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  1. ReneeB added a post in a topic: Anxious mother of 18 year old ....   

    Hi RT05,
    Thank you for your reply. And congratulations on losing 18kg. I imagine that is motivating and really worth celebrating. I know when my daughter even sees that she has lost 5kgs, she will be so excited. She has struggled with her weight most of her teen life and has never experienced the joy in shedding a few kilos. I am so excited for her. We met with her GP today who will also be assisting with the surgery and I feel much better. Her surgeon doesn't have the best communication skills, so I was feeling really worried last night and didn't sleep much because I was so busy researching. Luckily, her GP is a great communicator and explained in much more detail what to expect post-op, particularly about the 2 week period after her op where she needs to inject herself with an anti-coagulant which we were only informed of yesterday. 
    I am sure we will both find this site extremely supportive while we get through this new chapter and I hope that she can contribute to others this time next year when she can share her successes and learning along the way with others about to embark on this journey.
    Best of luck with your weight loss and I look forward to hearing about your future successes
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  2. ReneeB added a post in a topic: Anxious mother of 18 year old ....   

    hi there, my daughter is booked in for her sleeve surgery in Jan 18 and after meeting with her surgeon today again, it’s all become very real and I’m worried that we’ve made the right decision. My daughter is excited about the operation (and nervous of course) but it’s a big change and I just wanted to reach out to others out there for support. Thank you :)
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