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  1. gerogirl

    Has anybody seen Dr Anh Nguyen ?

    Thank you for this....im seeing her in a few weeks ...she was very polite in her emails
  2. gerogirl

    Anyone had surgery in geraldton?

  3. gerogirl

    Anyone had surgery in geraldton?

    there is a lady up in Carnavon that has had banding ...i am sure she can answer any questions u may have also . She is on Facebook... but check out Geraldton Gastric lap banding. Cheers Gerogirl
  4. gerogirl

    BMI Centre Joondalup

    Dr Kruger is at the bmi CLINIC at Joondalup
  5. Gday gals & guys has anybody been operated on by Anh Nguyen? in Perth WA Cheers Gero girl
  6. gerogirl

    errosion of band

    Hi Just wondering what the signs and symptoms are of errosion?
  7. gerogirl

    Dr Kluger

    i had also found Dr Kruger great...so thats very interesting buckets
  8. that sounds promising.. i am a Dolan patient so i guess i will ask next time i am filled. travelling from Gero too
  9. Who do you reccommend for Tummy tuck and why?
  10. gerogirl


    Gday I used Xndo and i didnt mind any flavour, although i still tend to go the "CoFFee". they are available at chemist and they also have soups and snack bars, although i have never had these. Cheers
  11. gerogirl

    time from op to fill

    4-6 weeks
  12. gerogirl

    tomorrow is the big day

    Gday Cub I hope all went well and your enjoying the rest. See you back in the sticks sooner rather than later. I now have a little insight to your life. I think you are a honest, brave and beautiful young women. and i am glad to know you. Best wishes
  13. gerogirl

    tummy tuck

    Gday all I am wanting any info on tummy tucks, doctors, price, length of time off work, recovery time, Do's and Dont's any information is more than welcome thank you all P>S> I have only just started enquiring I have more weight to lose yet!
  14. gerogirl

    Geraldton Gastric Lap Band & Sleeve group

    Just reminding anyone thats interested in getting together in Geraldton that we are meeting at Pages Beach on Sunday 20th March at 2.30pm Come along meet other banders or get an idea on what will happen. Supporters of banders are also welcome. Thanks heaps for this very informative website.
  15. gerogirl

    Geraldton Gastric Lap Band & Sleeve group

    Your more than welcome to come along, however you may be a little sore if your op is only on the 17th. I'm also on Face book - Geraldton gastric lap banding If you want to chat earlier we could try meet up Cheers