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  1. How are you doing?

  2. lifesrose

    1 week after surgery

    Vegetable Beef Soup 1 pck. beef mince 1 can diced tomatoes 1 can corn 1 can peas 1 can potatoes 1 can carrots 2 cans 4 bean mix 1-2 lrg onions salt pepper parsley lemon pepper garlic I usually cook the mince in a frying pan with salt and pepper then drain. I then place in a food chopper or blender. Place all other ingredients in a lrg soup or stock pan along with the mince. Do not drain any cans add all liquids. Add all seasonings. Add enough water to allow the soup to boil for at least 1 hr. If you want a thicker soup then cook longer. I sometimes add an extra can of tomatoes or fresh cherry tomatoes for a more twangy tomato flavor. I also sometimes peel and chop fresh potatoes instead of using canned. Fresh parsley is also really good to add. I hope you all like it !!!!!!
  3. lifesrose

    1 week after surgery

    Thanks so much Marion. My biggest problem right now is hunger pains. When i do eat it's only 4 or 5 bites. I'm hungry again in 30 mins or so. I broke down today and made a chicken salad puree and it's wonderful. Guess i'll eat a few bites of that throughout the day. I'm not following my instructions but the food goes down ok. Looking forward to improving each day !!!! Good luck Sheli and do let me know how you do. I will post recipe for soup later on for you. Thanks for the support !!!!! crystal
  4. lifesrose

    1 week after surgery

    Hi, my name is Crystal and today marks 1 week after being banded. I really didn't realize just how hard this first stage would be. My husband and 2 other members of his family had the procedure done and well i didn't want to be the only fatty left in the family so without much thought i jumped right in. I've felt so hungry and so unsatisfied. Today is the first day I've been up moving around so i haven't felt like cooking anything. My husband has been suppling me with one awful canned soup after another. ( blended and watered down to the fullest extreme) I just didn't prepare myself properly. Had i given it more thought i would have prepared a few different homemade soups in advance and freezed them. Ive been a cook for many years so spices and such are a big deal to me. If i can just get through this next week i will be fine on the pureed stage at least you have more options of what u can eat. Baby food sounds so wonderful to me right now lol I have to stay positive and tomorrow will make a beef soup i have always loved !!!!! That should get me through a few days. Anyways just a little advice about making soups before hand it makes a difference for sure !!!!! Thanks for listening, Crystal
  5. lifesrose

    Fill's & getting it just right!

    Hi  enjoyed watching these. Thanks for posting !!