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  1. zaruse

    Post Gastric Sleeve

    Wow, 30kgs In 6 or so weeks is insane! as long as you are having meal replacements (optifast etc) and protein shakes you should be ok? What does your surgeon and nutritionist say?
  2. zaruse

    1 year Anniversary

    Well done!! 200g is just a big drink, so it totally doesn’t count!! Ive still got another 6.5 months to go until one year... but I didn’t take any measurements either! The numbers don’t really matter- it’s all about how you feel. How are you finding life a year in? Are you still losing or has it tapered off? Has your tummy capacity expanded at all?
  3. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Only 5 BMI? I’ve done about 16 already!!
  4. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Whoo hoo!! This is awesome!! Well done! like you I’ve still got a long way to go- sub 20kgs now but the goal doesn’t seem quite as impossible now as it did before. My arms are pretty floppy but I don’t really care (flop is better than flab!) My legs are ok, but my tum, where I carry most of my weight is still pretty big, although getting better. I think I’m going to need a tummy tuck. Which is terrifying and also kindof awesome. I didn’t know PHI can cover plastic though? Interesting. I had plans on a trip to Thailand...
  5. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Five month surgiversary yesterday... start weight: 134.9 current weight: 93.7 (I’ve gone up 400g since yesterday?! I think my scales are playing funny buggers) total weight loss, including 2 weeks pre-op Opti: 41.2 so far this has been the best decision I could have made for myself. Absolutely thrilled with the results!
  6. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    I started Opti on 20 April- so a sniff over 5 months in total. It is a phenomenal result, it hasn’t always been easy but it has been so worth it. I try to get my steps each day- and I have a little exercise routine that I try to do at least 3 times a week. Other than that, it is 100% portion control. I still sometimes enjoy treats and snacks, but all in moderation, the discomfort of over eating isn’t worth the 30 seconds of taste.
  7. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Wow that is awesome! May team kicking arse!!! 70s- that is sensational!!!
  8. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Weighed in at 94.9 this morning... super exciting because I’ve now lost 40kgs. yes. FORTY!!! That is two bags of builders cement. Or 8 x 5kg bags of potatoes. Only 15 to 20kgs to go!!!
  9. zaruse

    Breakfast ideas

    My work day breaky is one coffee and half a tub of (lemon) Chobani yoghurt- love that I get two serves per container, it is so filling, satisfying and delicious!
  10. zaruse

    Gastric Bypass day to day life

    I didn’t even see this! for me: cheese is fine. Sugar is fine (although I have a lower tolerance for it, if that makes sense) full fat/full sugar yoghurt is kind of sickly- a teaspoon or two will do me now. Bread, for me, is a huge no. Anything bread-like is a no. I miss toast.
  11. zaruse


    Ok. 4.5 months in and I can finally report back (after a few larger nights out) I’ve found that flat drinks go down ok, sparkling, beer or fizzy cocktail = NO I need to eat something before drinking, as it would seem the alcohol hits a lot faster and harder. And I just can’t fit all that much in, which is probably a good thing. Cheap date though!
  12. zaruse

    Self funded sleeve - worth it?

    I’ll also add- I don’t know how you guys are financially, but it would pay to maintain a buffer- just in case something goes awry. Eg. If your recovery is delayed and you can’t go back to work as soon as you anticipated- what happens then?
  13. zaruse

    Self funded sleeve - worth it?

    Reflux can occur in some sleeved individuals (one of the reasons I went with RNY) you WILL lose weight. You can’t not. My surgeon said no pregnancies for 12 months post op... Complications are tricky. Have you spoken to the surgeon about how this might/could fall under your PH? You might have to pay the lot, or it might be covered. I’d have a serious convo about all the things that could go wrong and find out if they are covered. Aside from that, yes, I think it is worth it. Good luck!
  14. zaruse

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    Does your surgeon include a team to support you? I’m only a few months post op, had one session with surgeon so far with another one scheduled soon. But the team includes nutritionist and excercise physiologist- that I understand are on tap pretty much for ever?
  15. zaruse

    August 2018 surgeries

    On this section most people are sleevers, the original forum was set up for Lapbanders