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  1. morgielea

    Melbourne support groups

    Hi There, not sure if you are still interested but I am new to melbourne and happy to meet up to discuss.
  2. I’ve been having a google and couldn’t find anything informative so I thought I’d see if anyone has the same experience... I had my surgery in late December 2017 and have been doing well- lost about 25kg. I did not have any complications and actually benefitted more than the obvious as my lactose intolerance has disappeared and the surgeon discovered symptoms of an undiagnosed auto immune disease in my stomach during the operation. The only real negative I have noticed is that I throw up very easily/ unintentionally make myself throw up. It’s not like when I’ve eaten to much or drink to soon after eating, there is no nausea involved nor any discomfort. But essentially I swallow in a funny way and bring up the food I’ve just eaten. I don’t do this intentionally, and it’s more of a annoyance than anything as I just all of a sudden bring up my food after swallowing. I hope this makes sense- we get this surgery to lose weight in a healthy manner and I really don’t want to end up losing weight to quickly or end up not getting ing enough nutrients as I am throwing up to much. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. morgielea

    Full- what does it feel like?

    I was sleeved on the 21st December and am feeling pretty ok. This is going to sound so stupid but with the new stomach, what does full feel like? I’ve heard it hurts but is it painful for a few minutes or is it like a hunger pain? im getting pain and itchy ness from the incisions, some gas pain and then a pain that feels like hunger. I don’t think I’m over eating- I’ve had half a cup of protein smoothie, half a squirty chobani, half a cup of soup and an up and go over a 14 hour day. Any clarity or advice would be appreciated
  4. morgielea

    Pregnancy after sleeve

    Just wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant after having the sleeve? I'm interested in how appetite & getting the sufficient nutrients works. I have just begun optifast and scheduled my surgery but this is one of the questions I forgot to ask my doctor. TIA