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  1. Linken

    Rude and Unhelpful Comments Stop Now

    Well, I haven't noticed a lot except for the incident a month ago and a few other things, like the attack on fat people and how people have lost their patience with them, to which I said we shouldn't have that attitude and must remember how much it hurt when we were like them. But what I have noticed is that the idiots stick together... the ones who can't lose more than a kilo a month but say you're allowed to skip meals and eat cakes........ then the attack on me in one of my threads by one of these people........ she's lost half a kilo in a month and I've lost 30 in 4 months but hey, she can say I'm wrong and she knows you're allowed to skip meals and eat cake and I'm wrong to say you should eat small amounts 5 - 6 times throughout the day........ and then she writes in public that this thread is about me!!!!! Well, for those reading this, it isn't about me. I asked Dave in private last night and he said it's not about me at all! But..... we are all going to jump to conclusions over this thread and that is why I suggested it's not the best way to have handled a situation which should have been dealt with via private messages to the offenders. Now everyone's mind is running wild and we have people even suggesting in public that it's me! I'm upset by aiming4summers attack on me now and saying these things........ I have just written a private message to Dave stating all this and that I am going to leave this site. People don't want truthful facts. They want to be told it's alright to continue eating cake and drinking thickshakes and coke. Dave you can delete my profile please. I will not be coming back in here as I am very upset........ and this wasn't even about me, was it!!!!! I will battle my weightloss and any band problems alone. aiming2summers public attack has shown me just how much people can't stand someone telling the truth about how to lose weight the healthy way! Don't bother writing me any personal messages anyone, or anything to or about me in threads.......... I am not coming back to read them. Delete my profile Dave.
  2. Linken

    Before banding pig out!

    I think it's normal to go a bit crazy with food leading up to banding. We think we are not going to be able to eat much again. Of course we find out after the banding that we still can eat and until a few fills can still eat as normal even. But before the banding we don't realise this and think a few last session pig outs won't hurt... LOL (or something)... I stacked on 6 kilos in 3 months right before the two weeks Optifast prebanding. I think I went a bit stupid saying goodbye to my honeycomb cheese cake, roast potatoes, chippies and the good ol' tim tams. But, the weight soon falls off while you're on the Optifast and you start feeling better and better.
  3. Linken

    Rude and Unhelpful Comments Stop Now

    I actually don't agree. Obviously the mods know who they're talking about but the rest of us don't and can only guess. I think the more appropriate and mature way to have handled whatever it is, would be to private message the offender/s.
  4. Linken

    Proud of self!

    Good going! You are doing so very well. Is it more difficult to have not told people in real life that you're banded? I told most people. I guess my idea on that was that I'd then be more accountable for losing weight or not... but now I wonder if I should have kept it more secretive as people like to continually ask how much you've lost this week.
  5. Linken

    breakfast bars

    These look pretty yummy. I just saw a link to them on facebook. http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/breakfast-bars-55
  6. Had a bit more fill today taking band up to 9.5. Well, I was at 9 when I got that meat stuck, so I am going to have to chew carefully and eat slowly now. Hope I feel restriction now at this.

  7. Linken


    Your weight not shifting in a few months is better than putting on weight. They say it's just as hard to maintain weight loss. Perhaps if you increased your exercise it would benefit weight loss and mind. If you can't do a gym workout daily, perhaps a nice walk. Once you get into regular exercise you actually begin to look forward to it and like it and it really helps your mind. Maybe a walking group in your area or make a committed time with a friend for a specific time of day. You won't want to let each other down so it will keep you doing it. ?? Just some thoughts that may help.
  8. I think you are meant to have your main 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner as in... EG: porriage, small amount of meat, egg or fish and 3 veg for lunch and dinner. and then some pureed fruit or yoghurt for morning and afternoon tea. Double check with your dietitian, but that is what I believe they suggest.
  9. Linken

    Day 2 Post Op & all I can do is sleep!

    Yes, thisisit has just said what I meant so much better than I have.
  10. Linken


    35 Kilos? Wow, good going! That is fantastic and you should be so proud of yourself. I have suffered from depression for many years in the past and tried the anti depressants, the counselling and all that. I can't say what actually helped me and got me past it. But I do know that it's not a nice place to be and you need support, encouragement and love. If you feel that counselling will benefit you, you should give it a few tries. As for your weight loss... that is so good. Seriously, 35 kilos should have you feeling on top of the world at your great achievement. Very impressive weight loss. I hope you try counselling, seeing as you're obviously considering it and I hope it helps you feel better. x take care of yourself. There are lots of nice people here who care. Keep posting and hopefully someone will say something that helps. Sorry, I'm not much more help at the moment. But I do care.
  11. Linken


    I didn't know what RUSH is. Sounds good for people who like drinking flavoured milk. I know some people say skipping meals is OK but I've done a lot of research in to diets and keeping your metabolism burning calories at a steady rate and everything I've read on blood sugar levels and metabolic rate relies on fuelling the body with small regular meals. It's all so confusing, isn't it, when one contradicts another. It's so difficult to know if what we're doing is the best way to lose weight.
  12. Linken

    Day 2 Post Op & all I can do is sleep!

    it's from the anaesthetic and sleeping is your body's natural response to mending and healing. You should be getting as much sleep and rest as you can for a couple of weeks to recover.
  13. Linken


    Counselling for what? Depression? Weight loss? As counselling is for personal and emotional problems, everyone would be different in what helps as problems and emotions are individual. So what may help by talking about it in one person, may make it worse in another. If you feel you're not coping and need counselling, I suggest you make an appointment and judge for yourself if or not it's good for you. Are you alright? Are you having some problems that you may be able to share here?
  14. Linken

    Confused - advice

    You can blend cassorole or almost anything. Cook normal things for your family and put your portion into a blender, even if you need to add a bit more gravy... or depending on what it is, milk for quiches or whatever to make your bit a bit wetter to blend. Much easier than trying to cook yourself different things to the rest of the family.
  15. Linken

    Slipage :(

    Sorry this has happened to you. Yes it does mean another op and you will feel immediately better. I know... I had what my doctor called a slippage right from the start and had to be reoperated on two weeks after the first op. I was extreemly worried at that point as I have cardiomyopathy and the first op caused me to have a heart attack. Thank God I was in hospital and it was treated very fast. The second op, two weeks later was fine...... once again I thank God. You don't have to worry about your heart, as it is healthy, so you will be fine. They will just reposition your stomach and band and stitch you back up. It's faster than the first op and no big shock to your body.