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  1. LA_Way


    Just wanting to know when everyone introduced alcohol again after sleeve surgery? Not talking large amount, just like a glass of wine!
  2. LA_Way

    Mushie food ideas

    Thank you so much. My dietician told me those first 4 weeks isn’t really so much focus on the ins and outs of what’s healthier but more so repairing the new stomach and learning to eat with it. They are some great ideas. With the chicken was it chicken “and” mushroom sauce or was it Chicken “with” mushroom sauce? And if so how did u cook the chicken?
  3. LA_Way

    Mushie food ideas

    Hey everyone I am 2 weeks post op and can start mushie food tomorrow and I’m hoping for some ideas on what I can make. To say I’m over liquid diet is an understatement
  4. LA_Way

    Scale and non scale wish list

    Agree with all. its the simple things like taking your kids to movies and just feeling like you slide in and out of your chair with ease and space. Going on a plane and not preying you sit with no one next to you so you don’t feel like a heffa taking all the room. Never having to think twice about your size if you want to join in on an activity with friends or your kids like trampoline, scooter etc. I can’t wait
  5. LA_Way

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Hey, so I had to force the fluid down to. I haven’t been so great with getting in that 1lt plus of extra fluid a day it’s so hard. I went up 1.5kg with surgery from all the gas also but a couple days later it was gone. So I’m 3 weeks post op tomorrow and down 6.5kg totally 12.5kg since starting the Pre op shakes. Must admit so over liquid diet, I just want to crunch food. I can start mushie diet tomorrow which I’m stoked about
  6. LA_Way

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    I had mine same day, how are you felling. We can go onto mushie food soon yah
  7. LA_Way

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Hey I had my sleeve on Wednesday so I’m on day 3. It has been darn hard and not an easy way out. I was so nauseous and felt like death. Coming out pretty good now that I can get nutrients into me with soup and opti. And I’m getting up and walking around the house a bit to keep moving so the stiffness has lightened heaps
  8. LA_Way

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Thanks @trillions it was a rough few days but as soon as I got some opti in my belly it’s like a was getting better. Rather then just water I was starting to get a bit more nutrients. It took a few days on the Pre op to lose a few kgs .... but my surgeon assured me it’s not about losing weight on pre op, it is purely to shrink your liver. So just don’t even bother weighing yourself. Keep your positivity about the over all situation. I purposely only weighed myself as I began optifast and then I got weighed going into surgery so it was cool not to know. I’m one of those people that every time I go into bathroom stand on scales. So morning, night etc. I know I shouldn’t because it’s long term. Can’t wait to hear how you go
  9. LA_Way

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Hey I just had sleeve done on Wednesday 2nd May. I must admit I’m just so excited. The lead up was hard the two weeks on optifast. As soon as I got through the first week I was fine. My dietician did tell me if I got hungry in between just have something small (protein based) like meat. So surgery day came and I guess I was nervous in general as it’s a pretty big operation and I have 4 boys under 10. But I woke up. None of the pain relief they gave me like tremadol was working so they put me on a morphine box and I could just press the button every 5 minutes which worked a treat. Went home the day after and was very Nauseous it was awful so that lasted 2 days and I just kept walking around my house to get rid of the gas they pump your belly full of. Today is day 3 and I’m having like 50ml of a shake for breakie and lunch and about 40ml of soup (tin soups I’ve watered down). Energy is coming back and just have to remember small sips of water and fluid and keep moving often as it helps with stiffness. Beat of luck. I was so worried I’d made a mistake with how sick I felt day 2 but no it’s just a hurdle from anesthetic all will be absolutely fantastic.
  10. LA_Way

    Joint pain

    Thank you. I am at home now, the day after. I’ve managed to have about 50ml of optislim for breakie and lunch and then probably 30ml of tomato soup. I tell you that seemed to make me feel a lot better rather than water the last few days. I’m just trying to take each day as it comes because I know the bigger picture is goal
  11. LA_Way

    Joint pain

    How long did nausea last for you. I’m 2 days post op and feel pretty ordinary with burning face and nausea
  12. LA_Way

    2 days post Op - issues

    Hey I’m very new here today, had gastric sleeve surgery Wednesday 2 May. I’m still feeling quite nauseous and feels very heavy breathing in chest. Has anyone else been like this and when does it ease