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  1. Hi. I'm a journalist with the New York Times here in Australia working on a story about obesity in Queensland and we are doing some research on the growing use of weight loss surgery as a way to change course and get people on a track to healthier living. We understand that weight loss surgery is being supported by government funding and that some doctors are recommending younger people, some as young as 13, be considered for weight loss surgery. I'm looking for a family that might be willing to talk to us about this on camera. Are you considering or already planning to have surgery soon? I'm especially looking for anyone under 19 years old, who is close to having the surgery who would allow us to understand what led to the decision, allow us to see the lead up to the surgery and follow up with them a couple of weeks after the surgery to see how they are doing. But really anyone who has a compelling story that will help people understand and connect with this type of struggle and those seeking a solution would be really helpful. You can reach out to me at diana.olivacave@nytimes.com or through this forum.