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  1. Hi everyone, I am almost 4 years into my band experience and I must say it is the BEST thing I have ever done. I have lost 40kg with about 10 more to go ... during this whole time I’ve been one of the lucky ones (I think, as I’ve heard some horror stories) where the band has worked really well, I’m never very hungry, makes me eat a lot less, I’ve lost weight, can move more freely, no more aches and pains, I’m Wearing jeans again for the first time in about 20 years ... it’s nice to be not the biggest person in the room ... the contentment that brings is amazing. i just have one question thst hopefully someone can help me with ... I had a fill last Saturday, just .1 ml which pushed me over the limit and come yesterday (Thursday) I needed to have that .1 out, it hurt even when drinking water, and that was just sipping water. I barely ate and what I did was very small amounts of soup. Took me back to the first month after I had the band... anyways, last night I cooked a small piece of fish ... I must have eaten too quickly and I vomited quite badly ... I’ve only vomited probs 4 times previously and all these times it was quick and quite painless. Last night there was a lot thst came back up and now I am really sore in between my breasts ... still slow in eating and drinking again today .. back on soup ☹️ I’m wondering if I’ve damaged the band .. ? Or perhaps because I vomited a lot I may have just hurt myself... am hoping this is the case and tomorrow I’m feeling better ,.... thoughts anyone ? I still feel like I didn’t get the .1 out yesterday to be honest ... not sure what is going on ... HELP