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  1. Melly1987

    Early superannuation release

    Wonderful!. Thank you for that information, Carol. if I need any more assistance, I shall be in touch.
  2. Melly1987

    Early superannuation release

    I am about to send everything off. His firms from his doctors are done, also the quotes, all printed. But since you say they take 22% for tax, how to I add extra to assure we have the correct amount in the end. I estimated we could be taxed 6,000$. I phoned around, no one has information. I expected more help from obesity surgeries, regarding what to do exactly. But I just can't find firm information. Seems to have worked differently for everybody.
  3. Melly1987

    Early superannuation release

    Thank you!. We aren't on any benefits. However, we do receive family tax. Would the super for tax reasons, need to be claimed because of that?.
  4. Melly1987

    Early superannuation release

    Sorry, yes. Private health insurance. No, we are under pressure financially and unable to pay for private health insurance at this time. We've been considering it for years. With all of our other insurances, utility bills and such. It just isn't an option. Every cent is accounted for.
  5. Melly1987

    Early superannuation release

    What is PHI?
  6. Melly1987

    Early superannuation release

    Hi all! I am new here, on behalf of my husband. I am about to send all of the quotes for his surgery to human services, for early release of his super annuation. Once they're sent, what happens next?. Is his superannuation automatically released once approved, or do we have to contact his super annuation fund?. I am so confused. Scared of buggering it all up. The obesity clinic gave hardly any information. I have had to figure it all out myself. Any pointers would be most helpful. Thank you ❤