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  1. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    Hi All, How's everyone going? How goes the Optifast week? @Tuesdaysprincessare you the next June Sleever? I am feeling better and better everyday! Today I got my morning walk from 8 minutes to 20 minutes without feel fatigued! I intend on doing another 20 minute one this afternoon. I tried making some soups in the book I bought, they were not very good at all. Total waste of an evening cooking! My fitbit also told me I slept for 10.5 hours last night, I think it was the first real nights sleep I have had since being in hospital. I have taken no pain medication today and feel fine! I weigh myself on Saturdays, will be interesting to see how I go tomorrow, I have read that a lot of people have put on weight in the week after surgery! I am getting just under 1.5 litres of liquid in and that has grown from 600 mls. Each day is easier and easier to consume liquid! I still havent tried straight water...I am nervous about that! I hope everyone is plodding along nicely!
  2. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    Thanks @Tuesdaysprincess! I’m home and doing very well for someone who was so terrified before hand! no pain as such, only discomfort. And I can’t seem to find a comfortable position to be in now I’m home. My lounge is too low and deep same with my arm chair. Well dones in the 6.6kg! Killing it!! Don’t over do it too much in Melbourne! You want to be ready to smash your surgery!
  3. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    Thanks @zaruse! today is the day. I’ve been awake for hours. I’m so scared! I have no idea what to expect and have nothing to compare it to! I made chicken broth yesterday! So I’m prepare for when I come out of hospital. Lost a total of 8.8 on the optifast!
  4. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    Well done @Tuesdaysprincess I have been the same with not deviating. My brother and my boyfriend ate chicken sandwiches in front of me yesterday, but I stayed strong! The shakes are surprisingly filling! I’ve become less and less hungry the longer I’ve been on them! 1 more day, this time tomorrow I’ll be registered at the hospital and awaiting surgery. I’m 3rd cab off the rank! Thanks for the luck @JoG, I am so afraid, I have never even had a stitch so the surgery is terrifying me!
  5. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    Only 3 more days! I’m terrified! How is the Optifast treating you @Tuesdaysprincess? When do you start yours @AshG?
  6. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    The cooler weather does make drinking water harder, you think you don’t need as much! I am so terrified. I’ve been going back and reading everyone’s experiences post-op seeing if I can gain an understanding of what it will be like! Your stir fry sounds delicious! I’ve been lazy the last few days and have just had steamed veggies. Should probably get more creative.
  7. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    I’m 9 days into the Opti, only 6 days left until the surgery. Day 2 was my worst on opti, I had the biggest headache that I could not shake. I felt nauseous for the following few days, but I’ve come out the other side. The only think I miss now is meat! I bought myself a 1 Litre water bottle to help record my water intake. I found it I had 2-3 litres I felt better each day. It is getting real!
  8. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    I’m the 18th. I’m completely terrified!
  9. Srahb25

    June 2018 Sleeves

    Hi All, Anyone getting sleeved in June 2018?