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    I'm your typical 26 yr old girl head strong trying to get a head in life!! I drive dump trucks in the mining sector west qld - i love it!! :) I love my family, friends and my dogs. I enjoy being social and out and about. Just trying to find me and fix the one thing that has caused me a lot of emotional heartache for too long!! Bring it on!!
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  1. Minime84

    Stomach really sore..

    I too have had my port removed temporarily due to infection... I would definately get that checked out. There is always going to be tenderness after surgery but if it's worsened in the week since that's probably an indicator... Good luck & most of chin up! x
  2. Minime84

    Self Introduction

    Hi Dean, welcome & best of luck with your decision! It sounds like it will certainly be a positive one for you in more ways than one! I'm not sure if you've seen a diagram or any footage on a lapband, (google or youtube are great sources for that) so basically there is a band that around the top of your stomach this is stitched in to ensure it stays in place. Off this is a little tube that sits in your abdomen & is attached to the port I describe that as a pin cushion, this sits under the skin above the belly button in most cases this will sit under fatty tissues becoming more prominent the more weight you lose. When they put fill in this just a needle inserted through the skin into the pin cushion (port) and a saline solution runs through the tube into the band & creates restriction so that the amount you can consume is less. The Dr's will eventually want you at a safe "green zone" or "sweet spot" so that there isn't too little fill but most impotantly not too much! Hope that helps
  3. Minime84

    Happy Rebirthday to Me

    Awesome congrats!!
  4. Minime84


    Very well said! Thank-you! Grrrr these types of current affairs programs annoy me immensely. My poor parents were on the phone to me from Brisbane once they'd seen this program worried that I was in danger and wouldn't be able to eat properly having recently had a lap band fitted. Having not seen the story when I spoke to them earlier I surmised it must be some negative lap banding beat up story and then had to repeatedly assure them that what I was doing was very very safe and nowhere near as severe or non reversible as gastric bypass. Now having seen the story I know (as I suspected) it was irresponsible reporting by Channel 10 which only served to scare people needlessly, and did nothing but sensationalise one woman's failure to use the band properly. As Amy-Agatha said she should have had some fluid removed from her band if she couldn't swallow cucumber and tomato and eating crap is a really poor excuse as that was a conscious and bad choice that the woman made NOT TO LET THE BAND WORK. Its about time one of the TV stations did a positive story on lap banding and pointed out that banding along with gastric sleeving and gastric bypasses all offer workable options for weightloss and are tools only and not the sole be all and end all - you still need to work at it and exercise and eat properly - like any form of weight loss. And like anything else they are all personal choices and have pro's and cons like everything in life !!!!
  5. Minime84

    Port Removed Today!!

    Thanks lovely!! xx
  6. Minime84

    Port Removed Today!!

    Hey all! Another stint in hospital! I had my lapband about 8 weeks ago with no fill I've lost 13kg's! Unfortunately the port was infected & had to be removed today, I posted a little while back in more detail about that... So still no fill as the Dr was really apprehensive about putting fill in today incase it was too tight & unaccessible for 6-12 weeks (yes another op to put a new port in when it's all healed up) other than that I'm feeling great a little bit of a set back but I'm focused on getting well rather than losing at this point. A little bit sore though nothing at all like the original! Take care! Jackie
  7. Minime84

    I'm getting excited

    Ha ha ha this is the funniest post I've read!! Good job fella's!
  8. Minime84


    Truly amazing effort!! Be ever so proud!! And like many other people have commented you are truly an inspiration & might I add your warmth & caring nature beams through the computer, so thank-you! Congratulations!! xx
  9. I agree, before you know it you'll br awake! Best of luck - you'll be ok!
  10. Minime84

    The things I miss about my glorious fat-self

    God love you Catharine!! I can't comment yet on what I'll miss apart from purposely having mass eat-a-thons with friends. Your so true to you... Love it!!
  11. Minime84

    Port Infection - unlucky for me!

    Thanks Shelli, one can only hope, though believe me I have had my moments of being very upset with the whole ordeal!!
  12. Minime84

    mistake...... how bad????

    Go easy on yourself!! Tomorrow is a new day!!
  13. Minime84

    First goal reached!

    Holy dooley!! That's awesome!! Congrats!!
  14. Minime84

    Port Infection - unlucky for me!

    Thanks Catharine! How did you go 2nd time round? After the surgery, recovery etc? I also got a staph infection & boy was it disgusting!! :/ Your right though I too started to question if I'd done something wrong & started blaming the surgeon & hospitals infection stantards etc. I'm simply glad to have the verdict & know I'm going to finally get it sorted! Thanks again for your sweet reply!