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  1. My turn is getting closer - 11/04

    1. Shelli


      Yep...excited? Scared?

    2. dreamingslim


      Me too. All sorts of emotions.

    3. dreamingslim


      Dont worry eat some of what you feel like as youwill not be able to after that. I was not to bothet with optifast. there is mixed feelings about that in the literature. I wish you luck. And me too

  2. Hi dreamingslim,

    My surgery is 11th April and I'm nervous and excited as you are. I havent come across anyone in Adelaide who is a Member. I see you are in Perth. How did you go on Optifast? I added some treats so feel naughty about this. I have tried not to feel guilty but I am my worst enemy. Fingers crossed all turns out well for you on the big day. Thinking of you, Jacqui.

  3. Hey K,

    Just worked out you added me as a friend. I didnt realise we could friends and send Messages. I notice you and I have only a year separating our age and having surgery soon along with deamingslim in early April. Mine is 11th April and like others here past and present I am nervous and excited. How have you been doing on Optifast? I havent been as diligent as I hoped & added a fe...