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  1. Rosie16

    Really nervous

    Hopefully you can find someone to pick you up An uber maybe?
  2. Rosie16

    April Sleevers

    Good luck to you both! Lucky you two are on the same day, you can compare notes! I've lodged all my super forms so now I guess I just wait too.
  3. Rosie16

    Really nervous

    Are you April too Deeishere22? It's been suggested by my doctor that I go see someone to talk to... so I've booked in for that, i'm not really looking forward to that. I also asked the surgeon about my scar and he said it would be fine, and he will just work around it. So that's a weight off my mind
  4. Rosie16

    April Sleevers

    Me! So far ... although with the issues with my super, i'm a bit nervous to get excited. I'm the 16th, you?
  5. Rosie16

    Super to fund surgery

    Hi Katiapoos, the surgeon said I don't have one of the reasons to access my super ie - my weight is not life threatening, I don't have acute pain and I don't suffer from mental illness. I went back to my GP today and laid out all my cards and all my thoughts and feelings on the table and she sent a letter back to the surgeon and he is signing on the basis of mental illness (I do suffer from depression, but I don't like talking to therapists and due to a suicide attempt when I was younger I refuse anti depressants - so it is true, I just suffer in silence). It is all go now, I just need to do the paperwork and leg work and I am booked in for April.
  6. Rosie16

    Really nervous

    Thank you both, it has been emotional the last few days too with the initial consult and some issues there but finally booked in for April 2018. So excited!
  7. Rosie16

    Super to fund surgery

    I also don't know why that is a quote! sorry.
  8. Rosie16

    Super to fund surgery

    Hi Ez! I haven't yet, but am planning to go through super for my surgery. Fingers crossed there's no issues. I'd also love to see replies of people that have done it and if it was relatively straight forward...
  9. Rosie16

    Really nervous

    Hi all, I've been stalking this page for a few weeks now and finally thought I would introduce myself. I have been dieting and exercising for about 5 years and have lost 50kg, but in the last 2 years, I put on a lot of weight... I had so much happen in such a short amount of time - to give you an idea, I went to 5 funerals and had a miscarriage in the space of 18 months - I lost my way and my motivation. I have found that I cant get myself back on track and I am falling further and further behind. I feel like this surgery will give me a kick to get back on track and help me find myself again. I have only told my mum, brother, husband and 2 friends that I am having this done... my husband and best friend both told me not to do it... it's really hard to feel like I'm doing the right thing when I don't have the support of the people around me. I also have quite a big scar right across my stomach and we still want to have more children. Does anyone know if these things will affect the surgery at all? I'm going to ask the doctor too. Anyway... I have my initial appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, so wish me luck!
  10. Rosie16

    Any February 2018 Sleevers

    Good luck everyone... I have my initial consult on 13th Feb.