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  1. Fat2Fit Hopefully added a post in a topic: finally sleeved   

    AJS78 - Please keep updating as I would love to follow your progress.  I was sleeved on the 20th of November, and I think it would be interesting to see how the comparison goes.  Don't get me wrong, I realise it is an individual path and everyone's results will vary. 
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  2. Fat2Fit Hopefully added a post in a topic: Coconut cream   

    Thanks ladies.  Yes - a very stupid move.  The banana and mango on its own would have sufficed.  I thought I would just get a little creative.  Dumb move!  
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  3. Fat2Fit Hopefully added a post in a topic: Coconut cream   

    I'm guessing I made an error of judgement.  17 days post op and on the mushy food. I was craving something sweet so blended a banana, half a mango, and a third of a tin of coconut cream. I ate three tablespoons of my concoction about 5 hours ago, and have been nauseous or sitting on the toilet ever since.  
    This is going to be an interesting ride, understanding what my new stomach will and won't accept!
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