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  1. Nic_H_bandfail added a post in a topic: Exercise caused band to pop thru bellybutton   

    i had a band 2 Years ago and have lost 30kgs so I’m super happy in that regard. I wasn’t warned against exercise so I went treetops climbing 12 months after it was put in and obviously it’s strenuous on the core. 
    Aftrwards I had a “bubble” in my bellybutton and it popped a week later. It was the band cord that was pushed out from strenuous exercise. I tried wound management and after 4 months it didn’t heal so I underwent surgery to fix it. It didn’t fix it and I’m now 6 months post surgery and over bandaging my bellybutton every day so I don’t ooze liquid onto my clothes.
    Now I’m told I have to have the band removed...
    has this happened to anyone else? 
    Would you suggest another band or a sleeve? I’m now slim enough to exercise and I want to exercise but I’m concerned I’ll go to the expense of 2 more surgeries and be back to the same spot. 
    Advice or experiences VERY welcome! 
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