as often as i would like. Which reminds me i really need to do an update on hubbys progress....... Thanks for the prod! lol Bree
  9. MrsFatty

    Newbie on Waiting list

    Welcome! Congrats on getting your surgery date! I'm not a bandit but i am a partner of one, hubby was just banded yesterday. Good on you for taking the right steps, Diabetes is not fun! I have had it since i was 25 Looking forward to hearing about your journey! Bree
  10. MrsFatty

    For my husband.

    Hi all, just thought i would update very very quickly............ Jase's op went really well, "text book" which is great. We are all back home tonight, Jase is sleeping on our couch sitting a little upright as he is to uncomfortable to lay flat at the moment. So i am about to make the most of the whole bed tonight (until the kids want in lol) and will post a more detailed background about us when i get a minny to sit down at the computer. Thanks for asking about his progress and the welcomes!! Cheers Bree
  11. MrsFatty


    Welcome! Congrats on your journey so far!
  12. MrsFatty

    For my husband.

    Thanks for the warm welcome's everyone! Fatty is booked in for the 9th of March in Wangarratta, and tomorrow will be exactly 1 week from surgery. He is getting more excited and more nervous as it draws near. He is most excited about the thought of tying his shoe laces without holding his breath or being in pain. I can see how he struggles and can see that this is going to be the best thing he has done for himself.......... and his kids! He said g'day mate, thanks for the welcome and that he will let me do all the forum stuff....lol, he's a little technologically "unfit". lol Will keep everyone posted on Jason "Fatty's" progress! Cheers Bree (MrsFatty)
  13. Hi all! I have introduced myself in the Introductions thread, and thought i would pop in here too! Just wondering if there is anyone else's partner that has been banded or waiting to be banded? Looking for people to swap notes/stories etc! Cheers Bree.
  14. MrsFatty

    For my husband.

    Hi everyone! My name is Bree, my sister-in-law first told me about this forum and told me how supportive and informative you all are. My reason for signing up is that my husband is 11 days away from becoming a bandit! He is both excited and nervous as most of you all are or have been. He is not one for forums but appreciates others views and opinions, so he said for me to join up as a partner and to relay the info back to him. My husband's name is Jason but he is known as "Fatty" to everyone and has been known as that since he was a kid. Contrary to popular belief, he was not named that because of his size, i believe he was named that by his mother (after Fatty Vautin the rugby player). So currently he is on Optifast pre-op diet and seems to be doing just fine, i am really proud of him! I am also having shakes to "support" him. I do, however feel guilty about when i do eat my main meal for dinner as he is only eating his allowed foods. He assures me that he is fine with it and that this shake stage is not forever and he will be able to enjoy food again soon. Anyway, i will leave it at that for now as im sure you all have better things than reading novels......lol. Looking forward to reading about all your ups and downs and sharing info! Cheers Bree