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  1. Sandy15 added a post in a topic: HBF PROVIDERS   

    Hi guys, 
    I just realised that there is a big out of pocket cost if I am to have my sleeve done by Dr Dolan ($3850.00). I am now looking for those insured with HBF and went to an HBF provider for their WLS. Can you recommend please? My anxiety isn't allowing me to leave it up to my GP because I want to hear from people who experienced the surgeon first hand. 
    Please give me their name. I am in Joondalup but happy to travel to the city for it if the surgeon is worth it. 
    Thanks for your help! 
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  2. Sandy15 added a post in a topic: Experiences with Dr Dolan Please!!   

    That wasn't what I was looking for ... otherwise I wouldn't have posted this to a group of people who have had surgeries most likely done by him. but thanks for trying to help.
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  3. Sandy15 added a post in a topic: Experiences with Dr Dolan Please!!   

    Those who had their sleeve done with Dr Dolan, can you please share your experience? Was he pleasent and how was his work? I've heard so many mixed reviews on him, I'm not sure If I should ask my gp to refer me to him or to someone else. 
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  4. Sandy15 added a post in a topic: Sleeve Scars   

    Hey guys, 
    Does the sleeve leave behind scars on your stomach like the band does? I know four people with the band who still have quite large scars from the surgery. The two that were done by Dr Dolan have less scarring. Would the sleeve differ based on the surgeon? 
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  5. Sandy15 added a post in a topic: Any experience with sleeve surgeon Anton?   

    I finally visited my GP last week to get the ball rolling until my insurance kicks in (September 2018). She recommended a surgeon who's clinic is in Joondalup and his name is Anton. She said one of her patients recommended him and said he was really nice but I am a bit nervous as I haven't read anything about him on here (I've noted down names of other surgeons people have recommended on here that are in Perth). 
    I'm interested to hear if any of you guys have done your sleeve with him and how your initial consultation went with him?
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  6. Sandy15 added a post in a topic: Public wait list Perth   

    Curious to know how you all went with the public wait list. Has anyone had the surgery done yet? I am only 2 months into my PHI with another 10 months to go and was hoping the public system would be faster  such a shame that it isn't, although it makes sense I guess. If it takes 5 working days to get a call back from the joondalup bariatric services department, I can only imagine how long the wait for the surgery itself would be. 
    So they don't tell you how far down you are on the list or anything as such? I find it shocking that they expect you to do the one thing you're seeking help for alone-maintain your weight for 6+ months. 

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