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  1. Hi, I'm a first timer on this site. My surgery is on May 29. I would love to link up (no pressure to meet - just on here is fine) with anyone in Townsville area who has had the sleeve procedure. My surgeon is Sam Baker. Keen to hear from you.
  2. JoG

    Sleeved NOV 2017

    Awesome post. Thank you. I am 110kg and only 5"1 & 48 in April. Your results are inspiring - I too feel old every morning I get out of bed, or climbing stairs. I love my sauv blanc, and have fairly low levels of self control - so I hope that I also get my taste buds changing. All the best getting to your goal. My goal is fit at fifty!
  3. JoG

    April Sleevers

    I'm booked for 29 May. Just joined the chat, and really keen to keep in touch. There seems to be a lot of band people. Anyone in Townsville, North Queensland?
  4. Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum. My surgery is booked for 29 May. At my initial consult, I felt instantly relieved of my fear and concerns. I've had my dietician visit, that was also positive. Next week are my bloods, x-ray, endoscopy. He really is a very thorough surgeon. I'm keen to chat with anyone in Townsville who may have had he sleeve procedure under Dr Baker.