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  1. zaruse

    Double digits!

    You are an absolute legend @Queenies! you go girl!
  2. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Hi all, three month surgiversary today! start weight: 134.9kgs current weight: 103.2 total weight loss, inc. 2 weeks pre op Opti: 31.7kgs I’m feeling good: started walking a lot more (aiming and achieving 10k steps most days). Feeling so much more energetic and alert. I was carrying a 20kg bag the other day and it was SO heavy, yet I used to cart it everywhere with me all the time. Crazy. this was never about how I ‘look’ but people are really starting to notice now, I’m often surprised by the ones that are paying attention. Have had to throw some clothes out, and have a Vinnies pile for things that I just won’t wear again. Mostly I’m still just getting things taken in or wearing a belt and schlepping around in clothes that are too big. And sometimes I get to wear tops that i’d got too big for... feels great to be back in them! only issue I have is the surgery is not public knowledge, so my response when people ask ‘how’ is ‘portion control’. Which is 100% true, but I could never have stuck to it without having a new tiny tummy.
  3. zaruse

    August 2018 surgeries

    Good luck August gang!
  4. zaruse

    Goal Weight

    Awesome! As you know I’ve got a similar goal- to be in double digits by my bday (18th) I’m at 103.6... I’m not sure I’ll actually hit the goal, but by golly ill be close!! Either way, 30kgs are gone NEVER to return. You are are so close to goal @LosingKAL!! Must feel absolutely amazing!
  5. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    Hi! im doing ok. Still ticking the kgs off- I’m 3kgs off my bday goal... feeling better and more energetic all the time. Been doing stuff now that I wouldn’t have done a few months ago- so that is good. Still have a long way to go, but beginning to feel less like ‘that fat girl’ and more like myself.
  6. zaruse


    @Queenies you are smashing it!!! well done! Which meal do you normally switch for Opti? And do you have to have it over two goes?
  7. zaruse

    Goal Weight

    This is truly awesome @Queenies! i know the weight loss is important for lots of reasons, but to hear you say you are out of your fog and off the other meds is unreal! Go you!!
  8. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    I hear you. It is a lot of money. But I would save at least $100 per week simply through not buying my lunch each day, and the sneaky ‘driving home’ snacks. Not to mention less money spent on evening meals. if you go out for dinner or lunch, you order an entree only, and don’t need/can’t fit a drink, let alone dessert! just in food savings alone, your payback timeframe could be as little as 12 months.
  9. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Guys! I’m half way to goal! Whooo hooo!
  10. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    Ps. I love food, and I still do. But now I have tiny bits and I’m done. And yes, I’ve eaten spicy foods already, probably shouldn’t have, they don’t always sit well!
  11. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    That is tall! I’m only 175, so should be aiming for 75-78 but I’d be stoked to hit 80. And I’m 36, and plan on living a long and active life! I reached a point where my weight was seriously impacting my life- I wasn’t doing the activities I love, I was constantly conscious about my weight - things like chair load limits, and taking up so much space in chairs and things. Enough was enough.
  12. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    Hi @Bigm666, my start weight was 134.9 (but actually i’d been higher than this, that was just the number for my first appt) right now I’m 107.1, and I’m stoked to say I’ve just hit the halfway mark (if I’m aiming for 80kg), in 14 weeks including 2 weeks Opti. They say the surgery can give you 60-80% of excess weight loss, so I’m a tiny bit nervous about how I’ll go for the rest. I’ve not had alcohol since surgery. I’ve never been a massive drinker, but my tum is far more sensitive now, and I just haven’t been brave enough/can’t be bothered. As @rumplebear says, they are empty cals. You need to take tiny bites and chew chew chew. Trust me, absent eating is not something you want to be doing post op! i haven’t actually done the final sums, but i’d say all in I would be approx $6k out of pocket. Which is nothing when you spread it out over a happier, healthier life.
  13. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    Hi @Bigm666 pre-op appointments: dietician x1 surgeon: initial appointment, then needed blood tests and and endoscopy (performed by surgeon) then a final consultation before we locked in surgery. Have a look at the May bypassians and sleevers in the sleeve sub forum, a few of us have given pretty much blow by blow accounts of our experiences. Im 2 months post surgery and have lost over 26kgs. There are lots of things that I simply can’t eat- they cause discomfort or make me feel ill. It can be frustrating at times, but I’m so glad I have had the surgery. I feel so much better and my energy is virtually back to what it was pre surgery (which wasn’t awesome, to be honest) happy to answer any specific questions you might have.
  14. zaruse

    Roux en y bypass

    Hi, I’m in Melbourne. So far all the weight has been just via the reduction in food portion.
  15. If you are paying (via phi) I can’t see any reason for the surgeon to deny you, although I understand the fear. I was terrified I wouldn’t be allowed to have the surgery too. Nobody would opt for surgery as a first resort, nor is it the ‘easy’ option.