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  1. Queenies

    Double digits!

    Hi everyone, Oh my goodness!! I've made it to double digits. I'm so happy and proud right now. - 46kg and counting. I'm now about 70% to my goal and it feels amazing. I'm 148 days post surgery. Hair loss is getting worse and my hair seems quite thinner now. I'm also suffering with a lot of dandruff and I never have before. Anyone else experience this? Booking in for an ultrasound soon I think as I still haven't got my period yet. My. Joints are still sore but getting better. I've been out of work for many many years suffering with severe depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. I've just updated my resume and am about to apply for some jobs. It's scary but also exciting at the same time. I didn't think I would be in this position again, ever. I was so far gone all I could think about for my future was death. For those of you that may be suffering, please know it can get better. You can defeat that black dog. With help from professionals, the people that care about you and self care, you too can start to live again. I've still got a long way to go - but I'm healing everyday. - Queenies.
  2. Queenies

    Goal Weight

    Hi @ChrisKalimera I personally think making a goal weight gives me something good to work towards. I have it set on an app and a spreadsheet , the percentage to my goal weight etc and I feel it motivates me. I may decide I am happy at a higher weight than I thought but til then I like to stick with it anyway. I never expected to have a goal weight going into it but I just went off what the surgeon thought I should lose. But it's totally up to you and how you want to do it. We all put pressure on ourselves, I definitely do. Some days I feel a little defeated when looking at the scales, there are days when I put on weight and it could just be fluid or muscle for example but it gets you down. I end up jumping on the scales at the end of the week and end up losing that and more most weeks. As long as I am still losing I need to stay positive, some days it's hard. Good luck!
  3. Queenies


    @Bigm666 Yeah, can always tone after a few months. My aim was to already to that, I started and got too dizzy because I had low blood sugar. Now I just seem to be walking a lot and using a recumbent bike at home. Also have a weight bench here though need to do more of that for toning. I am no where near comfortable walking into a gym just yet. I would rather do it at home, but I know a lot of people need to go to the gym or they won't end up doing anything. @zaruse Thank you! How are you going? I normally have opti either breakfast or dinner, mostly dinner though if it's one a day. Some days I have two a day still. When I have a bar I only eat half and put the rest in the fridge for the next meal. I can finish a shake sometimes, usually add less water or milk. My partner hasn't had the surgery but we eat the same just different amounts. So if I don't finish it I normally pass it on or we share it and he can have something else with it.
  4. Queenies


    @Bigm666 Hi, about 43kg total now. This is all including pre-op. I basically cut out soft drink and alcohol around the same time I saw the surgeon for my first consultation. I was off alcohol for over 5 months and no soft drink now what so ever. Even just doing that will drop off some kilos. I was told to do the pre-op diet for 3 weeks but I was pretty determined and did it for 6 and a half weeks. To this day I still have at least one opti a day for a meal. My surgeon told me to lose about 68 kilos to be a in healthy BMI range. I started at 145.5 and i'm so close to double digits, very exciting. @Boganlicious Hi, thanks so much. I haven't heard of the depo shot? Might ask my doctor when I see her next. I had a blood test for my thyroid but it was all normal. I had a terrible period for many years and ended up in the pill just to keep it regular. I have been off that since 10 days before surgery though, still waiting lol. Yes I do feel the cold more now, BUT in saying that I absolutely love the cold and like getting to rug up. I always say you can warm yourself up easily but in summer it's ahrd to stay cool. Will be interesting some summer though, my partner and I both hate summer with a passion. We have both lost 30+ kilos now so hopefully I the heat doesn't bother me as much. I will still most likely be more covered up than most people though, need to get rid of my bingo arms now!
  5. Queenies

    Goal Weight

    Thanks @zaruse
  6. Queenies

    Goal Weight

    @denzel Thank you very much! I'm doing better than I ever imagined. I went from not leaving the house for two weeks at a time to being out daily. It feels so good to be out of the fog I was stuck in! I'm off my blood pressure meds and have lowered my anti depressants. Feeling great! ☺️
  7. Queenies


    Currently - 42kgs and feeling good! My joints are still sore but other than that I'm great. I still haven't got my period after 4 months. Had a blood test for my thyroid last week. Need to go back for the results. Doing a lot of walking, absolutely love winter! It's been - 2 in the mornings the last couple of days but my partner and I still get out there and do our morning weekend walk. Interesting to see come summer how I'll handle the heat now as I absolutely hate it. - Queenies.
  8. Queenies

    Goal Weight

    I'm pretty similar with @zaruse I'm 176cm and my surgeon suggested around 77 kilos as goal weight which would out in a healthy BMI. I'm aiming for 75kg but I will be happy at 80 also I think. Will have to wait and see. I had my surgery in March and I'm down - 42kg now.
  9. Queenies


    Hi, I was sleeved in March. I had my first glass of wine at the end of May. That was after a 5 or 6 month break from alcohol. It was glorious haha! I haven't had any issues with alcohol thus far. I stick to wine or spirits on the rocks occasionally. Nothing carbonated anymore unfortunately.
  10. Queenies


    @LosingKAL Rescue cats are great! I volunteer in the Penrith area. Need another cat? Haha Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Are you on puree or soft foods? Yes, it's very exciting to see the numbers drop each week. I bought clothes for my birthday, can't go nuts but it's hard not to now. I am now in the smallest size in my favourite shop. It's funny, I got disappointed I won't be able to shop at my favourite store , I was like what now? Where do I shop now? Good luck with everything. @denzel Thank you! More than half way now, yay!
  11. Queenies


    @LosingKAL That's awesome! Well done. I didn't start feeling heaps different til about 25 onwards, noticing the differences much more anyway. I have stalled for the past two weeks and have gone up and down because it was my 30tj and my partners birthday too. Kind of just had a 'screw it' moment and had some birthday cake etc. Now I'm back into it! Wish you all the best. Yes, it's my cat rescue cat Naito! I'm a sucker for gingers, I'm marrying one too lol. I volunteer for a cat rescue and am loving it!
  12. Queenies


    Thank you! About 18 kilos pre op.
  13. Queenies

    Weak muscles

    Yes!! I had surgery in March 21st. I'm so sore!! My joints hurt and I just feel like an old lady. I'm only turning 30 this weekend! You know when you can wake up stiff in the morning etc? I feel like that all the time now. I am low in Magnesium and folate. I'm hoping it gets better soon. Glad you're feeling better with the exercises. What exercises are you doing to help it?
  14. Queenies


    78 days post surgery. I am 36.1kg down as of this morning. I am pretty damn happy with that! I was hoping to lose 30 kgs by my 30th Birthday on Sunday and I smashed it. Yay!
  15. Queenies

    Please help - buyers remorse

    Hi, I agree, you should definitely be seeing or at least ringing your surgeon. I've never had the band but I was sleeved on the 21st March so only a few days before you. I've only had issue a few times and I think it's because maybe eating too quickly without realising or not chewing enough. I've only seen my surgeon once and it was 1 month after surgery. He told me to slow down my eating even more, it's quite frustrating but take at least 20 - 25 mins to eat and chew, chew, chew. If you are doing all that and still issues then you really need a check up. - Queenies.