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  1. ReneeB

    Gastric sleeve and PCOS

    Hi there, My 18 year old daughter had a sleeve done in Jan 2018 ans she has PCOS too. We were also told the same and I think its true. (Her hair was soooo thick before due to the PCOS) and her periods have gone back to normal. They are the only physical signs but if we go by them, then yes, I think they were right
  2. ReneeB

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Adelaide

    Hi Murbz, I need to start off by stating that I didn't have the surgery but my 18 year old daughter did about 18 months ago. and we are in Adelaide too It sounds like from your post you are a great candidate for the surgery as you know how to change habits that can lead to weight gain and consequently, undermine any weight loss surgery in the long run. I wonder what your friends said that has caused you to reconsider? Is it their own personal experiences? Or just an opinion? I feel really close to this topic because my daughter was so young when she had her op. So I was with her through all of the initial decisions, post op, op, pre- op and now- 18 months out. I hope one day she will contribute to this forum as it really helped us when we were a few months out from surgery and afterwards when everything was new and a little unfamiliar. But she is 19 now and much more interested in other things!! The first thing I want to say is my daughter says its the best decision she has ever made. No, she didn't say that post-op, but she did at about the 4 month mark when the outcome of the operation started opening doors for her in life that had never been opened to her before. She lost weight fast (about 30 kgs in 4 months) and her confidence and health improved as a result. We were all really scared before the op but it really was an amazing decision. The month post-op was difficult for her and she cried regularly because it hurt to eat, and the pains were sometimes scary and she would see a doctor to check if her new little tummy had popped- but it never did. We worked out the pains were due to just eating and even a small amount if food was too much in the first month or two. Once her tummy healed and settled, she stopped experiencing pain and as long as she does the right thing, (like not drinking and eating together, not eating too much), she is fine. She can now eat a small entree size meal and be fine. So dont worry about never being able to eat more than 2 mouthfuls again like some people might tell you- your tummy will stretch a little after the surgery to a size that is sustainable. We didnt go through Ashford, we went through Dr. Chaloob from Glenelg but another friend of ours did go through Ashford with Dr. Benjamin Teague and she said he was wonderful. I hope this helps Renee
  3. Hi there :). Wow 2 months to go. It must be both exciting and scary all at the same time! I didn’t have the surgery but my 18 year old daughter did 18 months ago so I can let you know what we all learned as a family. Particularly looking back. The shakes weren’t as bad as she thought. But what really helped was a website called “opticook” where a lovely woman has dedicated a website to yummy meals that are allowed on the pre-op diet. So she filled herself with meals cooked from her website and she lost 8 kg in 14 days. The other thing that I believe is really important looking back is trying to change old habits now rather than waiting for the surgery to do the work as it will in the long run, fail if new habits aren’t developed. So I would strongly suggest that you start walking now every day to prepare your self for this to become a new habit you bring with you post-op. It’s still something my daughter struggles with and has consequently, plateaued before reaching her goal weight. This will also help with loose skin but I think loose skin is unavoidable when you lose a large amount of weight in a short time period. Lots of people return after a few years to have their lose skin removed. But from our experience, that is something to consider once your confident about maintaining your desired weight and have developed good habits that will ensure you don’t have your skin removed only to gain weight again in the following year. I cant comment on surgeons. You just need to go with who is best for you once you’ve considered all the variables ( price, location, reputation) Best of luck! Renee
  4. ReneeB

    Have Put on Weight

    Thanks for posting about something that is upsetting you. I can’t speak from personal experience but I can from watching my 18 year old daughter who had a sleeve in jan 2018. if your op was only in September this year then you are still in the healing phase. Yes, you are going to lose weight- and lose it fast. But let your body heal as it will still be swollen and “freaking out”. No doubt at all that by Christmas- you will have lost a significant amount of weight. It’s in about a year that you will need to ensure that you have changed your lifestyle by walking ( or other exercise) regularly and eating a balanced diet. Right now, just be kind to your beautiful body and mind and rest well knowing you will see those numbers on the scales drop. We look forward to hearing about your progress! Oh- and take photos! You will regret it if you don’t. Xx
  5. ReneeB


    I think it's a personal thing really. From what I have seen and heard everyone is different. My daughter was 18 when she had the surgery and much to my dismay, began drinking alcohol only about 3 months later. She is still losing weight and has changed her lifestyle in many ways, however she lives at Uni - with uni friends and she found the pull to drink alcohol with them at parties too strong! She only drinks white wine or vodka mixed with water and a little bit of lime juice. No more fizzy drinks does make the choice much smaller and often healthier, as you cant drink the mixers. Her dietitian is aware and although doesn't encourage it, understands that if it is in moderation it should be okay. Some people are very strong against drinking alcohol but eat other things that are high in calories like icecream, chocolate and chips. Others stay away from the icecream, choc etc, but choose to drink a glass of wine or two a week....
  6. ReneeB

    Post Operative Protein Hemp Smoothie

    Hi there, yes my daughter made smoothies when she moved into that phase. There was always left overs! Or she shared with me... she used: 1 banana a handful of blueberries (frozen) a scoop of hemp protein powder a scoop of linseed meal 1 cup of milk ( we use almond)
  7. ReneeB

    No loss . I want to feel good too

    Congratulations on going through with a tough and brave decision. My 18 year old daughter had this op on Jan 11 this year and she has just finally began to not regret the decision. She has now plateaued and has only lost about 1kg in about 2 weeks. That said, she hasn’t gained any and is comforted by the fact that she isn’t gaining weight anymore and knows that the weight will come off. I keep reminding her about the “long game” not the short one where you lose an unsustainable amount of weight in a short period and spend the rest of your time fighting to stop it from creeping back on. I remind her that the long game is slow, sustainable weight loss while reorganizing her lifestyle and choices. She is set on being able to wear a beautiful dress for her 21st. That’s 3 years away, but what a goal! I guess I wanted to suggest some alternative ways of thinking that the “long game” way of thinking offers. Keep in touch with people in this community, it can give you strength when you need it, resonance, to remind you that you’re not alone and comfort in knowing that you are on the right track xxx Renee
  8. ReneeB

    Tomorrow is the day....

    Hi there, how exciting for you- and scary! My 18 year old daughter just had her sleeve op on the 11th Jan and we all came home 2 days ago. I can only speak as a mother who witnessed the journey so far. My daughter was scared and anxious too and to be honest, still is post op. She has lost 10kgs though and is journaling as well as putting together a motivation board to remind her why she is doing this. This is day 5 since the surgery and she is recovering really well. I think she is finding it hard with the fluid part of the diet but we are finding that thin, warm soups are satisfying and nutritious too. I can’t wait to hear from you after the surgery. It’s a brave decision but I am positive that it is a decision that will change your life for the better. Im proud of my daughter for making such a big decision at such a young age. Reneeb :)
  9. ReneeB

    Anxious mother of 18 year old ....

    Hi RT05, Thank you for your reply. And congratulations on losing 18kg. I imagine that is motivating and really worth celebrating. I know when my daughter even sees that she has lost 5kgs, she will be so excited. She has struggled with her weight most of her teen life and has never experienced the joy in shedding a few kilos. I am so excited for her. We met with her GP today who will also be assisting with the surgery and I feel much better. Her surgeon doesn't have the best communication skills, so I was feeling really worried last night and didn't sleep much because I was so busy researching. Luckily, her GP is a great communicator and explained in much more detail what to expect post-op, particularly about the 2 week period after her op where she needs to inject herself with an anti-coagulant which we were only informed of yesterday. I am sure we will both find this site extremely supportive while we get through this new chapter and I hope that she can contribute to others this time next year when she can share her successes and learning along the way with others about to embark on this journey. Best of luck with your weight loss and I look forward to hearing about your future successes
  10. hi there, my daughter is booked in for her sleeve surgery in Jan 18 and after meeting with her surgeon today again, it’s all become very real and I’m worried that we’ve made the right decision. My daughter is excited about the operation (and nervous of course) but it’s a big change and I just wanted to reach out to others out there for support. Thank you :)