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  1. JoG added a post in a topic: First Timer - anyone in the Townsville area?   

    Hi, I'm a first timer on this site.
    My surgery is on May 29.  I would love to link up (no pressure to meet - just on here is fine) with anyone in Townsville area who has had the sleeve procedure.
    My surgeon is Sam Baker.  Keen to hear from you.  
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  2. JoG added a post in a topic: Sleeved NOV 2017   

    Awesome post. Thank you.
    I am 110kg and only 5"1 & 48 in April.
    Your results are inspiring - I too feel old every morning I get out of bed, or climbing stairs.  
    I love my sauv blanc, and have fairly low levels of self control - so I hope that I also get my taste buds changing.
    All the best getting to your goal.  My goal is fit at fifty!
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  3. JoG added a post in a topic: April Sleevers   

    I'm booked for 29 May.  Just joined the chat, and really keen to keep in touch.  There seems to be a lot of band people.
    Anyone in Townsville, North Queensland?
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  4. JoG added a post in a topic: First Timer - surgery booked   

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum.  My surgery is booked for 29 May.
    At my initial consult, I felt instantly relieved of my fear and concerns. 
    I've had my dietician visit, that was also positive.  Next week are my bloods, x-ray, endoscopy.  He really is a very thorough surgeon.
    I'm keen to chat with anyone in Townsville who may have had he sleeve procedure under Dr Baker.
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