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  1. I don't really have a question just wanted others to know incase they get a phone call regarding cost for anaesthesiologist one to two working days before surgery. :unsure:

    I thought the co-payment was final money to hand out. I know some have mentioned they have hospital excesses to pay but this call today was a surprise. I had to pay a gap payment of $300 which is not covered by private health. Luckily I had some credit available. :huh:

  2. Had my last appointment before surgery on Monday. I told him I was getting quiet anxious about but certainly not changing my decision to go ahead.

    I was prepared this time and had a number of questions I had. That's when he answered my query about my Goal Weight.

    GOSH!! He told me 70kg which is half my weight now. I didn't say much about that cause I was in shock.:o I can't ever remember being that weight before the kilos slowly increased. :unsure:

    I think I will just take small steps and wonder about the big picture later. I have no idea if I can achieve it and I don't want this to seem unachievable.

    Is this even a realistic goal?

  3. Hi Scarlett,

    This is my 5th week on Optifast and have eaten some things I know I should'nt have. I have my last appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday.

    From other Bandits that have have blogged or replied to questions that not all Doctors expect Optifast before hand. :unsure:

    I admit I am anxious about hopping on the scales and confessing my evil eating habits have afftected my weight.

  4. Surgery on 6th April - this is my third band. First one 4 years ago, it developed a leak, was replaced just over a year ago, that band & my old port also didn't like holding the fluid, but also developed an infection and was removed in November. So 15kg later here I am again.

    This is also my fourth date, spent 9 hours last Wednesday on a trolley to only be told they didn't have time to do me.

    Fingers crossed this one a success

    Hey Scarlett,

    You sure have had a tough run.:huh:

    I wish you every success this turn round. Third time lucky. B)

  5. I HATE OPTIFAST yuk, yuk, yuk hurry up 13th April

    Hey Carmen,

    I love Optifast. :P Strawberry is my favourite followed by coffee. I dont much like the Chicken soup.

    Have you tried putting in freezer til it gets chilled. I put my shakes in for 25 minutes and delicious. :D

  6. Maybe I didn't look at all the Frequently Asked Questions far back enough but did anyone have problems with bowels while on Optifast? I was on Day 8 when I found out and not pleasant.

    I have chosen to add Benefiber (No added sugar and gluten free) to my morning shake and evening shake so I am not in that painful position again.

  7. I am on Day 6 of Optifast and finding mid afternoon to night time difficult. Seeing the Family eat snacks and dinner/take outs is difficult.

    I am going to try having Optifast mid-afternoon and then vegies around dinner time.

    I also am getting light headed or dizzy for last two days.

    I wouldnt do fruit if you go by the Optifast Information Booklet.

    Not easy at all.

    Good luck with your efforts.

  8. Hello Banding Readers,

    I weigh 141.6kg, height 165 cm, married, 44yo with 2 school age children.

    Today I have had my 1st Optifast Coffee Shake and it is not as bad as I thought. I have about 5 weeks of Optifast. My Doctor is Jacob Chisholm from Circle of Care, Flinders Private Hospital.

    I am booked in on 17 March for endoscopy and 11 April for surgery. I have been overweight since at least age of 10. I went to an Information night last July which I left excited about the idea of Lap Banding. I had reservations later about following up as I was unsure if I was ready to give up the food I had enjoyed for so long. I also have a tendency to make quick decisions and find out I have not got the commitment or motivation.

    The wake call was finding my size 26 clothes were tight, I have mild sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar levels, fluid retention in my fingers/hands and toes/fee, having to ask for seatbelt extension when flying, having trouble sitting in movie theatre seats, trouble getting out of cars, even getting up from sitting on beach or floor. The family photos I had taken was the evidence this was where I needed to start making some sacrifices to get the rewards. I was tired of hearing from GP and Sleep Doctor "just lose 10kg". Hmmm, it is easier said than done from just reducing your intake and/or exercising alone.

    Cheers to a new future.