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  1. colinmc400

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    There were a few weeks were I lost nothing, especially early on. Its pretty disheartening when you make such a big change and are eating so little and the scales seem to thing differently. I did swap scales after about 10 weeks, to a good digital set, to get a more accurate idea of what was happening, instead of trying to line the needle up with a number on my old scale and even loosing a few gms was worth having. I did go a period of many weeks, were it was more or less 1kg per week. I am now at 88.6kg, so the change has slowed right down, but I am stoked at the progress and would happily sit where I am right now.
  2. colinmc400

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I haven't updated here for a while, but as i passed a personal milestone over the weekend, i thought i would. The scales said 89kg on Sunday, that's a total loss of 47kgs in 11 months and now 1kg less than the final goal set by Dr Dolan. Yes he said recently maybe another 3-4 might come off, to leave me at 86-87kgs, but i could not be happier at being under 90kgs. At 181cm and broad shouldered, 89kgs sits rather well on my frame, if i do say so myself. There is still some loose skin around my middle and i fancy that would be the other 3-4kgs Dr Dolan was on about, but i am not going to get hung up about it. Has it been hard and was it worth it? Yes to both. The change in your habits is hard, especially when you stall and wonder how eating so little can have so little effect. But mixing things up and finding out how to exercise with your new body and system, seem to pay dividends for me. My cycling is so much better than before and gives me a massive boost in the ego department, to the point i started competing in local time trials and wearing one of those not flattering skinsuits. Could never have imagined me in one of those when i was 136kgs.
  3. colinmc400

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    Ok slightly surprised, as Dr Dolan wants me to come back in another 6 months. He could not have been more happy (and those that know him, know he is not always a happy character). More than happy with my progress, blood work was very good (especially cholesterol and fasting insulin) and he even commented how i looked in good shape (well 300km a week on your bike will help with that). He thought i might loose another 3-4kgs, but said he would be happy where i am now. So just surprised he wanted me to go back. Spose it helps to keep me focused and on track, in case i were to slip back.
  4. colinmc400

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    Umm not sure and have never really thought to ask, as i have been pretty good at managing my own progress. In my 11 months since the sleeve, i have seen the surgeon 3 x times and the dietician once and all has been well. i have no doubt that if there were issues, or i was struggling with the new diet i could have gone back more, but haven't needed to.
  5. colinmc400

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    Righto. I really don't think i need go past tomorrows appointment to be honest. At goal weight, no issues from surgery, head in the right space. Time to get on with it myself, unless things go wrong, or problems develop me thinks.
  6. I have a follow up with Dr Dolan tomorrow and am 11 months post sleeve. Everything has gone as expected and i have no ongoing health issues. My goal weight was set at 90kgs, or a loss of 46kgs.I am at 90.4 today. At what point do the surgeons cut you loose, with no further follow up required?
  7. colinmc400

    Goal Weight

    My original goal set by Dr Dolan was "under 100 kgs", which would have left me with a BMI of 30.9 and still in the obese range. After my last visit in early March, he revised that to "you should be able to get to 90kgs", which would be a BMI of 27.8. I am currently at 93 kgs or BMI of 28.7 and feeling pretty good with it. The last few weeks have been rough and I even put a kg on, for the first time in 8 months. Some of the old grazing habits were starting to come back and if I am not spending my usual amount of time on my bicycle, things will go the wrong way. Decent last week on the bike and the extra is gone again and a bit, so now at the lowest since the WLS. I would need to loose another 12kgs to get to 24.9 and I am not sure that will happen.
  8. colinmc400

    Any Protein Powders recommended for Sleeve Post-OP?

    I also use Bulk Nutrients Thermo Whey products and can recommend them. I have tried all the flavour options and the Cookies/Cream and the Chocolate seem to be good for me. I use 1/4 skimmed milk and 3/4 water and they mix just fine and taste ok as well. The online service from them is outstanding as well.
  9. colinmc400

    October 2017 Sleevers

    I have been slack on updates for a while, as I have been away. As of May 7th I weighed in at 95.3kgs, for a loss so far of 40.7kgs. That's just 5kgs short of my target weight, which is due to come around by September. Last week in the US, was also time to start buying the new wardrobe, as all my shorts and jeans all now just slide off. I was thrilled to be able to buy Levi's in a waist size I have not seen for 30 years. I also bought new work clothes and was so pleased with the new look, after getting about in such baggy stuff for 6 months. Also people are able to see what the new body looks like much better and I have had so many positive comments, it makes me blush a little and makes all the sacrifices worth while.
  10. colinmc400

    Please help - buyers remorse

    I was sleeved on Oct 20th 2017 and suffered from exactly the same symptoms you describe. It was mainly if I ate too quickly, didn't chew well enough, or was something a little too dry i.e chicken breast. I did not seem to suffer the same issue with spag bol, curry's, soups etc that have a more liquid texture. I even got to the point where I was considering asking my surgeon if he had restricted the size of the opening into my stomach, as some foods just seemed to get part way down and then stop and cause the tight, uncomfortable feeling you describe, that was only shifted by bringing some of it back up. Over time you learn to recognise what foods trigger that feeling more easily than others and then act accordingly i.e. eat less of them, or eat more slowly etc. In saying that, I am just back from 3 weeks in the USA and had it happen twice, which is the first time in a couple of months. Once was an after dinner ice cream cone and while the ice cream went down ok, the waffle cone just got me right in the sweet spot and had to be "removed" before I felt better. And then I made a rookie mistake, of eating some BBQ food in a restaurant and having a single solitary beer at the same time. No deal and had to make a quick trip to the bathroom. I am not sure there is any sinister in it, unless its every meal and no matter what or how much you eat, as I suffered the same thing and still do if I forget the new rules.
  11. colinmc400

    Anyone else have this post sleeve, getting the sweats?

    No its not that, I saw Dr Dolan last week and I quote "you could not be more normal", as far as blood sugar/insulin/cholesterol etc etc goes. In fact he was really pleased at the progress in all ways (those who know him understand he can be a little "grumpy" and hard to please. And no, is not associated with nausea.
  12. Guys and girls, not the nicest topic to raise, but I have noticed recently, that I have been getting really hot and sweating a bunch when I am eating. Doesn't;t seem to matter what the food is, or what the ambient temp is in my surroundings. This only happened pre-sleeve, if the ambient air temp was high, or I ate something really spicy. But never to this extent. I am 5 months post op, have lost 35kgs and am under 100kg for the first time in more than 20 years and no longer class myself as a real fat barsteward. I am not sweating nearly so much at other times, just when I am eating. Anyone have any thoughts? Smaller stomach having to work harder to digest the food?
  13. colinmc400

    Pre op prep/tests

    I never bothered with the puree stage as such. I always eat quite a lot of soup anyway and just varied the consistency as I passed through the first couple of weeks and added more lumps and texture as we went along. As you are eating so little relatively, I wanted to ensure I enjoyed what I was getting and didn't want to risk creating some Frankenstein's pureed monster, so stuck to soup I knew I liked. I also found that lentils especially help me with my toilet habits, which can become a problem when so many things get cut out of your diet. After 5 months, I still need to use Benefibre from time to time.
  14. colinmc400

    No loss . I want to feel good too

    Weeks 3-5 were bad for me and I lost NOTHING in that time and asked myself the same question, all that money spent and struggling with eating so little and I lost NOTHING. I actually ended up trying to drink a little less (I was drinking nearly 3 lts per day) and eating a little more and bobs your uncle off we went again. I even had some "naughty things" around week 5-7 and maybe that was enough to convince my body, that I had not actually cut my throat and it was going to be fed a little more normally and that allowed the weight loss to kick in again. My worst weeks have been zero loss and the most in any one week was 2.5kg, but 1kg per week has been the norm. I started the Optifast at 136kgs in early Oct and now at 102.8kg. If you averaged 1 kg per week and you came back here in 20 weeks and were able to report you had lost 26kgs in total, would you be happy?
  15. colinmc400

    Please tell me this is normal!

    I think it is fair to say everyone is different and reacts in a different way, well in terms of how long certain symptoms last for. I was fine on day one, had horrible hiccups on day two, a little sickness on day 3 and almost normal on day 4. Certainly the trapped gas in the chest is a rather unpleasant situation, but the advice of getting up and walking it off, did work for me and I was fine by bedtime on day one. As a fairly big drinker of water @‌3 litres per day, I suffered some headaches for a couple of weeks, from dehydration. But by the end of week two I was riding my bike again and after 4 months post op am drinking 2lt per day and no more headaches.