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    Good luck, wishing you all the best.
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    Hi Feeling very nervous, surgery is on the 12th Feb.... I have been reading lots of different forums and some put me at ease others make me feel I am going to cancel the surgery. My husband wants me to stop reading everything online. I can't stop. I have my first appt with the dietician today. Hoping that will get rid of my anxiety. I know I need to lose weight but will I enjoy my life after the surgery. I love to cook, I love going to dinner with friends having a few wines will I just want to stay at home not bothering to entertain. I have about 30kilos to lose (keep thinking should be able to do myself with diet and exercise. I have tried for years. I lose about 15kilos. Then all back on again). Would love to hear from anyone that has gone through the surgery and had similar thoughts.