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  1. Nic-Alayne81

    Nic-Alayne's Photo Progress and Goals

    Latest pic of me at 146.8kgs..... yes I have put a crap-load back on through to ill health and bad eating..... Will post updated pics as they come
  2. Nic-Alayne81

    Good/Average/Poor Walking times...

    Thank You all so much for the comments/feedback... Turns out I overdone it on that walk! I ended up in and out of Hospital on several occasions due to a flare-up of Costochondritis and various other chest infections/afflictions due to "THAT" walk. I have been taking it very slowly indeed and having been taking regular walks in short bursts of late. As for the choc addiction, I ended up giving into it again as I was basically doing nothing but lying around whilst I was recovering. I am now on various Vitamins and Minerals (found out I'm quite anaemic again also), and have started taking Rapid Loss Meal Replacement shakes and drinking more water. Old habits are indeed hard to break, but I am sick of feeling bloated and gaining weight when I know I should be eating better and looking after myself better.
  3. Nic-Alayne81

    Good/Average/Poor Walking times...

    Thanks Maxie =) I have just gone through my husband and my room and found all the secret choc hiding spots and evidence... really humbling and sad. But the positive is, I have thrown it all out. I have waisted too much time and money on a chocolate addiction when it is not helping my weightloss one bit.
  4. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I was on here, too long in fact. I recently had a check-in with my surgeon which showed that I had put back on all but 10kgs of weight that I lost =( (Damn Chocolate and Japanese Mayo)... have decided to get proactive about my weight loss as it doesn't matter that I have the band, the point is, if I eat shit, I will put weight on! So... here I am... again... I got off my fat lazy ass and walked 1.8km in 25mins. I thought this was pretty good considering I haven't done any "proper" exercise for mmany months. Does anyone know what is a good time to be walking a certsin amount of kms in?? Just wondering what I need to aim for? Cheers, Nic =) Piccy from my walk this morning...
  5. Nic-Alayne81

    Different Types of Bands

    I have a Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band and it has a 12ml capacity, the top part of my stomach was sewn over the band to avoid slippage and to get better scar tissue adherance.
  6. Chocolate is my biggest downfall. I go nuts for it and it has caused me to gain 20kgs again. My advice is train yourself not to eat bad things, tell your brain that they are evil fatty foods.
  7. Nic-Alayne81

    how do they find your port?

    I could'nt find mine when I was a newbie, but not to worry they know where to look and what to do. When I lie down, my port is 10cm below my main scar, when I stand up, my port is where the scar is. Most surgeons lie you down to give you a fill, so it makes sense to go through skin and not through scar tissue.
  8. Nic-Alayne81

    products to treat hair loss

    Oh the joys of pcos and hair loss, I also have psoriasis which doesn't help the situation either.
  9. Nic-Alayne81

    New lunch vs. old lunch

    Old lunch: 12 sour cream and chives rice cakes with avocado, cheese and processed chicken roll x 2, 1 bag of doritos, 1 bag of lollies. New lunch: 2 cruskits with chives in cottage cheese and lean sliced roast chicken.
  10. I've actually found that since banding I absolutely love sweet chilli, whereas I could never stand it before hand.
  11. Nic-Alayne81

    Nic-Alayne's Photo Progress and Goals

    Me at my 30th Birthday Party. My sister Helena, and I On the balcony. The dress is actually from City Chic and is a size XL which is a size 22!!!!!!! Felt so great wearing it knowing I've dropped two dress sizes, and even better knowing I can now fit into clothes from City Chic and Crossroads!!!!
  12. Nic-Alayne81

    Naming Your Band

    Well said on both accounts Beth, you have just said what most of us have been thinking for months!! I for one am getting sick of this one particular member talking himself up and making others feel bad, and also being quite inappropriate and downright rude and hurtful. Hence why I left the forum for several months. I was hoping things would've changed with him by now, obviously not. Beth you are a wonderful person!!! Back on topic, I call my band Gretel because of the sound she makes..... "Grrrrrrrrrtel"
  13. Nic-Alayne81


    Hey Nat!! We both shared our big 3-0's in December! I turned 30 on the 24th! Huge happy birthday to you darl!!!
  14. Nic-Alayne81

    Green Zone

    I'm having alot of trouble finding my green zone. One fill I'm too tight, so he takes some out then I'm too loose, he fills it back up to wear it was and its still loose, so he puts more in the next time and its too tight again. ARGH! Getting very frustrated. Hope I can find my green zone soon.
  15. Nic-Alayne81

    new Facebook Profile

    Just added you =)