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  1. Queenies added a post in a topic: Update   

    @Katieapoos I am pretty proud of myself. It was such a hard thing for me to go through with it all and well.. I did it! 
    I can imagine how easy it would be to forget to eat and drink! Maybe you need to set a watch alarm or a reminder. I have been taking berocca daily and that seems to help me for the moment. 
    I hope you're super happy with your weight loss thus far too. 
    - Queenies.
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  2. Queenies added a post in a topic: Update   

    Hi everyone,
    It's been 22 days since my surgery and I'm doing ok. I have been so tired and dizzy all the damn time though, it got really bad at the end of last week and I kept almost blacking out. I visited my GP a week after surgery to check my blood pressure but it was normal then. I borrowed my mum's BP machine and discovered it was quite low for me. I am on blood pressure medication and I guess in the two weeks since then it just dramatically changed so I have stopped it and am monitoring it til I see my GP on Saturday and I also see my surgeon on Monday (the first time since surgery actually) so hopefully I can get it all sorted. On the plus side it either means I lower my medication or get off it entirely soon, I really hoped this would happen but didn't expect it so soon. So if you suffer with dizzy spells after getting up or bending down please monitor your blood pressure, it's a horrible feeling. I haven't been able to do much at all except stay home, now that i'm off the medication I think I can finally start moving again. 
    So I'm down about 26 kilos now. I have just started the soft foods stage and am doing ok on that, still learning how much to eat on this stage as you get fuller quicker. It was much easier measuring tablespoons of food on the puree. It's so nice to be able to chew food again though, it feels a little more human. Haha.
    I normally sleep on my stomach and have had to sleep on my back and side since surgery. My GP told me to wait until I see my surgeon for the first time on Monday so I'm hoping I get the ok to sleep on my stomach again. I'm too scared to try it at this stage even though everything feels ok. I am looking forward to better sleeps soon. 
    I had my measurements done yesterday and i've lost - 
    *Waist - 10cm
    *Right thigh - 6cm
    *Left thigh - 4cm
    *Hips - 14cm
    Right bicep - 3cm
    *Left bicep - 4cm
    *Chest -11cm
    *Neck - 3cm
    Well I'm pretty happy with that.
    - Queenies.
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  3. Queenies added a post in a topic: Today is the day!   

    I've read that most people start to go once they go on the 'full liquid' stage after 4 or 5 days but it's mostly just liquid. Apparently trying to get more fluids down can help, but otherwise I'm not sure so will ask my doctor tomorrow.
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  4. Queenies added a post in a topic: Today is the day!   

    @Fat2Fit Hopefully thank you!
    @Katieapoos I'm struggling with the fluid intake too. The most water I've managed is 1L yesterday and that was a big effort! I don't think I'll even make 600ml today.
    I had a cry today and questioned my surgery, normal I guess. I'm stressed out because my cat is in surgery today too! It's definitely hard work trying to get in the fluids atm but I'm sure it will get easier. I don't see my surgeon for another 3 weeks due to his roster/easter.  So I've booked in with my GP tomorrow for peace of mind.
    Day 7 and no bowel movement. Hoping the doctor will help me with that tomorrow. 
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  5. Queenies added a post in a topic: Today is the day!   

    Hey guys,
    Day 5 since surgery. Doing better everyday. The first two days were horrible but like most people say it does get easier every day.
    They found a hiatus hernia which they fixed during surgery, I think suffered more pain with that after surgery! I was in more pain than expected in recovery and needed max morphine. The next morning I had morphine as well but it made me sick so I stuck with panadol for the rest of the time. It's very manageable after a few days on panadol. I went into theatre about 4.30pm on weds and was realeased from hospital about lunch time Friday while others had to stay there. I've only had to have nausea medication once since leaving the hospital so I'm doing very well!! They were very impressed with my pre op weight loss and I think it helped me out a lot.
    I just started some full liquids yesterday and am doing OK on that so all is well here. 
    Thank you to everyone for the support before surgery. This is such a great place for support. 
    @Katieapoos The heart murmur definitely would have made me more anxious. I felt like crying and had to take deep breaths waiting outside the theatre to go in. I did very well considering my anxiety though I think. Luckily I didn't find out about my hernia until after the surgery because it would have made it worse.
    How are you going? I hope your surgery went great and you're recovering well.
    9.6kg in 2 weeks is amazing btw! 
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  6. Queenies added a post in a topic: Today is the day!   

    Thank you!
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  7. Queenies added a post in a topic: Today is the day!   

    Hey guys, 
    Well..today is the big day. I have to be at the hospital at 1pm. I was hoping for morning, boo! 
    I'm anxious, but I'm also at peace with it all, I've been working really hard to prepare myself. I'm worried about vomiting after surgery because I vomit so easily and pretty badly. Fingers crossed it's not very bad, if at all. 
    18kgs down for my final weigh in before surgery.
    @Katieapoos thinking of you today too,  wishing you all the best. Let's smash this! 
    - Queenies. 
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  8. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    Hey all,
    Oh my! The day is almost here. I go in on Weds and I'm getting more nervous as the days go by. I'm also just happy that it's finally here too... I'm more nervous at the thought of being in hospital and near strangers than the thought of surgery. Hopefully I can go home after two days, fingers crossed.
    About 16kg down now and prepared as I'll ever be. Eeeeek.
    - Queenies. 
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  9. Queenies added a post in a topic: Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Hi @Schwarz
    Best of luck to you for March 27th! It's great that you're here. I find this forum very helpful.
    11kg down as of today and 18 days to go for me! 
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  10. Queenies added a post in a topic: Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Yes omg! Very close now. I'm seeing the bariatric doctor first thing tomorrow morning, I assume to discuss the shakes etc. I've had no mention of a dietician yet. I've started optislim regular anyway over optifast because it's cheaper and a friend who had surgery used it also with success. I choose optislim because its mixed with water as well instead of having to buy heaps of milk I never usually buy.
    In the notes I was given by the surgery it says to use optifast or optislim platinum so I'll see what they say tomorrow. I haven't heard of the one you mentioned.
    How is your walking going? I rolled my ankle walking so I've had to rest it. Now I feel like I'm not losing weight. Back at it today!
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  11. Queenies added a post in a topic: Please tell me this is normal!   

    Hi @LouisA
    I was listening to the weight loss surgery Podcast by Reeger Cortell lastnight, I've been finding it very informative and helpful. The episode in particular was number 78 "gathering knowledge with Amy Swayze" Amy had the surgery in 2015. She recalls how sick she was after surgery because of the anesthesia. Some people suffer with nausea right after surgery because of it. She said it passed after a day though, not sure if this helps. I really recommend listening to the podcast though for those of you that are looking for more knowledge of the surgery and post op care etc.
    Also read this - 
    Nausea is a side effect of many gastric operations. This problem may start early after the operation or a couple of weeks after discharge from the hospital. This is the side effect of the operation that is responsible for some of the massive rapid weight loss. Even though you may experience severe nausea you should make an effort to eat at least three or four small meals a day and drink at least three to four cups of water a day. Place one litre of water in the fridge in the morning so you know how much you have drunk during the day. The feeling of nausea may be severe but it is rarely associated with vomiting but if vomiting does occur what comes up is not what was eaten but rather white saliva. The clinic can provide medications to reduce nausea, however if it is severe or you are vomiting food, this may need further investigation by X-ray or endoscopic exam.
    I hope you start to feel better! Good luck with your recovery. Be sure to check with the doctors to see if there is some medication they can give you for the nausea.
    All the best.
    - Queenies
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  12. Queenies added a post in a topic: Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Yeah it's definitely a shock to the system. I tried my best to prepare myself by cutting out all soft drinks, alcohol, eating better and having daily blended fruit drinks for a quite a while to replace a meal a day kind of thing. I did all this at the start of January when I booked in for my surgery because I knew it would be hard to go from having whatever to not much at all the next week. I'm doing mine for 6 and a half weeks so I'm only having a shake for breakfast and for dinner. Lunch I normally just have a lot of veg with chicken or have a piece of fruit if i'm starving during the day. Today I had a toasted sandwich for breakfast though after waiting 3 hrs through a blackout for breakfast. A shake wasn't going to cut it, lol. I'm feeling guilty now but I did hit my goal for weigh in yesterday so it's not too bad. I still have 31 days to go to surgery and am 2kgs away from my goal I set for before surgery. So I'm still pretty happy. 
    There is always going to be people that say it's cheating or whatever. I understand why it's seen as the 'easy' way out. But it's by no means easy to make the decision to have to surgery so be proud. You are doing this for you and your health just as everyone else is. It needs to be a lifestyle change, this is what the surgery will help you with. Most people are just yo-yo dieters. Lifestyle change is needed through better knowledge of nutrition and exercise etc. What people don't understand is - this surgery is a life long journey. You don't just get the surgery, lose all the weight and have whatever you want afterwards. Its still hard work, so just try not to listen to them. I haven't told many people, but they all seem positive about it because I've said it for my physical and mental health. 
    Wishing you all the luck, not long to go now. I think by this stage the nerves turn into excitement as well for whats to come. 
    - Queenies.
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  13. Queenies added a post in a topic: Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Hi @Spoodygirl,
    I'm two weeks into the opti, it does get a little easier though but it's still hard. Most people say this is the hardest part so stick in there, you can do it. My surgery isn't until march 21st, I started it quite early. Reason I did is because my partner is doing the shakes with me as well. I'm doing it longer than I need too so he can lose a good amount of weight as well and support him, he isn't having surgery. I'm down 8kg now though overall and feeling optimistic.. I'm from Sydney
    - Queenies.
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  14. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    @Irene B
    Thanks for the encouragement! You sound like you're doing very well, congratulations on the weight lost so far. Wishing you all the best for Feb 26th!
    Thanks so much! It was a lovely surprise and just extra motivation for me.
    Yep, not long to go now! The protein shakes are a great idea. I was doing something similar then my shakes turned up and I said screw it I'm starting it earlier.
    Great job with the walking, I've been listening to Harry Potter audiobooks to get me through mine. 
    Definitely more excited now and happy with my current progress.
    All the best, 
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  15. Queenies added a post in a topic: One goal down one to go   

    Amazing!! So nice to read these success stories. Extra motivation for me for sure.
    I'm starting around the same weight as you and my goal is 75kg as well.
    Keep up the good work!
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