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    I have so many interests, but haven't been willing or able to pursue for sometime due to my weight. Once I get the surgery and loose a little weight I'll let you know if any interests come up.
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  1. I was concerned before my surgery that I had no one to take me home after surgery. a little sad realization of how little support I have. But it worked out just fine; they pretty much signed me out and let me walk out; I just took a taxi home. How lucky was that! I am a single parent and i have two daughters; I paid a lady to babysit for 3 days and it only cost me $250. Everything has gone very well. Kevin Nolan my surgeon has never had any complications with any of his surgery's I was told before I went into the surgical room. The nurses at Hollywood were good and bad, first day they left me without a buzzer and the sides of the bed were up, hooked up to machines nearly all day, I had to swallow my vomit a few times because there was no where for it to go. I was glad to leave. I've been saving and organizing for this for 2 year's. It has been a week now and it is worth every sacrifice. I hadn't prepared well for what I could consume after, I had all the protein shakes optifast shakes and the like, but I crave something other than sweet stuff, but I have mastered the art of broth making, 20 chicken frames veggies cooked 20 hours and strain. I have already so much more energy, forced to eat nourishing shakes and broth have helped me heal fast. It's hard to stay still, I've lost 8 kilo's so far and already a dress size down. I've bought a near new exercise bike and treadmill from gumtree for only $200 with delivery. I've trapped myself inside the home for 3 years too ashamed of how large I had become. I'm already a lot more confident and am exited to be fit enough to go out and meet people again. Just wanted to share
  2. I've looked all over the internet trying to find out if anyone else has had the same problem. How do people get surgery if they don't have anyone to pick them up?
  3. Deeishere22

    Not great news

    That's great news, so happy for you. I thought the same thing and ended up choosing the sleeve
  4. I'm sure my situation is not unique, but someone has told me that they wouldn't let me leave unless someone signed me out? Is this true. I might call the Hollywood hospital Monday and ask them what would happen if this happened. My only reliable friend works FIFO and thevshifts are forever changing. I contacted everyone I know, but so far no one has responded, little disappointed. I'm in Scarborough. Thank you for responding
  5. I've waited years and finally getting surgery on the 4th of April but what if there is no one to pick me up from hospital after. Has anyone else had this problem
  6. Deeishere22

    A Whinge About Clothes Sizes

    I wish I knew how to sew. I find it almost impossible in Perth to find anything 18+ that fits comfortable, looks good and lasts more than one wash. I'm glad I'm getting my sleeve in April because I'm one step away from cutting holes in a doonah cover for my head arms and legs. Honestly I don't think anyone would notice,
  7. Deeishere22

    April Sleevers

    Me I am April 4th. Yay.
  8. Deeishere22

    Not great news

    You can't put a price on health, it's life changing. And you deserve to be happy and healthy.
  9. Deeishere22

    Really nervous

    I had lots of questions too. Yes I'm April, I'm so exited, but nervous too. My biggest fear is that their won't be anyone to pick me up from the hospital after surgery. My only reliable friend works FIFO. Self soothing will be difficult, I often don't feel well and I think if I eat I'll feel better, but it doesn't matter how much I eat, it's still there. I've recently found an app called meet-up and found some free self improvement workshops like nlp or confidence building.
  10. Deeishere22

    Really nervous

    Me too me too, wo ho. Life changing. Can't wait
  11. Deeishere22

    looking for advice

    I'm going with Kevin Nolan, out of pocket $3850. But it's approximately $150 to be anesthetized, diet service before and after $120 than $70 and surgeon consultation is $36 with a Medicare rebate. I waited my year, and my surgery is on the 4th of April wo ho
  12. Deeishere22

    Getting sleeve early April 2018 I'm exited/scared

    Thanks for the response, I'm a single parent and don't have family or many friends and this does concern me. I'm not accustomed to taking care of me, but figured this surgery is for me, I have bad knees and need to save my body from falling apart from the weight. Have you had this surgery? Do you know what I am to expect after? I've paid a lady to take care of my children while I'm in hospital, but what about after surgery in terms of recovery?
  13. Deeishere22

    Really nervous

    When are you getting your surgery? I wish you luck.
  14. I'm exited and afraid at the same time about my upcoming sleeve surgery. I'm new to this forum and hope to hear from others that have chosen this option. I'm currently very unhappy with my body. My weight stops me from doing almost everything that I enjoy doing, well other than eating that is... I've had some big changes in my life recently, I hope this one will be for the better.