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  1. Queenies added a post in a topic: Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Hi Jayali, 
    I'll be getting sleeved on March 21st. Just playing the waiting game at the moment and reading up as much as I can to be fully prepared.  
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  2. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    @Katieapoos Oh wow, the same day! Will be interesting to compare progress with you if we get the chance. That's awesome though, congrats to you also for taking this step. I agree with you, combing through the forum on here and reading up on it has helped me a lot as well. I'm not as nervous as I first was and as long as we stick to all the instructions I'm sure things will go smoothly. Writing things/goals down in a journal is a great idea, especially if you've suffered bouts of depression also. I might start doing the same thing. 
    Thanks for the advice about the anesthetist, I didn't know you could do that and I will definitely be asking them if I feel I need something.
    Good luck to you on the start of your WLS journey.
    @Millymollymandy Thank you so much, everyone on here is so very supportive. I haven't told many people so it's nice to get support from here. I know someone that has had the surgery as well and I have asked them heaps of questions also. I will probably write up a list of questions to ask for my next appointment as I'm sure I will forget them when I'm there. I am very nervous meeting new doctors and having to tell my story and explain a few things. Its refreshing to have a special team there that has seen so many similar patients with whom have also suffered depression and anxiety. Not all doctors understand unfortunately and I've left many a times in tears. My I started getting teary eyed with my consultation with the surgeon and he just looked at me and said 'Don't cry, it's ok' and I just managed to hold it in and relax a little.
    @BusyLizzie Thanks for your advice, I might book in an appointment with my GP to discuss before my next appointment at the surgeons. Mine is a tablet which I assume I will be able to crush. I'm also on two other tablets that I will need to be able to crush as well. I totally understand you changing doctors, you need someone who you are comfortable with over time and doesn't cause the extra stress for you. I see a new or another doctor when mine is off and my blood pressure rises to a ridiculous amount, they never believe me when I say I am just freaking out over it and try to up my medication or something. I  see my normal GP and it's always normal now, took a long time to get to that point, Ha! I always end up leaving the doctors in tears or something. I have moved and when I'm desperate I will see a doctor near me, otherwise my partner has to take me 40+ mins to see my old GP. My psychologist is also that far away and I haven't seen her now in ages because she has changed her hours so that sucks. I ended up getting a rescue cat and have found it's helped me sooo much.
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  3. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    I'm sure it will go pretty fast. I'm just done waiting now.
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  4. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    Hi Denzel,
    The appointment actually went really well. Thanks for asking. I'm booked in for Surgery on the 21st of March. I have an appointment with the physician on the 23rd February to organise the pre op diet. It's all very real now and I've spent that last couple of days doing some more research and trying to organise a few things. I'm nervous for the surgery but only because I don't want to be in hospital etc. I know this will be hard, but now that the surgery is booked I feel relieved. I am looking forward to what my future may hold. It feels like forever away because I'm so focused on it. I need some distractions!
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  5. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    Thanks for your kind words @denzel
    I certainly feel a lot stronger these days than when I initially sought help. I've had a lot of time to reflect and think about sleeve surgery this year as I've had the 12 month waiting period. I was completely against it at first because I wanted to be able to do it all on my own. I was being pressured by a family member when they first found out about my mental health issues as if it will solve ALL my issues. I decided to focus on myself instead as I wasn't feeling mentally strong at all at this point. Through therapy I managed to leave the house and walk to the local park. I built up my walking times to 1hr+ sessions about 4+ times a week or so. I eventually stopped somehow and ended up right back where I started and afraid to leave the house again. So I know it's more of a last resort for me at this time. 
    I will have an update tomorrow!
    Any one have any similar issues? If so how have you coped post op dealing with anxiety/depression?
    I don't feel like losing weight will solve all my issues but I know it will definitely help me with my anxiety. I am strangely looking forward to what the future may hold for me instead of dredding it. 
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  6. Queenies added a post in a topic: My first consultation is tomorrow morning!   

    Hi all,
    I have my first consultation tomorrow and I am very nervous. I have major depression and anxiety and I don't leave the house alone, unless I go to the corner shop. I got so far backed into a corner that I could only leave the house with my partner or somebody else (so to say I am nervous is an understatement, leaving the house is scary enough) I finally had no choice but to seek professional help for fear I was going to end up dead, I was too scared to be left alone. Seeing my GP, a psychologist, medication and meditation have helped me a lot over the last two years. But I need my life back and this sleeve surgery is my next step... So this is where i am at now.
    My 12 month health cover waiting period is up on the 16th of February. I am hoping to book in surgery tomorrow and start the Pre op diet asap regardless of when the surgery is booked for.
    I just found this forum and I am feeling a lot better now hearing other people's thoughts/stories. I just stumbled across this forum because I was trying to decide between Optislim and Optifast. I decided on buying some Optislim tomorrow. My partner is very supportive and is going to struggle through the same diet as me even though he isn't having surgery. 
    I understand my mental health is an issue at the moment, I am wondering if this will effect the surgeons opinion tomorrow in my consultation? I know you need to be prepared for what's to come and be mentally strong. I feel I am ready though and I know what's involved/ what I would have to do. I have already had a very HARD few years, seeking professional help was one the hardest things I've had to do. I still have a long way to go and this surgery isn't going to be easy at all. But i'm still here fighting and I think I CAN do it. 
    Any advice is appreciated, I just thought writing down some of my current thoughts at the moment would help ease the nerves a little.
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