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  1. Edit to update eveyone’s dates: @LA_Way 2nd May, sleeve @Jules 2nd May, sleeve me, 4 May, roux en y bypass @back2normal 9th May, sleeve Shelly22 12th May, sleeve @Boganlicious 17th May, SIPS bypass @trillions 17th May, sleeve @LosingKAL 21st May, sleeve ————— May Day, May Day!! sheet just got real. This is happening. Bypass surgery scheduled for May 4... need to get through gastroscope tomorrow, then appointment with dietician, second appointment with surgeon and we are ON people! Im 175cms and at my heaviest ever 135kgs. I’m so excited to be taking such a positive step towards a healthier me. any other May sleevers or bypassians?
  2. zaruse

    Gastric Sleeve February 2019

    All the best Margy! How are you going with post op recovery?
  3. zaruse

    Long time update

    Well done!
  4. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Sure thing! Vitamins are: women once daily multi, a vit d, a vit b12, and I added a ‘hair skin nails’ in too- surgeon thinks it is probably a waste of money but it can’t do me harm so go for it. (I’ve lost a lot of hair volume- lucky I had oodles to begin with) 6.30am I start my day with a berocca mixed with benefibre, 300ml which I sip on my way to work. I’ll also have a few cashews or almonds as well, because I like to have something in my tum before I take my vitamins... which I have in the car as well! 8am i have an espresso coffe with a bit of milk 9am or so I have half a chobani yoghurt pot (lemon or passionfruit are my faves) 12ish I have lunch- which could be a small salad of baby spinach leaves with some protein- a bit of chicken, or halloumi etc. around 3pm I might have a piece of dark choc, or another coffee. 4.30-6pm i might munch on some popcorn on my drive home, to keep me going until dinner 7pm-8.30 dinner- which is a protein with a bit of free vege or salad i try to get my 10k steps a day. Weekends and some weekdays I’ll ride one or two horses (eg. Before dawn if I’m working from home). I really need to focus on strengthening and toning exercises, but I’m lazy and it has been so hot. Hope that helps!
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    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    9 months down, almost a year from the day I decided I needed to make a drastic change. start weight: 134.9 current weight: 82.5 total loss so far: 52.4 Focussing more on gaining fitness and (maybe) some muscle, so I’m not at all concerned that loss has been virtually non-existent- 1kg in a whole month! I’m definitely able to eat more now, things that used to hurt are ok now. Which is good and bad. Non-scale-victory: buying size MEDIUM 2xu compression tights because the Large were too loose around my legs. Amaze. Still aiming for 78 in April, but might have revised that to end of month, otherwise I think I’ll struggle to hit the goal! Nearly everyone says I don’t need to lose any more, but I’m still above overweight according to BMI, and I need to shed some flab.
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    Loosing weight

    Would you consider doing the intensive phase of optifast or similar?
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    if it makes you feel any better I’m the opposite! No legs and fat/non existent waist. Makes pants shopping fun!!
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    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    8 (and a bit) months!! start weight: 134.9 current weight: 83.5 total loss so far: 51.4 loss has been slow over the last month, and really variable- I was 83.1 one day then a couple of days later 84, and beyond! My latest aim is to be 78 by April- which is quite ambitious given the much reduced rate of loss. Feeling good!
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    I’m sorry to hear you are having a tough time if it, big hugs. im no expert but I’ve heard that weight can be harder to lose after a surgery regain, because your body/metabolism resets to the vastly smaller portions. have you or could you try reverting to portion control- and only eat what you would have been able to eat immediately after the sleeve? I’m only 8 months in and I’m able to eat more. It is easy to slip back into old habits- like eating until I’m uncomfortable, or not being fully present when munching. All the best!
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    Congrats on the 7.1!!! Can I just issue a gentle word of warning though- really, treally try to stick to recommended portions immediately post op- it might take a while for the ‘hard stop’ feeling to kick in, but if you ignore the warnings you might be in for a world of pain when you get to more solid food.
  11. I’ve pretty much documented my entire journey blow by blow in the May bypassians and sleevers thread- but for me, I couldn’t be happier. Yes, it is permanaent. But I need permanent, I absolutely can’t have a day off . i still occasionally want to eat things I shouldn’t have- but the RNY prevents me- and I think it’s been long enough now to really break those bad habits. Most interesting for me will be in 2 or 3 years time- because I kindof feel like a cheat for losing so much weight with (relative) ease.
  12. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    There will be nothing left of you!! But you are going so well, whoo hoo!! I’m pleased to say I just tipped over 50kgs off, and I’m now at my surgeons goal weight. I’ve got another 7 to go to make a BMI of 25. I’m aiming to get at least 5 of the 7 gone by April.
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    Gastric Bypass day to day life

    It still astounds me that I can make a single egg omelette and be full full full afterwards. A single egg pre-surgery wouldn’t have even touched the sides.
  14. zaruse

    Gastric Bypass day to day life

    I haven’t tried them! Might have to give it a go. I can eat about 1/2 of one side of a toasted English muffin these days, which is good because they are fabulous toast substitutes!
  15. zaruse

    january sleever

    It can be tough! Two weeks of just shakes can be dull. Check out opticook for some great pre-op friendly recipes!
  16. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Thanks @HeidiF it is an amazing result! Though losing this amount in such a short time has its downsides too- ie. my skin innlots of places isn’t keeping up... so I’m quite stretchmarked and floppy. but whether the journey is long or relatively short, we all get there at the end. Honestly if you had told me “this time next year you will weigh 86kgs” I would have laughed then probably cried, because it looked like an impossible goal.
  17. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Little late with my monthly update, for those playing at home. 7 months since surgery: start weight: 134.9 current weight: 85.6 total loss so far: 49.3kgs I’m 600g away from my initial goal, so close I can almost touch it!! My ‘new’ goal is 75 to 78, however I’m going to play it by ear. Seems ridiculous to be contemplating ‘too thin’ but I guess it is a possibility. I’ve already had a couple of questions about my health... i hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and New Year- and enjoys tiny one off treats!!
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    It really varies for different surgeons, locations, PH etc. ive seen some out of pocket as little as a couple of thou, and others over $5k Some surgeons seem to have a ‘cheaper’ price, but may not do some or all of the pre op sessions and tests, or have a comprehensive post op support network. whatever the out of pocket, it has to be seen as an investment in your long term health. Even $5k now will save you that in a relatively short period in food, medication (in lots of cases) and future health issues. Although you may also need to budget for a whole new wardrobe in the near future!!
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    NSV- first flight since losing a decent amount of weight: seatbelt had so much tail I couldn’t believe it! Before surgery I was always too embarrassed to ask for an extension, so the buckle was always right at the end and sometimes uncomfortably snug. Plus I didn’t feel like I was taking up more space than I’d paid for. (Although I’m still broad- can’t do anything about that) yay!
  20. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Oh well done ladies!! I’m still ticking away... had a bit of an average week and this is the first time since I began on this journey that I haven’t lost weight in a week. Well, I did, but I suspect it was dehydration? And I’ve been a carb monster and no exercise so the grams are back! Its a nice little reality check... but I’m actually totally ok with it. I’m only a couple of kg away from my initia goal, and about 13kg from my revised ‘dream’ goal.
  21. zaruse

    Too much weight loss

    I second what B said- get her to speak to her surgeon or nutritionist. I asked my surgeon this at my last check in- she said weight loss will slow, and often people will put some back on before they settle into the new normal.
  22. To be honest Laonie I’m not at the stage yet to know for sure all the hair DOES grow back (I had my bypass in May this year). However my surgeon said it seems to be a side effect of the massive changes in you body (they don’t know for sure why, but similar to pregnancy related hair loss). so anecdotally, once the body stabslises it should come back the way it was before. personally, I’ve lost at least half, maybe more of my hair. It has always been crazy thick, now it is average to thin. I don’t think most people can tell, but I can. Small price to pay.
  23. Hi, I got a RNY bypass rather than a sleeve- for a few reasons, but the main one was reflux. I used to have terrible reflux- wake in the night and almost vomit- level reflux- and the RNY bypass has better stats on this than sleeve. I’ve not had a single moment of burn since May. Like everyone I’d done all the diets. My doc suggested surgery a while ago, after yet another unsuccessful bout of Duromine. I dismissed the idea. Fast forward another year and I was heavier than ever. PCOS. Pre diabetic. Aching back. Exhausted all the time. I was becoming a hermit and didn’t even realise it. Anyway, I had the surgery. Yeah, parts of it suck. I’m 6months in and am only 10-13kgs away from my ‘stretch’ goal weight (I’m 175 tall, so aiming to weigh 75-78kgs. I’m 88kgs today and I started at 135kgs). yeah, I’ve got some wobbly skin. Yes, my hair has fallen out. But hair will grow back, the shedding is not forever. And I’m sure when it comes back it will be better and healthier than ever! yes I sometimes feel sick- and that sucks, but is it really any different to the times when I would eat myself into oblivion? yes, my food tastes and preferences have changed. But whatevs, I can survive without eating bread and heavy carbs and veggies. So yes, there are sucky bits. But the positives: like having energy again! Fitting into normal clothing, not worrying about load limits on furniture, being able to walk all day and be fine, being able to climb a flight of stairs and not be knackered at the end have ALL been worth it. I go out more, I know I’m more fun to be around, and while I have never really felt like people shunned me for my weight, I’m not embarrassed about it anymore. So yeah. Best decision I’ve ever made.
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    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Thanks @denzel! i have seen your pics, the transformation is amazing! ive suggested the idea of a tummy tuck/breast lift to my DH a number of times, saying I’d go on a holiday to Thailand... but he is not so keen. I’m keen to see how everything evens out after I get to my goal weight (10-13kgs away!!) and if my skin bounces back at all. My tum apron and boobs are a lost cause, although they can be ‘tucked’ away under clothing! And for those playing at home- I’m psyched to say I tried on size 16 dresses at fancy shops on the weekend and THEY FIT!!! So exited!
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    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    How are you feeling about your skin @Boganlicious? im finding mine to be wrinkly in strange places! Eg the little flabby bit just in front of armpit- I have no idea what to do about that!! Tried on a strapless dress the other day- looked good (if I may say so) but the flappy bit... urg!