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  1. LouisA

    Please tell me this is normal!

    Hi everyone, Thankyou for all your replies. I’m happy to report as of Day 5 things took a good turn and I’m doing great and now onto the puréed stage woohoo! Those first 4 days were way harder then I could have ever imagined!
  2. LouisA

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Hey @Katieapoos I feel soooooo much better Omg those first 4-5days were incredibly rough for me and scary but I have turned a corner now and I feel normal again. I’m still on full liquids and had lost nearly 8kg incl pre op diet which was super exciting and now the last two days I have put on weight ahhhhhh I can’t understand why!! I hope it doesn’t mean I can only eat two hyrdalite icy poles a day to lose weight haha.
  3. LouisA

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Goodluck tomorrow Irene B you will do great!!
  4. LouisA

    Please tell me this is normal!

    Day 4 and still feeling like death - lots of tears today ... ugh this is definately a rough road. I so hope it’s worth it. I don’t know how people are getting in 1lt plus of liquid a day I have only had two hydralyte ice poles and a few sip of water !
  5. Hi Everyone, So I had the operation yesterday and as far as I know everything went well. I was good all yesterday getting my fluids down not in too much pain etc. Well today was a totally different story ! I have been vomiting all day, barely getting any fluids. Hot skin, but feeling cold, headaches and soooo nauseaous and feels like there is an elephant on my chest. Please tell me this is normal? I’m having an absolute mental breakdown about being sent home tomorrow like this. Having a serious WHAT HAVE I DONE moment. Stressing that I have damaged my staple line from throwing up etc.
  6. LouisA

    Offering a different perspective

    Oh gosh as a fellow fence sitter this has completely thrown me off !Due to have surgery 20/2/18 fully paid and a week into my 2wk pre op diet (of which I’m not doing terribly well at) So many reservations ugh
  7. Did anyone ever cheat on the preop diet? I have fallen off the wagon a little bit here and there and am feeling extremely disappointed in myself! Just wanting to hear from anyone else who struggled or is struggling, if it effected your surgery or not etc. TIA
  8. LouisA

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Irene B You sound like you are doing so well!! That’s amazing! I on the other hand am struggling.I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times - just a little here and there but enough to make me disappointed in myself. I’d like to think this next week I will be more headstrong but can’t help but feel I will fail again.
  9. LouisA

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Hi Irene B how is your preop diet going ? Im day 2 and already thinking what a long two weeks it’s going to be Haha. Bina how did your surgery go and how are you feeling ?
  10. LouisA

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    I’m booked Feb 20th with Dr Dolan - yet to have my dietician app yet so not sure when my pre op diet starts lol
  11. LouisA

    Date Set Extremely Anxious and Scared

    Thankyou so much for your replies, they have really put me at ease. Irene B please let me know if seeing the physiologist helps - might have to look into it myself. Anybody in Perth by any chance ?
  12. LouisA

    Date Set Extremely Anxious and Scared

    Thankyou for your reply BusyLizzie it’s definately anxiety/fear of the surgery going wrong as I have two precious babies to care for.
  13. Hi Everyone, Hoping I can find some comfort in reading all these threads and comments. I have a date set for my sleeve with Dr Dolan. 20/2/17 and it’s coming up fast. I am beside myself with fear. I think because this is an elective surgery I am scared .... if that makes sense. The whole 1 in 3000 people die from this surgery spooked me a little. When asking if any of them were Dr Dolans patients he joked “no but I have done 4800 surgeries so I’m due 2” joking ofcourse I’m sure but part of me freaked out a little haha. Im not really sure what I’m hoping people to reply —I’m just freaking out. I have been putting off filling out my paperwork because of this. Would love to hear people who shared the same anxiety and got thru it etc or anyone really. Thankyou