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  1. LosingKAL

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Hi @Boganlicious we are literally still tracking at the same loss - I am at 27.4kgs loss as well. I moved this week into the overweight category. I only have 12.6kgs to get to my goal of 75kgs. Well done to you on all your NSVs. @zaruse Happy 3 months! 30kgs! Wow, go you!!!! Well done, you must be soooo happy
  2. LosingKAL

    August 2018 surgeries

    Hi @EllaB I had my sleeve 21st May so I am 10 weeks post op this week and my tummy still makes some very loud noises when digesting food or water. Especially at night when it is quiet On the positive, I have lost just over 27kgs in the 10 weeks so I will take a noisy tummy any day!!! Hope all goes well for you.
  3. LosingKAL

    Goal Weight

    30kgs @zaruse how awesome! That is amazing in the time. You should go close!!! @Boganlicious fantastic news! You will do it!!! So great hitting out personal little goals, the big ones seem so far away.
  4. LosingKAL

    Goal Weight

    Hi everyone! I reached my first goal for myself today - under 90kgs! I stood on the scale this morning and saw 89.90kgs!!!! Feeling great and have now lost 24.6kgs since May 12th 2018. I only have 14.9kgs to reach my goal of 75kgs. Unbelievable really. I hardly recognise the person in the mirror but I don't recognise the person in old photos. Had a great NSV this week too... was in a store and used a phrase I NEVER thought I would use.... "Do you have this in a Medium?" WOW!!! Love reading everyone's updates, keep them all coming xxxxxx
  5. LosingKAL

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    AMAZING @Boganlicious We are tracking at the same loss almost How good do you feel?
  6. LosingKAL

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    HI @Bigm666 I had the sleeve surgery. As far as energy drinks go - no bubbles for me, Doctor said it fills you up too quickly. I dont miss it.
  7. LosingKAL

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Well done @zaruse I was hoping someone would update soon as we are all at or close to two months post op. I have now lost 23.8kgs and have 15.7kgs to get to my goal of 75kgs. Unbelievable! I have come off my BP medication and my Kidneys are tolerating protein with no issues! How is everyone else going. Thanks for the update Zaruse, I hope we all continue to update! KAL xx
  8. LosingKAL

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Amazing @zaruse How do you feel? How has your transition to normal eating been? I am transitioning next week and a little weird about it to be honest. I am eating soft foods at the moment and get full on 1/4 cup so I cannot imagine what NORMAL food would do!
  9. LosingKAL

    Goal Weight

    I am about 171cm and my goal would be around the 75kg mark. My doctor said he would like me at around 80kgs but naturally I want to be lower. Currently sitting at 94.5kgs which is a 20kgs loss and have 19.5kgs to go so just slipped over the half way point! Very exciting! 5 weeks post op yesterday and did 10 days Opti. Skin is starting to sag so have just started at the gym to combat having my own personal wings
  10. LosingKAL

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Congratulations @Boganlicious AMAZING work! You must be soooo happy, it is totally worth everything for that feeling! KAL x
  11. LosingKAL

    Sunshine Coast Doctors and price

    Hi @Lexi269 I had my sleeve done on the 21st May this year at Buderim Private Hospital by Dr Baxter. Great surgeon, awesome follow up service and I have had no problems with the surgery. I am almost 5 weeks post op and am about to hit the 20kg loss mark (I lost some on Optifast the week prior to surgery). Please feel free to ask any questions, happy to help
  12. LosingKAL


    Hello again! I am on soft foods and only just started this past few days. Still getting used to it, mainly eating poached egg, mince, really soft chicken and meat etc. Had a great birthday yesterday, walked the Coast Walk of the Noosa National Park and then went to a day spa! Mmmmmmm. No cake this year, next year perhaps when I am teeny tiny hahaha
  13. LosingKAL


    @Queenies Thanks! Yes, it is my birthday tomorrow and I literally can't eat anything "naughty" just yet so it will be a cakeless birthday this year which is fine I have had 2 ginger boys in the past, both rescue cats. One from the RSPCA in Yagoona and the other from a rescue place in Carlton NSW. I loved them both, so grumpy and so funny Good for you for getting back into it, I can't wait to be closer to where I need to be
  14. LosingKAL


    Just amazing!! Well done. I had my surgery 4 weeks ago and did 10 days Optifast prior. So far I have lost 18kgs and cannot wait to get closer to where you are! Is that your cat in your profile picture? I love Ginger cats
  15. LosingKAL


    Well done @Queenies That is amazing! How much did you lose pre op?