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  1. AngeMac added a post in a topic: Lap band removal   

    Yes I had it put in privately and I had health insurance then but I no longer have insurance. I'm going to have to sign up again but I will check out Defence Health - and I will look at the Centre for Bariatric Surgery.
    Thanks so much for that!
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  2. AngeMac added a post in a topic: Lap band removal   

    Hi everyone - I have had my lap band for 10 years now and I'm soooo sick of it!! I haven't lost any weight at all and I'm really over having stuck moments!! I have no fill in at all and I still have dramas with it. I really regret having the surgery in the first place - I know some people have had great success with it but not for me sadly - I really want it out and I'm just wondering a) what health funds will cover the removal; and b ) any surgeons in Melbourne that you can recommend. Would really appreciate any info anyone has - thanks in advance :-) 
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